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    Razer. More than just mice and peripherals

    I know this is a "Mice & Keyboard" forum. For those of you who remember or know of the Razer company founder "Robert Krakoff". He's released a few novels. He was a very big part of the community and still keeps semi-active. Robert is the President of Razer USA and Co-founder. As a long time...
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    Battlefield 4 PC $36 Amazon

    Amazon has BF4 Both Retail and Download for $36 for PC.
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    P9X79 Deluxe Bios 4005 - Anyone try the update?

    Anyone know if it fixed anything for them or helped any stability issues? My main issues are USB3 ports bugging out even after the firmware update. Possibly any PCI-E 3.0 better support or something? Deciding whether to update based on some feedback. I have two machines in the house that run...
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    FS: NVIDIA Bundle Codes

    Edit. wrong forum sorry lol
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    WC - Which Radiator for HAF-X top mount ? Please help!

    Hey all, I am looking for a good radiator made by AlphaCool perferbly but I will settle for another good brand to mount in the HAF-X I will be cooling only my CPU and Geforce Titan. Anyone know which would fit? I'd perfer to stick with 120mm fans as nothing else really mounts. I know the...
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    Uploading Multiple Images with limited source code, help please.

    Trying to figure out a back-end tool for my CMS that will either merge multiple photos in to one image source or if there's a way to generate code that refers image code to one image source. The whole idea I am looking to do is to reduce viability by Craigslist servers. If this is not allowed...
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    Planetside 2 Key needed

    Does anyone have an extra Planetside 2 Beta key? I had one in my e-mail but I must of deleted it :(. Thank you! - Ret Sorry for double thread, was hoping to play with my brother tonight that's back from Afghanistan.
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    Gigabyte 7970 $258! Microcenter I found this while browsing some old links in my favorites. I was shocked. Can't go wrong for $258 Crap I didn't realize when I goto add it to cart it's OOS. I supose call your...
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    680 GTX PCI 3.0 X79 registry hack doesn't work

    I tried the registry tweak posted online here it works however; battlefield 3 freezes up instantly and I can not even end task...
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    Watercooling need help with a nice setup

    Looking to watercool like this guy except I want to cool everything excluding my memory and psu. anyone know what he's using? Thanks, Ret P.S. it's the setup in my sig
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    Thermal Paste what's the best?

    What's the best thermal paste nowadays for CPU? I've been using artic silver 5 for years but I hear it needs to be reapplied after a year? That's about the last time I put my rig together. My AS5 has been laying in my drawer for about 3 years and seems a bit watered down so I figured i'd pick...
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    6970 x 2 Crossfire + Blackops HELP

    I have the latest drivers 11.2 and newest application profiles. I do not see any type of performance gain at all in Call of Duty Black Ops. My GPU usage on the second card is 0 in MSI afterburner. Can someone help? I do not even know where to see any game profiles like nvidia has for SLi.
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    What's the Best HD Video Editing Card for Workstation?

    Hey all, As the topic states. Anyone know what's the best Nvidia or ATi card for HD Video Editing? Price has to be under $1,000. My job is looking to purchase one. Thanks.
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    Core 2 Quad 8200 $99 @ Microcenter B&M Only

    I just got an e-mail from Microcenter that they're having a sale on the following for In store pickup. Prices are good 04/07/09 - 04/10/09. Intel® Boxed Core™ 2 Quad Processor Q8200 for $99.99 Intel® Boxed Core™ 2 Duo Processor E8400 $149.99 Intel® Boxed Core™ i7 Processor 920...
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    PS3 Monitor which to buy?

    Hi all, Due to limited space and being used to PC gaming I'm looking to purchase a Monitor that looks great with the PS3 in 1080p. Can someone recommend me a few monitors? My budget is $400. Also, does anyone know if the Audio Line In jack on the monitor can output to headphones when...
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    Tuniq Tower 120 BACKPLATE replacement needed

    Anyone know where I can get the Tuniq Tower 120 backplate replacement? The rubber foam that sticks to the board is gone from multiple installs. I'd like to repurchase a replacement. I saw SVC and Sidewinder sells thermalright replacements but.. i've read it doesn't work out well over at...
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    20"-22" CRT Trinitron Where can I get one?

    As the title says, where can I get a Trinitron Refurbed, or New for under $150 Shipped? I can't stand my LCD anymore for gaming.
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    Call of Duty 4 (PC) $36.55 w/Google Checkout Free Shipping!

    I already bought COD4 for PC because I'm impatient. All I can tell you about the game is OMG, it's great. It's a mix between COD2 and BF2 in one with better Gfx. List Price: See Details $49.99 You Save: $3.44...
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    Intel Gigabit PCIe Nic, which to buy for gaming?

    Hi all, I'm just curious which card to purchae of two nics. I'm currently on verizon Fiber 20/5 plan. These are the nics I were looking into:
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    WTB: Half Life 2 Promo Code or CSS

    delete me.
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    I need another gig of PC6400 Cheap. What should I get for Vista?

    Hi all, I'm running right now 2 gigs of Crucial Ballistix PC6400 @ 840mhz 2.2v 4-4-4-12 T2 on Windows Vista. I can use one more gig to smooth things out. What's a 1GB (512x2) kit I can buy that's under $120 that I can mix with the Crucial Ram without issues? The voltage has to be atleast...
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    Vista Slow bootup time all of a sudden. And any updated Services tweaks?

    When I first installed vista, it loaded just as fast as XP Pro, now it takes 8 bars to run across my screen till it loads the OS to desktop. It was only 2 bars when I first installed Vista without installing any of my other stuff. Any idea what's causing slow boot up? 2nd question: Vista...
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    Vista: Another Upgrade Question

    I own both XP pro OEM Retail and XP home OEM Retail. I'm trying to save some money here and sell off one of these OS's to buy some more ram, perfurably XP pro. My question is, can you upgrade from Windows XP Home Edition to Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade without any issues with activation...
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    Vista Retail Upgrade Question regarding OEM XP

    Hi all. I currently have XP Pro OEM Retail, with the legit product license and holgraph disc, it just never came in a Retail box when I ordered it from Spartantech years ago. I always activaite windows just fine on XP. I'm curious now, will this interfere with my copy of Vista Ultimate...
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    FS: WD 250GB SATAII x 2 HardDrives

    Delete me.
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    2x 74gb 16mbcache Raptor Raid 0 PAGFILE What setting?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what's the best page file setting for my raptor raid 0 setup. I play games mostly on my rig and occasional video editing. Here's what I have setup. Two 74gb WD SATA Raptor 16mb Cache in Raid 0 Striped 64k Partition C: 12GB (Windows XP Pro OS) Partition...
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    Crucial Ballistix PC6400 DDR2 Can it do 1T Command?

    Hi all, I purchased Ballistix from newegg, the D9 memory PC6400 for $289.99, does this ram do 4-4-4-12 Command rate 1T for anyone Stable ? Just curious because I see no info anywhere about it. Here's a link to the ram.
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    8800 GTX NV_DISPLAY error, can't play anything :(

    Hi all, I had everything working...... ran 3Dmark, etc.. Now I go to launch Rainbow Six Vegas or Direct X Display tests and they both fail, giving this error, or rebooting the system if it goes to full screen at all. I can see the cubes in the test in the DirectDraw Test, but not Fullscreen...
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    8800 GTX NV_DISPLAY error, can't play anything :(

    Hi all, I had everything working...... ran 3Dmark, etc.. Now I go to launch Rainbow Six Vegas or Direct X Display tests and they both fail, giving this error, or rebooting the system if it goes to full screen at all. I can see the cubes in the test in the DirectDraw Test, but not Fullscreen...
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    E6300 OCing, How to do it properly?

    Hi all, is their a thread on Core 2 Duo Overclocking at all ? I can't seen to OC past 2.6ghz on my E6300 stable. Thanks in advance, ReT
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    PNY 8800 GTS $419.99 from TigerDirect.

    I found this just browsing google for a review on my GTX lol. I don't know how much shipping is but 420 sounds like a deal to me. P.S. No rebates :) Oh...
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    Which Cooler for E6300 ?

    Okay, I have my E6300 coming tomorrow. What cooler will help me achieve 3ghz+ Mark on an 650i mobo and Crucial Ballistix DDR2 2gb D9 memory? This is a cooler I was looking at...
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    Just ordered 8800 GTX should I get another?

    I got a cc gift card for 1200bux from Granny, I ordered one PNY 8800 GTX, since they had no eVGA instock. Should I order a second one or will I be CPU limited with the Opteron 165 I just ordered for my current rig ? I do plan to OC the Opteron165 on Air (Xp90 HSF). Thanks in advance, - ReT
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    Upgrade to OPY 165 or Go Core2Duo ?

    Hi all, I'm still on Socket 939 AMD4000+ w/ 2Gigs DDR1 ram and a X1900 XT card. I'm really looking to upgrade to play some of the newer games smoother, like Rainbow Six Vegas, Unreal 3 coming out etc.. Should I just buy an Opteron 165 S939, or go for a whole new setup (mobo, cpu, ddr2 Ram)...
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    Intel Bundle Mobo, Does it OC?

    Hi all, I'm purchasing my friends Intel Core 2 Duo Bundle off him, since he doesn't need it. It's the Bundle from the IPD program, with the Intel motherboard. Does this motherboard overclock at all ? I'm kinda strapped for cash, if not I'd buy a better one. Thanks, ReT
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    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 New revison Thread

    Lets make this the official Intellimouse explorer 3.0 thread, for the re-release of one of the best mice. I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere the new revision, here's one place that had them but is sold out. P.S. Please post any...
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    MX510 Where can I buy it CHEAP?

    Hey guys, I've been using the razer copperhead for quite some time now. It's terrible. The tracking just isn't as great as my old MX510 that I had. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new MX510 for like $10-20 ? Thanks, - ReT
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    Physics & MMOFPS games

    Okay, so we have physics out. What titles are actually Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter games, that support Physics? I mean look at the downside, if MMOFPS games like Huxley coming to the market donot support Physics I can't see a real reason to buy one. Most games that are just...
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    PC probs all of a sudden.

    Hey guys, lately my PC has been acting funky. I bought a new Mobo and video card ( switched to PCI-E ) and my Internet explorer after an hour or so, stops responding for some reason, my I.E. screen goes white I'm forced to exit it ( not responding ). I try to bring up task manager, and it just...