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    Single Stripped Lian-Li Side Panel Hole

    So I was putting my computer back together and put on 3/4 thumbscrews securing the side panels to the case with no issues. With the final thumb screw I didn't feel any kind of issue until the end, where it would just keep spinning in place. I know I was using the right thumbscrew, as I have been...
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    Weird Cold Boot Issue

    I am having this really odd cold boot issue that has been happening to me recently. Essentially if I try to start up the computer from a completely off state I'll hear everything spin up and turn on for about 1-2 full seconds, then completely turn off--as if someone is behind the computer...
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    Vandal Switches and the Lian Li PC-7/PC-60

    Quick question for you guys: I want to buy a Bulgin Vandal Switch for the power button on my Lian Li PC-7 Plus II but I want to know if any modifications are required to fit it in physically. I know that it'll fit the hole in the bezel just fine, but depth-wise will it clear without any...
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    Audiotrak Prodigy HD2...Anyone Have One?

    I've been eyeing this card for a while and it's really caught my eye. The specs are great, it has native ASIO-output, swappable opamps, it's dirt cheap, and supposedly sounds amazing. My reservations about the card are that I don't know anyone that has one and I don't know how the drivers...
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    Anyone heard of Fostex?

    First of all, happy holidays! I know you all probably get a lot of messages on here regarding audio, but you always seem to be giving great advice and know what you're doing. Thanks to spaceman and a few other users I sold off my Z5500s and bought a pair of M-Audio's BX5a speakers for $150...
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    Northbridge Chip Corner Chipped. Is this a problem?

    I was putting in a new northbridge cooler on mobo (Thermalright HR-05/IFX on a Gigabyte GA69GM-S2H) and I accidentally chipped a tiny piece of the corner of the northbridge chip during the install. I have been running the computer with no problems now but am still scared about it all. I used...
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    Wallpaper Settings Forgotten On Startup???

    Hey all, Everytime I seem to restart my computer, my wallpaper settings get lost. I just noticed that tonight, when I set my wallpaper to a different background (stored in the 'My Pictures' folder), I got this problem. In a nutshell, everytime I restart the computer, the desktop is a solid...
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    Removing window from Antec/Cheiftec panel??

    I'm having my Antec powdercoated (it's finally getting modded :p ) and need to take out the plexi from the side window. It's got these rivet-like screws holding it on and I was wondering how I could safely take out the window so that I can have this thing powdercoated and put back together...
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    DVI and DVDs?

    I currently have my new 19" LCD (Viewsonic vx910-love it to death :) ) hooked up with the regular analog connection and had a question regarding DVDs. I've noticed that whenever watching DVDs in PowerDVD, there is always this "noise" in the picture, and what I mean by that is that the picture...
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    Getting PowerDVD to work in 4.1?

    I've been trying to get PowerDVD 5.0 to output into 4.1, but I can't really get it to work. However, if I put it in 2 speaker mode, sound comes out of all 4 speakers. I've noticed that sound comes out of one channel in 4.1 mode, which is weird. What can I do to get it fixed? Also, with the CLMEI...
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    How can I record a sound byte from a DVD?

    Sounds pretty simple. I have a piece of audio I want to record off of a DVD movie (through the DVD drive in the computer). What program should be able to do this?
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    Oh crap. I screwed up a bit with the nibbler. How do I fix it?

    Man, I goofed up again. I was trying to cut a simple rectangular notch out of my door panel with a nibbler and to my surprise it didn't cut as well as I thought it would. The cutting part of the nibbler is a slanted piece, rather than a square piece, so the cutout wasn't as clean as I expected...
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    Anybody use a body shop before?

    I really want a professional paint job for my next case and I was considering having a body shop do some work on it. Do you guys have any recommendations as to how I would go about doing this? Any particular types of places that would be better suited for this type of project or any other way of...
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    I'm stumped with this cd burner issue. What to do?!

    Ok, here goes: I've had my burner, a liteon 52x24x52 (52246s), for quite some time now and it has this weird problem. I orginally had nero 5.5 on my computer and everything would burn perfectly. Then my friend gave me a copy of nero 6 (I know, shouldn't have done it) to put on my computer...
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    Easy question: Best way to transfer files for HDD upgrade

    I want to upgrade the current 40gb 7200rpm (only 2mb cache) harddrive I have with something bigger and faster (I was thinking 80gigs and 8mb cache). However, I was wondering what would be the best way to transfer several large folders at once. The reason I am asking this is because my music...
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    Any one seen the new blue wavemaster??

    Here are the links courtesy of the Coolermaster forum:
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    High End Rounded Cables????????

    I recently picked up a Coolermaster Grounded Cable for my two optical drives and have found it to be pretty damn nice. I really like the quality of it, and the grounding is a huge plus. I was curious as to a few things though. Has anyone benchmarked these things to see if they INCREASE...
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    Anyone seen these "high end" power cables These were featured in Maximum PC and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these power supply cables. Is there any advantage to having a heavier guage or purer copper cable? Enlighten me, please :)
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    Anyone ever use a grounded rounded cable in an Antec, Cheiftec, etc????

    I went out and bought myself a Coolermaster grounded cable for my burner and dvd drives and have come across a slight problem. The jackasses at Coolermaster thought that about 3 or 4 inches of grounding wire was plenty. However, since I have an Antec, Cheiftec, whatever, it uses drive rails...
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    I'm bored and really need help with a new case.

    Excuse the crazy title, but I've been really bored lately. Bored with my case that is. For those who don't know (pretty much everyone), I have an Antec SX1030b, small stock side window, etc, and I've pretty much gotten bored with my case. I mean, I love it to death because of the great...
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    Where can I get a CCFL power cable?

    All I really need is a simple cold cathode power cable. The kind that has a little 2 pin connector for the inverter and a molex y connector attached. Are there any places out there that sell them? -EPS
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    My first attenpt at sleeving (PICS)

    So here it first attempt at sleeving. I made the mistake of thinking that heatshrink can fit over the connectors and shrink perfectly to the wires. Anyways, needless to say that I used a pin and got things done. Here are the fans: I also took the time to modify my CCFL...
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    How do I hook this cold cathode up (PICS)

    I just got my lamps electronics cathodes from pctoyland and I am actually shocked that I have no idea as to how to hook it up. Here's what I'm talking about:
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    What do you guys think of this Lian Li (PICS)

    I've been considering this case for a little while now and I really love it. For those of you who don't know, its a PC6070B. I really am trying to get something new because everybody and their mothers has an antec/cheitec/cheming/thermaltake case. Don't get me wrong, I have never...
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    Best cold cathode kit out?

    Like the title says, there are so many cold cathode kits out now, it's hard to tell which ones are cheap on decent quality and which ones suck. Where can one get a really high quality cold cathode kit?
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    Another quick question-about memory speed

    Heres my question: If I am running an Athlon XP2800+ at a FSB of 333 (166*2), does this mean that my PC3200 has to run at that same speed, or can it run at 400mhz (200*2)? This is gonna be for a MSI K7N2-L (nForce 2). Thanks -EPS
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    Simple question-cpu upgrade

    I've got a quick question- If I upgrade my xp2100 processor to a xp2800 barton (along with new memory), will I have to reformat or just edit the bios settings as necessary? Also, will I see a good difference in games and such? Specs are in the sig. Peace -EPS
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    Updating nVidia drivers the right way?

    I currently have a PNY GF4 Ti4200 and want to update my drivers to the latest version. What methods do you guys use to make clean and easy driver upgrades possible? BTW, I will be upgrading from the 44.03 drivers on Windows XP Professional. Thanks -EPS
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    Where to find GOOD vinyl dye?

    I've been looking all over town, from Hobby Lobby to Michael's, to Home Depot, Autozone, Pepboys, Wal-Mart, and Target with no luck. I'm looking for a place that sells some good vinyl dye with a variety of colors. I'm mainly trying to match the charcoal gray of the Antec SX1030b. Do you guys...
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    Anyone remember those metal front replacements?

    Anybody here know what I'm talking about? This one company made a metal piece that replaced the top middle portion of the Antec/Cheiftec/Cheming front bezel. You could get them with different shapes cut in them such as biohazard, atomic, etc..... I have a neat idea and would like to find one...
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    This guy can wire.....

    Has anyone seen this guide? This dude is unbelievable: ...and no, I don't work for the site :)
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    So I went to Fry's today....

    ....and I got kinda depressed. I went to their 'hardware' section and saw so many different led fans, cathodes, windows-all premade. It just kind of seems depressing that the stuff that was once new and underground and was never heard of has become so commercialized. Every loser I see there who...
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    Anyone have any experience witht the Antec True430?

    I was thinking about picking up one of these power supplies and wanted to see what everyone thought about them. The search function is blown, so sorry if this may be a repost.