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    Build advice requested ~$800 budget

    Hey that looks pretty good, thanks. I think I might want to scale back that GeForce some and maybe put the money into getting the fastest HD I can. What would you recommend for a video card under say $100 instead?
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    Build advice requested ~$800 budget

    I'm looking to put together a new PC sometime in the immediate future. I've built a few systems in the past but not over 5 years, and I really have no idea how to choose a CPU/Mobo/Ram these days. For instance, last time I was building systems power supplies were not an important consideration...
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    Budget gaming rig, any suggestions?

    I've been using a laptop primarily for the past 4 years or so (doing little to no PC gaming) and I'm ready to build a new desktop system but I have no clue what the current state of the cpu, chipset/motherboard, video card market is these days. I want to use this for gaming but I'd like to...
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    Weird pointer problem (C++)

    It wasn't really a problem that needed a solution it was me being dumb and copying and pasting code without being careful enough. Basically I had a method of a class which was supposed to assign a value to a member variable (which happened to be a pointer) but I had unknowingly declared a...
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    Weird pointer problem (C++)

    I'm an idiot.
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    transformer rating

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    (yet another) Quick C++ question

    Why is this declaration: char* text = "text" ; okay, but this one: int* numbers = {1,2,3} ; spits up this: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\MyProjects\dfs\main.cpp(7) : error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'const int' to 'int *' Conversion from...
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    Random (quick) C/++ question...

    If the declaration is fine, then I don't think I understand what the problem is. What's the matter with what I assign the pointer to?
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    Random (quick) C/++ question...

    Oh I see about the dereference operator, yeah I just typed this up it didn't come from an actual program.
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    Random (quick) C/++ question...

    I have a function say, int* dosomething() { int number, *pointer ; pointer = &number ; return pointer ; } Which compiles in VC++ without any trouble. Now suppose I have this instead, int* dosomething() { int number ; return &number ; } Which gives me "warning...
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    Do AMD retail box cpus come with heatsink/fans?

    I haven't bought a processor in about 5 years, retail boxes usually used to include a cpu cooler, do they still? (I'm looking at the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+) Thanks.
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    Canon Powershot A85

    Hmm, Amazon has the A520 for $214, I'll have to think about that.
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    Canon Powershot A85

    Does anyone have any comments on this camera? I know it's a pretty low-end one, but in the $200 or less price range it seems pretty good from what I've read. Do people here agree or disagree? Thanks, Evan
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    manually controlling mobile processors

    I have a mobile sempron in my laptop and it does this speed-adjusting thing where it runs at half the clock-speed until it is supposidly under load and then it increases to the full speed. I've found this to be a little flakey in some cases, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a utility that...
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    lame c/c++ question

    edit: nm figured it out.
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    acer aspire 3000 memory woes

    Yeah you're probably right. This is kind of a drag, I wonder if I can get newegg to refund me the return shipping cost. Anyway, thanks.
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    acer aspire 3000 memory woes

    I just received my acer aspire 3000 laptop today, and I installed the extra 512 mb memory chip (from newegg) I bought for it and when it's installed the computer will not boot up. When I removed it it starts up fine. I tried all combinations of one chip and/or the other in both slots and nothing...
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    external hard drive enclosure

    Can anyone recomend a brand/type of external hard drive enclosure? I have an ata/133 hard drive I'd like to use on as backup for my laptop. Should I be wary of kits that are too cheap? Thanks.
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    Is this a good price?

    My needs are pretty minimal I'm just trying to get the best machine I can get for < $1000.
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    Is this a good price?

    Yeah it's with a $250 coupon. Plus there seems to be a free memory upgrade from 256 to 512.
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    Is this a good price?

    Inspiron 6000D 1.5GHz Pentium M 15.4 inch WXGA 512MB Shared DDR2 SDRAM 64MB DDR ATI's MOBILITY™ RADEON X300 PCI Express x16 Graphics 40GB Hard Drive 24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive Wireless, LAN, battery, etc $928 Good deal or no?
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    transformer rating

    Can someone tell me what the definition of a transformer rating is?
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    Fallen soldier... already ?

    88 Centigrade you mean?
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    Good Fortran books?

    Yeah it certainly looks ugly from what I've seen. I was wondering about whether any stores would even carry fortran books too, I'll take a look on amazon and see what I can see. As for 77 vs 90, I think most of this stuff I'm using is written in 77, but to my understanding 90 is backwards...
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    Good Fortran books?

    Because fortran is deeply entrenched in physics it seems, and I need to be able to work on some old monte carlo codes.
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    Good Fortran books?

    Can anyone recommend a good book or two on programming with Fortran? Does anyone here even use Fortran? Evan
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    C question (regarding input)

    hmm apparently reading my input character with scanf("%c%*c",&var) did the trick. It was leaving the newline in the input buffer and then reading that as input the next time around. Or something. Sorry to waste anyone's time, however if anyone reading this understands what all is actually...
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    C question (regarding input)

    Here's the situation: In a program that I'm writing I need to be inside of a loop that is getting input with scanf, and if the input meets certain criteria then the loop is stopped, and various things happen. However if invalid input is entered the loop just starts back at the beginning with the...
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    I suck at the LOONIX

    I bought a used copy of O'Reilly's "Running Linux" off of Amazon for like 2 dollars. It was the third edition, and the fourth was the current one so apparently it was considered worthless. A little out of date perhaps (1999) I think, but it works as a great reference for commands, basic tasks...
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    how to format Lindows?

    Yeah except it's probably freezing because it doesn't like something associated with Lindows and its partititions. Try getting a dos boot-disk with fdisk and use it to remove all the partitions, if fdisk freezes or something try starting with fdisk /mbr, or worse comes to worse see if you can...
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    How can I restart in DOS with XP?

    >>Spend 8 bucks and get a floppy hooked up<< To his laptop? :rolleyes:
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    Need advice for some photo prog can provide good Zoom in quality.

    ^ :rolleyes: The bladerunner software fake? I can't believe it!
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    Found this old Voodoo

    The Voodoo 3 3000 did exist in a PCI version also, because I used to own one. If I remember correctly the only difference between the 2000 vs the 3000, vs the 3500 was (in addition to the 3500 having other video features) was default clockspeed. The 2000 shipped at 143 MHz, the 3000 at 166...
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    600m has dead pixel. $!#($!(^$!(@&

    Can you even see the dead pixels if you aren't looking for them with a flashlight and a magnifying glass?
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    Good firewire card for laptop

    I'm looking for a decent (although not too expensive) firewire card for my laptop -- with the intention of running an external cd burner through it, and possibly also a dv camera. Does anyone have any specific brand or model they prefer, and furthermore what do people think about specific...