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    Bizarre: Hitachi 7k500 will not work if AHCI mode is enabled

    Hey all, So I just installed Vista Ultimate x64 edition today, replacing Windows XP 32-bit. Installed all fixes, chipset drivers, drivers, etc. and then I decided to hook up my 4th hard drive, a Hitachi T7K500 500 GB SATA drive. I have all 6 SATA ports occupied, and then when I try to boot...
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    Abit IP35 Pro first boot issues

    Hi everyone, In short, I switched my system over to an Abit IP35 Pro this week (old mobo was a Gigabyte P965-DQ6 which became stuck in an endless reboot cycle) and I tried to turn it on the first time yesterday with no success. Everything turns on, the video card fan spins, CPU fan spins...
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    Nikon announce D3 and D300, new lenses

    I'm sure most of you SLR people have already seen this announcement, but Nikon has just announced the successor to the D200, and a D3 camera, both expected in November. The interesting things to note are that both feature a larger 3 inch LCD ~ 1 Mpixel, the D3 sports a new 12 Megapixel...
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    BEA Weblogic and hostname changing

    I think my Google skills are off today, because I can not find a lot of leads about this, not even in Weblogic's administrator's guide. I ask all of you with experience using BEA Weblogic 9.x or 10.x - if you already installed the servers and set up the software, how do you change your IP...
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    Creating a bootable copy of an active install

    Hi all, Hoping one of you gurus can help me with this hypothetical handed down from up high (product management). So imagine I have a generic Linux/*BSD install, and let's keep the partitioning simple. A /boot partition, and the / partition. The install boots and works correctly. Now, the...
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    Flash mem reader for high capacity cards

    Hi all, I have a Sandisk SDDR-92 USB Compact Flash card reader which works fine, but I recently bought a 4 GB CF card for my camera and the reader doesn't recognize any card over 2 GB, so I have to connect my camera to my comp to transfer from the 4 GB card, but the transfer rate is incredibly...
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    What exposure mode do you usually photograph in/prefer?

    Well, after being on vacation and after my latest photo taking trips, I find that I really like shooting with Aperture Priority mode. I used to shoot pretty much full manual mode only, but since I'm usually with other people whenever I'm taking pictures, I can't take the slow and methodical...
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    Anyone have Card Fighters DS? Plus a game killing bug

    So I got Card Fighters DS last week, and just started playing it over the weekend. It's a fun card game, if not a little broken with the balance and such, and with some pretty shoddy localization and translation, or just dumb uses of the DS capabilities. However, I just received word of a game...
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    Anyone using Linux with a Gigabyte DQ6 (or similar?)

    Hey everyone, I just got around to installing Arch Linux 0.8 with the 2.6.20 kernel onto my new build, and upon first use, I started getting problems when trying to install packages. After downloading files, I end up with some corrupted files, and then my system gives me an error...
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    Easy and fast image uploader

    0 to banned in 60 seconds. Reported. :cool:
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    Command Prompt - Listing all services in Windows XP/2003

    I know about services.msc, but I want to be able to obtain a list of all services through the command prompt in Windows Xp/2003. I know about 'net start', but that only lists running services. Anyone know such a command? Thanks.
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    Scythe Ninja in Cooler Master Centurion 5

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I've settled on getting a Centurion 5 for my next build and was wondering if a Scythe Ninja would fit into it (or a Tuniq Tower)? I searched for this, but the threads where some similar questions were asked went unanswered...or search was very spotty...
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    Random problem: can't login remotely

    Hi everyone. So I have this problem that randomly appears on the test machines I use. I wrote some scripts that would install a Windows monitorying component, and then open up a port in the RRAS firewall to allow users to interact with the component. Randomly, after I open the firewall port...