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    Can the keyboard input be repaired or bypassed?

    I have an ASUS A7N-333 (I think that's the model..) mobo that I want to use as a file server. When I turn the computer on it makes a constant beeping sound and proceeds to tell me the keyboard is not present (the keyboard is plugged in). If I wiggle the keyboard connection, the beeping stops...
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    Can OS X be run on XP? I've heard there is a hacked version available

    I was at Circuit Shitty today and one of the sales reps told me about a hacked version of OS X that is able to run on Win XP. I guess this sounds possible since the Mac's are using Intel hardware now. There is probably a way to bypass the need for "authentic Mac Hardware", or...
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    Are new Notebook's available without Vista?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop and have been looking at Best Buy and Circuit Shitty. All the laptops have Vista pre-installed. Does anyone know if you can buy a Notebook from a major retailer now w/o Vista?
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    Need a Video card for dual 1680x1050 monitors

    I'm open to all suggestions that will allow me to run dual 1680x1050 monitors. I don't believe the MOBO I'm getting supports SLI. I am not a gamer. This is for systems administration. This is going to be installed in a PC running Linux, if I can find a card that is supported in Linux...
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    Looking for a 7" - 11" WideScreen LCD panel

    What I need is a Wide Screen 10" LCD touch-screen display. I'm guessing that this is going to be tough to find, so I'll settle for a widescreen 7"-11", and it doesn't have to be touch-screen but it would be 100x better if it were. This is going to be used for a car computer system, so the...
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    Why are there only 2 pages of threads in AMD & Intel Processors pages?

    For some reason, I can only see 24 threads here in the AMD Processor page, and only a few on the Intel page. Is this what everyone sees?
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    Need suggestions on MOBO/CPU selection for a VMWare server

    I need some advice on putting together a new server to run some Virtual Machines for a testing environment. I've been out of the IT industry for 2+ years due to some very serious medical issues, so I'm a little behind on the current hardware. I need to set up a “corporate network” atmosphere...
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    ATI AIW 9600 Pro Radeon + Linux

    I am planning on buying 2 new monitors to replace my 17" LCD's that I have now. I have 2 Samsung 710N's and am looking at buying 2 20.1" SCEPTRE X20WC-Gamer's. The video card that I am planning on using is an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600, 128mb RAM. This card is currently in a box running XP...
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    How To - Create a RAID array in Linux (Ubuntu Edgy - 6.10)

    I decided to create a 5 disk RAID 0 array in Linux. I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 Here is the procedure I used. I think it is the correct way, but I'm having problems getting the array to mount. sudo apt-get install mdadm sudo fdisk /dev/hda1 /dev/hde1...
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    Does your RAID array use more than one IDE drive/channel?

    I have been trying to figure out how to setup my server and am torn between running only one IDE HD per channel or two per channel. It seems that a lot of guides highly recommend only running one per channel. What do you run? Please vote and reply if you will about what kind of array you...
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    RAID 5 on Ubuntu Linux: Setup Ques on Promise TX2 card

    I am setting up a File Server, and I'm thinking I would like to use the 5 160 GB drives that I have in a RAID 5 array. I'm planning on running Ubuntu 6.10 Server (unless someone can tell me a better distro). Here is the hardware I'm planning: MSI 865PE II MOBO (supports 4 IDE, 2 SATA) P4...
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    Advice on RAID array with 4 Raptors

    I am trying to figure out the best configuration for my hard drives. I have a new 4 channel SATAII card that supports RAID 0, 1 (it was cheap, $30) and am looking at purchasing another RAID card that will focus on performance. These are the drives that I have: All are SATA 2 74GB Raptors...
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    Drive won't boot after slave drive was removed

    This is a long post, but it is a VERY strange problem I have been having some major problems with the same PC. This is my mom's computer and it has the same problem, over and over and Here is the system setup: MSI K7N Delta2 Platinum MOBO AMD Athlon 2800+ 1Gb PC3200 RAM (2, 512...
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    My External Seagate HDD has a 5 pointed security screw, need to remove drive..

    I have a Seagate external HDD and I would like to take the drive out to recover the data (if possible). The external case is held together by a few five pointed machine screw with a small pin in the middle. It is almost exactly like a Torx security bit, but with 5 points. does anyone have...
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    Differences in Western Digital SATA models??

    I recently took apart 2, 250GB MyBooks. I expected to find the same dirve in each, but when I got them apart, I found that I had two different drives. I have even heard that these external drives can vary from SATA to PATA! Anyway the drives I hve are WD2500JS and WD2500JD. I would like...
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    Performance testing software / benchmarking software??

    I am looking for some software to test various areas of my PC. Is there any software out there that I can use that will test different aspects of my PC? I especially would like to focus on Hard drive transfer rates, Optical transfer speeds. I would also like to to be able to test various...