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    Dell 30" vs 120hz for gaming?

    Thinking about buying a 120hz gaming monitor. I currently game on a 30" dell u3011 Is it a forward switch or backward? Should I buy a 24" 120hz or 27" Any recommendations?
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    Just got 780... why memory 1502 in MHz?

    The clock looks good: 967 MHz. Boost is 1020MHz but Memory is 1502 Mhz? I thought it is supposed to be 6008 Mhz -- what am I missing?
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    What's difference on EVGA Gtx 780?

    Specifically between: 03G-P4-2784-KR vs EVGA 03G-P4-3784-KR Should I just get the 3784 and call it a day or?
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    Geforce 780 vs 2x 6950's

    How would the Geforce 780 perform compared to 2x 6950's? I game on 30" 2560x1600. Would I get a nice boost with the 780 or should I wait until next gen? (When is that?)
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    Nvidia GTX 780 vs 2x 6950's?

    How much of an upgrade over 2x 6950's? Worth it or not?
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    Worth it to get a new router? Advice on router?

    Moving into a new place. Thinking of getting a new router. I currently have a dgl 4500. It's nice but not sure if there's anything new in this space that would be beneficial? My one overall complaint seems to be that it can only broadcast at one frequency and due to backwards compatibility I...
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    When is next gen graphics cards out?

    Main question in title?
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    Forge MMO Forge MMO Fantasy FPS. Anyone play yet? Looks interesting.
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    What are the next cards coming up?

    I got 2x 6950's and they're starting to feel dated on my 30" let alone Eyefinity gaming... What's the next gen coming out?
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    Should I keep my KRK 6 G2 + KRK10S or use Gaming PC Speakers?

    I dabbled in music production two years ago. I bought KRK 6's, KRK 10 Sub, and a soundcard for around $900-1k for all. I've maybe used the system about 10 hours since then. Unfortunately I didn't realize producing music was more than a full-time job so I simply haven't had time to use my...
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    Is mixed resolution 3 monitor possible yet?

    I'm thinking of switching to my 30" as my main gaming monitor but that means I have 3x spare 24" now... Is it possible to use 2x 24" on the side yet?
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    Was Eyefinity/Surround a fad?

    Or is it still growing strong? I built an eyefinity setup and I realize I never really use it. I haven't used it lately (past 6 months). My biggest issues were not optimal framerates and or UI bugginess... I have a 30" screen that I may replace with my eyefinity setup. What are your...
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    Should I build a NAS or buy Synology?

    I've been eyeing the Synology DS412+ for a while now. I'm about to pull the trigger on it. Before I do it I was wondering if anyone can convince me to build my own NAS? Does it make sense or should I just go for the DS412+?
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    What's a good drive for a NAS?

    What's an affordable drive for a NAS that has optimal performance for a NAS? I'm looking at a Synology DS412+
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    Does the Corsair Force GS have built-in Trim support at hardware level?

    I'm thinking about putting this SSD into my Macbook Pro and I was wondering if Trim support is at the hardware level because afaik OS X doesn't support OS level trim? Thanks.
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    Is hard drive clicking ALWAYS bad?

    For as long as I can remember one of my drives in an external enclosure has been clicking. Now, I'm not sure if this is me being lucky and it not failing, or if some drives are just loud. It's not the "seeking" noise, but it's definitely a loud click when it spins up. Bad, or probably ok...
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    Got a SSD, should I format to install Windows?

    Right now I am running on a TB drive. It's formatted 100gb and 900gb. The 100gb partition is for Windows 7 OS. I picked up a SSD and I want to install Windows on the SSD. Should I format ~80gb for Windows and leave the rest for "fast programs" or should I not worry about it and just install...
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    I have a DGL 4500 - should I use QoS/Gamefuel?

    I have a DGL 4500 and I've never used any of the "QoS" type of features. I play games on steam, do web-development, sometimes watch netflix, and sometimes torrent. Is it worth it to setup this functionality or not really? If so, anyone have recommendations of how to do it?
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    Optimal Networking Setup for 2 story unit?

    I am moving into a 4 bedroom two-story unit. It’s roughly 2,200 sq ft. I want absolute max throughput possible to be achieved in all focal points. We’re all in internet related industries. Between gaming and web-development latency and throughput are major factors for us. Here’s our main...
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    Easiest NAS solution, and best bang for buck?

    I want to setup a NAS server. I'm a technical person and could setup my own server but I don't want to worry about reliability. I just want to a really good NAS system that can backup my Macbook Pro, and it's external hard drives, and also act as a Time Machine host. I'd like to stream videos...
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    Is this a good deal for OCZ Agility? Is this a good deal? I got some extra money and considering a SSD upgrade. Potentially up to 2x...
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    Display has weird color vertical lines all of the sudden

    I got home and one of my screens (I have 3 in eyefinity) had tons of vertical colored lines going through it. Initially I thought it would be my video cards but two things disprove that. 1) The two other displays in mirror mode look fine. 2) There are still vertical lines after turning it off...
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    Is power adapter on Dell 2407 WFP same on u3011?

    I have an eyefinity setup on my PC and I use the dell 30 on my work mac. Anyway, I was thinking of just doing a quick swap one weekend to try gaming on a 30". I noticed the power adapter on the 24"'s are smaller but I'm not sure if the amount of power going through is actually different. Is...
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    BF3 Crossfire not working.

    BF3 beta crossfire was working. I noticed something odd at launch today (really low FPS); so I then put on my afterburner monitor and noticed that only one card was in use. One was 99% the other was 0%. This means that crossfire isn't running. Anyway, right now I'm in the process of trying to...
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    So what's a good over clock for 6950's?

    I bought the 6950's when they came out. I have 2x 6950's. I "unlocked" them when they came out. So they have the extra shaders and I believe I OC'd slightly to what CCC allowed. It's also a little higher on voltage I think due to the unlock but not much - I don't remember what the process...
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    Best way to test if my system is performing optimally?

    What's the best way to test if my system is performing optimally? I have 2x 6950's and a 2500k OC'd to 4.5GHz and sometimes I feel like my PC is lagging at times it shouldn't. How should I test this?
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    Two Worlds II 50% off on steam, worth it?

    I've always looked at this game and thought of buying it, but it never seemed like a $50 game. Is it worth $25?
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    ML MLT-1 for $270 worth it?

    They are on new egg for $270 with labor day sale. Is it worth it? It'd be my first home theater system. I just use a samsung t.v right now. I've never set up a home theater system before, but I build computers so I should be able to do it. 1) Is this a good system for a noob and $270ish? ($300...
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    Bunch of steam deals going on right now...

    Any worth picking up?
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    Friend got 6950 and wants to unlock but no dual bios?

    I'm pretty sure he got a 2GB 6950 and he's saying there's no dual bios switch. Is it unsafe to try to shader unlock it even if there's only one bios? Is it still possible? It's the XFX model by the way. xfx 695x cnfc
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    Men of War sale on steam. Worth it?

    Men of War and related are on sale on steam at 66%. Buy all of them for $20. Is it worth it?
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    Section 8 Prejudice out in 16 hours I have it pre ordered. Anyone else?
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    Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition (-75% steam) Worth it? Anyone play it? Worth it?
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    Dino D-Day out, anyone get it? Anyone get it? Is it good?
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    I'm not sure my memory is running properly MSI P67 GD65

    I OC'd my CPU and I'm trying to make sure my memory is up to par... I have the following: What proper settings should I have in my bios for this OC? I'm running CPU-Z right now and it shows me a DRAM Frequency of 800MHz this seems to be...
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    2500k OC switching between 4500Mhz to 1600MHz?

    I'm monitoring the CPU-Z application because I noticed some weird framerates issues all of the sudden and the Core Speed is constantly fluctuating between 1600MHz and 4500MHz every 5 seconds. Is this normal behavior? Also mention I OC'd memory as well...
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    Proper way to OC 2500k on MSI GD65?

    I overclocked my 2500k by just increasing the ratio to 45 and vcore to 1.35. I found this article and noticed they're manually increasing all sorts of voltages: Is this considered the standard or is...
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    Strange 2x 6950 crossfire behavior (OC'd)

    So I overclocked my cards (unlocked and clocked to 840/1325) and I was testing out the overclock in battlefield and I noticed my frame rates were a lot lower than BEFORE the over clock. I'd usually get about 50-70fps with 6048x1200 max settings besides the bloom and now I'm dipping below 30 very...
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    Logitech G700 question on the refresh button on top of G11

    The middle button on top of G11 and below the scroll wheel... is it supposed to be really clicky to the point where it has a lot of stubborn give and moves the middle mouse when you click it? I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be or if mine is defected. It feels weird. Anyone with a...
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    Meh. Don't want to keep the BlackWidow Ultimate. Getting a wireless...

    It's because it's wired. If it were wireless I'd keep it. Wired + Loud Keys annoying GF = I want to try a wireless keyboard. Currently have a DiNovo Edge but I'm liking using it for my Mac Mini on my ghetto home theater setup so I'm going to leave that on my coffee table. I'm thinking...