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    How has Zen3 managed to maintain it's price after over a year?

    (note: prices are sale prices from MC): Current pricing for a 12-core R9 5900x is ~$500, while an 8-core R7 5800x is ~$350. Current pricing for a 16-core 12900K is ~$549, while a 12-core 12700k is ~$350. Zen 3 is over a year old at this point, while ADL is new, and arguably a faster series...
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    [Poll] When will the GTX 3080 be readily available?

    We are already two months (and four days) past the initial lauch date for the nVidia 3080 GPU. Currently, the cards, when available, sell out within seconds, and the only way to get one is through blind luck, to lurk on bot sites for days at a time and fight thousands for the fastest click, or...
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    Four stick compatibility (MSI)

    In the QVL list for a motherboard (in this case, MSI MAG x570 Tomahawk), the manufacturer lists RAM as being compatible with one, two, or four sticks. Generally, what quality of RAM would prevent it from being used in all four slots?
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    Undervolting RAM - what to dumb down?

    I built a HTPC out of some old kit, and am using some old Ballistix RAM in it (pc3200, DDR400). My mainboard wants to run it at 2.8 volts, but I'd like to take it down to 2.5 volts to keep the innards a little cooler. Unfortunately, when I reduce the voltage to 2.5V, I don't pass memtest...
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    Proposed gaming rig

    I'm about to pull the trigger on the following parts for a gaming upgrade; does everything seem to be balanced/about right? EVGA 8800GT Antec 650 G Skill 2x2G E8400 CPU GA EP45 DS3L board Thanks, Jon.
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    Stability testing app (super pi, P95, etc.) in a "live" OS?

    Howdy, I am looking to do a little o/c soon, but I would like to do my stability testing while my main OS/HDD is offline. So, I'll be using a "live" OS (Knoppix, BartPE, et cetera). Has anyone already done this, and/or have any tips or suggestions on getting the stability app (like super...
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    Is it me or the HyperX?

    I bought this pair of Kingston HyperX (PC3200), supposed to run at 2-3-2-6-1T. The SPD tries to run them at 2.5-3-3-8-2T instead, which does run stable. I changed the timings just a little (towards the advertised specification), to 2.5-3-3-7-1T, and forced 200MHz clock, but got errors in...
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    Seeking comments for this new build

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my existing PC-133 (yikes!) system to something newer and affordable, keeping under ~$350.00 and reusing my existing AGP card (ATI 9700 PRO). I'll be doing some moderate gaming, playing some of the games I haven't been able to play yet (Doom, FarCry, HL, et...