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    Macbook Pro Power Adaptors..

    I can GUARANTEE you that it's not a 35W adapter. I have a first gen MBP adapter and a new one from two months ago. Neither are 35 W. What you probably do have is an 85W adapter... where the left side of the "8" was rubbed away, leaving you with a 3.
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    Connecting to Windows shares via Leopard

    Here's what I did... it works now but I can't determine which step exactly worked: 1) installed Bonjour for Windows 2) turned off simple file sharing 3) in Leopard, turned on SMB file sharing (yeah I know we want Windows -> Leopard sharing not the other way but it worked) 4) connected to...
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    Connecting to Windows shares via Leopard

    What helped for me was installing Bonjour for Windows...
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    performance of mac/pc games in macOS vs. bootcamp?

    Hurshai, I've got an x1600 and I've been trying to get better performance out of TF2... what'd you do to get the latest Omega drivers working?
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    autmatic resizing to display size dependng on what monitor is connected

    This program doesn't resize (but this a Mac, you don't maximize most windows anyway :) but Forget-Me-Not is awesome. Not Leopard compatible yet though. FMN remembers where all your windows were depending on your monitor setup, so if Firefox was on the external in the upper left corner but...
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    Apps sure take a while to fire up in a MBP

    Nice. I do wonder what the cause was. In the past I realized that some Dashboard widgets I was running were in Rosetta (baaaaaaaddddd), that helped a bit. I was going to post that I have a 2 GHz Core Duo and even when I only had 1 GB of RAM things usually opened within 3 bounces.
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    Dual display on a MBP?

    Most certainly. No problems with my HP 2207w (1680x1050) and that's on a first gen Core Duo 2 GHz MBP
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    Thoughts about my MacBook Pro rant?

    I have a Core Duo (yes old) 2.0 GHz 15" MBP. No problems whatsoever with USB drives. I use flash drives, an external via USB, USB mouse, keyboard, and printer. No problems using Expose showing All Windows when I'm connected to my 22" (1680x1050) external monitor as my secondary display...
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    iBook G4 HDD Replacement hell

    Only until that HD dies... Good luck though.
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    macbook pro, gaming computer

    Actually, no I'm not. Forgot to mention that I'm playing on 22" external 1680x1050. I'm not a "hardcore" gamer--in that I could care less what my framerate (the number) is, I only care about what it looks like in the end. And IMHO, it looks just fine to me.
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    macbook pro, gaming computer

    I literally just posted about this on another forum. I play Orange Box just fine on XP on my Core Duo MBP.
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    Static Electricity + Macbook Pro

    You get a lot fewer shocks if you use the 3-prong (grounded) adapter to plug into the wall. IMHO it's just sloppy design, but there's nothing you can do about it. I've called Apple support and this is what they've told me (use 3-prong, unless injured nothing they'll do)
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    Do all video cards work in macs?

    Just to clarify, it's pretty certain that EFI is not going to remain Mac-only--Macs are just ahead of the curve right now... PCs have been slow to switch over, but the old bios is dying.
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    Thought about getting a Mac - Have not used one in 12 years

    :) Ok, it's not really going to imitate the real thing well, but a pretty damn creative site.
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    Data loss craziness???

    Um what?!? Seagate makes pretty damn good drives--they're often quite quiet and their warranty is the best among common manufacturers (5 years). They're definitely not perfect, but I dare you to find a consumer hard drive manufacturer that hasn't had past models with similar hardware...
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    Data loss craziness???

    I definitely would, but the way the article is written, it's accusing Apple of being lazy and not recalling the drives when I think that Apple recalling the drives should only happen after Seagate has confirmed it as a consistent issue. That said, looking at the Ars forum thread related to...
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    Data loss craziness???

    Hmmm, ok, I'm not a hard drive expert, but it's not exactly clear to me why it's Apple's fault for what sounds like an obvious hardware issue with the Seagate drives... Read/write heads detaching inside the drive isn't something that Apple can fix, I'd think. That said, CRAP my MBP's hard...
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    MBP Resolutions

    I have the 15" MBP and I really like the resolution--not too big not too small. My previous laptop was a Dell running 1920x1200 and while the huge res was nice for fitting lots of windows/toolboxes, it sucked because all the fonts were really tiny and I ended up having to run it with "Large...
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    The Official HP w2207/w2007 Thread

    Is anyone else out there using their HP w2207 with a Mac laptop/notebook? I have a Macbook Pro and I'm connecting the HP via DVI to my computer. Problem is that after I disconnect the DVI plug from my MBP, my MBP thinks the external monitor is still connected. I can go to Sysprefs > Displays...
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    Newegg and the Samsung 226BW panel lottery

    Does anyone have input on how Newegg is regarding the panel lottery? Do they consistently ship out one type of panel or will I be playing the lottery if I buy a 226BW from them? If I end up with a shitty panel, will it be possible to return and exchange through Newegg or do end up making...
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    Need advice on 20" widescreen LCD

    I've been thinking about getting a widescreen LCD for quite a while but can't decide on one. I play games sometimes, but not seriously. It'd mostly be for doing lots of reading/work on the computer, and some watching of movies. I was considering the Samsung 916BW ($250 Newegg) but from...
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    woot off tonight

    Wow, still no BOC?
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    Just registered using the link and got in.
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    *HOT* Woot Off *HOT*

    Great, the one day I don't check w00t.... Was there a BOC already?
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    512 stick of ocz pc2700 for $56.00, shipped, rebate available..

    Damn I was so hoping for SODIMM. My laptop needs more RAM.
  26. A BOC!!!!

    While I'm waiting for my buy button press to actually work... What have previous BOC's been?
  27. A Woot-off

  28. A Woot-off

    It's called "Reload Every" --
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    Is this the same air purifier? If so, I think its HOTT

    But if you have actual asthma and allergies, then it has to be a HEPA vacuum. Most vacuums actually tend to spit back a bit of dust at you through the exhaust, which is worse for people with asthma than if the dust had stayed settled in the carpet/floor in the first place.
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    Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)

    20% off any Dell Flat Panel Code: $N0SS9566$BXWJ
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    Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)

    $350 off 30 inch LCD TV Code: $KP95J6F?$?G90 Code: $KNVDXLG349820 $100 off 19 inch LCD TV Code: $R6V?KHZVFH9WR