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    DIY Private Cloud

    My company has been providing SaaS to clients for some time now with us receiving HaaS & on-demand storage from our data centre and then slapping on vSphere and the required software for the client etc. etc. Now, we're looking at doing a JV deal with another partner that's been doing a...
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    Mirroring isn't good enough or maybe I'm just paranoid

    I'm concerned about using a set of striped mirrors with ZFS for my data--I will likely have 33 drives use. I could set this up as a stripe of 16 mirrors with a hot-spare. Sounds good, but if I lose a single drive, that mirror is compromise and has no redundancy during the rebuild. This...
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    Intel 311 SSD as ZIL/SLOG

    What are people's thoughts on using an Intel 311 SSD as a ZFS write-cache (ZIL/SLOG)? It has fairly similar specs to the outgoing X-25E SSDs and is also SLC but it lacks a supercapicator (can be mitigated with dual UPSs etc.) As a big plus, it is really cheap at around AU$140 which is...
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    I've seen the Intel 311 SSD with model number "SSDMAESC020G201" floating around but this doesn't appear to be on the Intel Ark with the more common "SSDSA2VP020G201" being there. Does anyone know what the difference is? Thanks :)
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    Your Thoughts on My Redundant Server Plans

    I originally wanted to put together a server to store my ever-growing media collection. This sort of snowballed into more than just a media server--it would also be the server for HARC Technology (my business). So now the plan is... 2 x Head Nodes 1 x 4U JBOD Chassis/Storage Shelf (45 x 3.5"...
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    Best Storage Chassis for Multipath W/O SAS Expander

    Hi Guys, I'm planning a storage build with dual heads and a few storage shelves. Everything will be SAS multipathed (one connection to each head). There is to be 3 shelves with 16 x 1TB 3.5" HDDs each with a backplane that has a dual-path expander. The last (fourth) shelf will contain...