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  1. MrValentine

    XP Need help with batch script to delete files from Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18 folder

    OK first look at this MS kb. Look at step 4 of the Workaround. Try it on a XP SP3 fully patched box. I cant even list the files at command line with DIR. (File not found) The only way I can delete the file is to do so using explorer, and it does...
  2. MrValentine

    Using SSD as USB drive

    I use a usb powered HD at work all day. I use it mainly for imaging PC's. I have a WinPE boot partition with ghost, and another partition with 15+ ghost images, and various software and utilities. But I seem to be going through HD's once a year or so. (maybe this is an acceptable amount...
  3. MrValentine

    windows SMP as a service

    I have a client that is open to letting me Borg their PC's. (Four i7 Optiplexs) But they dont want to be bothered with the window. So how would you guys approch this? Install it as a service? Does it run ok as a service? Install it and run the "tray It" app?
  4. MrValentine

    15.6" Lenovo G555 Laptop $380 (newegg)

    I got one of these for a friend a few weeks ago and I was really impressed. For $380 shipped I dont think other deals can touch it. Dual core processor, onboard HD4200, etc, etc...
  5. MrValentine

    "No appropriate work server" for weeks now

    I hope you guys can help I've been watching my work farm get this for weeks. I've tried rebooting re-installing etc. I'm wondering if the network guys blocked 8080 :( My GPU client still pulls down work, but the 6.29s are all like this. [21:06:01] - Connecting to assignment...
  6. MrValentine

    Need to inventory all PC's on network

    I work on a network with around 3000 PC's and 99% of them are on the domain. But I dont see any tools via AD for me to find out the specs of all the PC's from my OU's. Ultimate goal is to find out how many have under 256mb of ram. But having other info would be helpfull. As in how many...
  7. MrValentine

    This makes me cry.....

    My BigAdv log from last night [19:13:56] Completed 236170 out of 250000 steps (94%) [19:31:27] Completed 237500 out of 250000 steps (95%) [19:32:09] [19:32:09] Folding@home Core Shutdown: INTERRUPTED [19:32:17] CoreStatus = FF (255) [19:32:17] Sending work to server [19:32:17]...
  8. MrValentine

    This a good card for Component out?

    looking at the HD-435X-YAH2 I cant find the HD-435X-YAH3 that comes with a component adapter and that looks like the only difference. I have the adapters so thats not a big deal. I have been using a PCI evga card for component out. But I cant seem to get it to play nice with this new AMD...
  9. MrValentine

    -bigadv on your primary pc?

    How many of you try and run -bigadv on your primary PC? It looks like this may be a huge hassle to work with on a PC that is also used for gaming, surfing, work, and BD backups. Am I trying to do something that just really isnt worth it? I just lost 24+hrs of work when I rebooted...
  10. MrValentine

    Having hell OC'ing my P6T, i7

    Specs: P6T mobo i7 920 C0 12GB OCZ newegg link here ZEROtherm ZEN FZ120 4850 for vid card Corsair TX650 I cant seem to get past 3.1Ghz (with HT) and keep it stable. (running a FAH VM 24/7 ) Using RealTemp 3, I get 35-40c at idle, and 55-57c with all 8 cores loaded. Highest i've...
  11. MrValentine

    Anything better than Nagios??

    Ok So I need to monitor around 500+ devices (routers, server, polycoms) that are spread out between 15 techs all over TX. I'm looking for something that can email the specific tech when one of their devices goes down. I know that What's Up Gold can do it all but thats $10k+ and thats so...
  12. MrValentine

    HTPC or PCH 110?

    All i really need is something to play my DVD library off a server. And I have yet to rip them all (only about 75 or so in ISO format now) the rest are still on disk. So I can still change file formats without to much time investment. While the [H] in me wants to build a HTPC I just dont...
  13. MrValentine

    anyone using true image in corporate environment?

    I am in a argument with my boss about Acronis TI licensing. Apparently he is being told that we would need a license for EVERY pc we imaged using TI regardless if TI is acctually installed on it, so that would put us at nearly $600k!!! He was told this by a Acronis rep. I think either the...
  14. MrValentine

    4x raid 0 vs VelociRaptor ???

    I ended up with 6 of these 80gig drives left over from a job. If using the ICH10R based raid on a P6T would I get decent performance out of 4-6 of those drives in a raid 0 vs a velociraptor? I'm probably going to run a few...
  15. MrValentine

    Old school Shuttle SB51G posting issue.

    I'm throwing together a PC for my mom from stuff I have sitting around. and ran into a snag. This Shuttle has been in the closet for over 2 years and not touched. The three processor I have are P4 1.70Ghz / 256 / 400 P4 2.40Ghz / 1M / 533 Celeron D 2.26Ghz / 256 / 533 It will only...
  16. MrValentine

    BenQ G2400WD $289 @ NewEgg

    I may have just jumped the Black Friday gun. But I just bit on this Thats $70 less than the buying from BenQ. BTW free shipping
  17. MrValentine

    Work - GPS tracking my Blackberry

    I'll just say I work for the state of Texas. And it looks like I will be tracked via my BB very soon. Thats fine, but when I asked what kept them from tracking me durring my off hours they said "you'll just have to trust us". Well that just sent red flags flying!!! I dont trust my boss...
  18. MrValentine

    would upgrading help much for WoW

    Current specs P4 3.4Ghz Abit- IC7 mobo (AGP for those that dont know the board) 9800XT vid card 2G of XMS 3500 cas 2 I'm getting anywhere from 12-22 fps in WoW and thinking of upgrading the vid card to Would it...
  19. MrValentine

    Need help choosing a Router with VPN for home

    I've been reading a bunch of reviews online and was wondering which the [H] crowd would recommend. I'm looking for a home router that also will allow me to VPN to it and handle my cable connection. Purpose: I"m taking a job next month that will have me away from home for a long while. So...
  20. MrValentine

    Question about port forwarding (FAH related)

    Ok. Say your work has a Intranet with 99.999% of the IPs blocked to the outside world. BUT your machine is cleared through the firewall, and it does have access. Is there a way to get the user machines to route a single ports traffic through my machine? Basicly turning my machine into a...
  21. MrValentine

    60U folding machine

    So i'm trying to figure out how much folding power could be crammed into a 60U cabinet. Has anyone ever seen a 1U case that allows for 2 micro atx mobo's? I'm bored so i'm working on my dream folding machine.
  22. MrValentine

    Wireless and VPN connections while logged off?

    Is it possible to maintain my Wireless and VPN connections while logged off in XP? Wireless is on its own VPN (for logon purposes), and that VPN is behind its own fairly strict Firewall. So I would need to maintain both to keep a connection up. Is it possible?
  23. MrValentine

    Clustering 266 laptops

    I have 25-30 dell CPiA PII 266Mhz laptops, and i'm considering clustering them together. Is this really a worthwhile undertaking? What do you think their combined power would be equal to? My linux skills are lacking, so to be honest this would be a rather educational project for me. (and...
  24. MrValentine

    need advice on 32bit SCSI card

    I'm trying to connect my PC to a external RAID and it calls for a 68 pin VHDCI connection, but I have been unable to locate a card that meets this. I'm hoping I don't have to use a HD to VHDCI connector. Any model recommendations? I want the best possible performace I can get. (from...