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  1. hardware_failure

    General gaming q - So like - I hate "flickering" and I want "butter"

    Please forgive my ignorance as I have been out of the scene for a while and I guess Im just not an expert with the way that screens work with inputs. I was going to take some videos but then I was just like whatever waste of time, might not relay things correctly. I currently have an i7 8700...
  2. hardware_failure

    Help me organize / get my shiznit in gear - about 10 TB+ of data and growing

    Disclaimer: big read TLDR; I have 2x new 14TB WD140EDGZ USB drives but no NAS yet, I want the best way to safeguard 10TB+ of data between them. I have unlimited home backblaze plan and 2TB Dropbox. I have unlimited comcast gigabit (down) but its upload sucks ass at 40Mbps. Environment...
  3. hardware_failure

    Coffee Lake in old LGA 1151 (H4) socket

    I have a handful of HP EliteDesk 800 G3 w/ Motherboard 906309-001, LGA 1511. Stock with Skylake i5 6500T. I was able to get one to boot with an i7 6700 (also Skylake) but not an i7 8700 (Coffee Lake). Bios beeps 3 short 5 long. (interwebs mention 4 long but no 5) I know that intel redid...
  4. hardware_failure

    RAID 0 x8 older SSD... worth it?

    I have a handful of Sandisk x300 128 SSD's from ewaste pulls. I was thinking of buying a used older raid card with cache and throwing 8 of them in raid 0 to play with. Would the assumed possible performance of something like this be even worth it vs a modern drive on an M.2 or even sata III...
  5. hardware_failure

    Recommend an inexpensive but reliable (obviously) PSU for 8x SATA drives

    The PSU in my 26 TB box (8x 4TB RAID 6) died. I require a replacement. The MB is some cheapo MSI micro ATX. I believe the raid controller is an older areca 188X. Need a solid inexpensive meat n potatoes PSU where the biggest requirement is the 12v SATA rail(s). Previously used a bunch of y...
  6. hardware_failure

    4A Games Logo

    Okay I guess Im just stoopid - can someone explain the 4A Games logo to me? (as in what is the first shape (irregular pentagon) representing - assuming a "4" but how so?)
  7. hardware_failure

    Parental Controls - school tablets

    Ive been given the ultra fun task /s of setting up 130 android tablets for a bunch of kindergarters at a new school. I figured out how to manage them in the G suite and push apps etc, that wasnt too bad. I was asked to put "Parental Controls" on them, but when I search for this I see a ton of...
  8. hardware_failure

    Cisco RV042 gateway to gateway - routers not even trying to connect?

    I have 2 RV042's in a lab that Im trying to get a gateway to gateway tunnel setup. I have 2x comcast connections in the lab for testing, each with static IP's. Ive set these up before with no problem. The setup is very simple. Ive gone over it practically 100 times. At this point its just...
  9. hardware_failure

    Any disadvantage to have wide speed step range?

    So I got back around to playing with a combo I got from Newegg like a year ago (G3258 + GA B85M-Gaming 3) I noticed I can set the base frequency as low as 8 (x100 = 800MHz) and the turbo up to 40 (well even higher, but an even 4ghz is fine) I noticed that it actually works. When idle the...
  10. hardware_failure

    Best current thermal compound (Is it even relevant?)

    Ive been a bit out of the "extreme" OC scene for a while, giving up my geek side for... well real life and working I guess. I have a Pentium g3258 setup (the cheapo unlocked dual core haswell 20th anniversary chip) on a cheap MB that I picked up a while ago. (no, certainly not any of my main...
  11. hardware_failure

    Old big computer speakers SoundForce $8.48, $13.88, $21.80

    $6.95 flat standard shipping has "buyout specials" (clearance basically) on some very old computer speakers. (as in from the mid 90's old) The 3 models that appear to be any good are: "Sound Force 515 Powered Computer Speaker Pair" $8.48 "Sound Force 680 Powered...
  12. hardware_failure

    cheap 3 monitor card for desktop

    What is the cheapest card I can get that will: Support 3 monitors (each 23" 1080p) Connect via HDMI or DVI (not DP or VGA) EDIT: DP to HDMI adapter would be acceptable Have the 3 monitors spanned in windows 7 No gaming required PCIE No PCIE power (going in an older dell with whimpy PSU)...
  13. hardware_failure

    Intel HD video (3rd generation) not scaling on lower res (digital)

    Im running into a problem thats driving me nucking futs. Running 2x monitors on a j1900 based system (Acer AXC-603G) using the onboard HDMI + VGA. The 2x monitors are some cheapo NOC 23" models. Like many typical office workers, the user cannot function in native 1920x1080 res, they must...
  14. hardware_failure

    What critera does intel use to name its CPU's? (i3 vs i5 vs i7 etc)

    Take these 2 haswells for example: Yes the i7 4510u is a mobile processor, but still... why does this get labeled/marketed as an "i7"? One would guess that the naming scheme can be used to target markets etc... but exactly what...
  15. hardware_failure

    rlogin client with command line edit field?

    Does anyone know of a fork of putty or any other client that can do rlogin that also has a command stack edit field where I can type/edit a line before committing it to the connection? Preferably with previous commands? Thanks!
  16. hardware_failure

    Hyper-V backup to cloud

    Does anyone know of a service where I could backup ~10TB worth of VM's offsite that does not cost tens of thousands of dollars each year? Thanks.
  17. hardware_failure

    Monoprice - no more Norco shipping to CA? Ouch.

    Maybe this is old news to some... I went to order a handful of cables from monoprice (as I have many times over the last few years) Subtotal came to $19.34. 2 day shipping comes up as $17.38, and even 3-5 was $8.96. This is for about .5lbs of cables. Wait... what??? I chatted with a...
  18. hardware_failure

    Old skool BSEL OC on E2220?

    I've never had the pleasure of doing a pad mod on LGA775, but Id like to try it for fun and maybe get a little extra kick on 2 older machines that I have recently taken out of production. CPU: E2220 dual core 800fsb (12 multiplier, 2.4ghz) MB - some OEM HP with Intel G33 Express chipset...
  19. hardware_failure

    Warm? Amazon - "used-good" Kindle Fire HD 7" (2012) "tate" $56.85 w/ "special offers"

    This is a pretty hot item on SD. Not an amazing tablet [strike=]but all reports I have seen mention that these are in excellent condition. [/s]There are some mixed results in quality of units that people are receiving, as might be expected with a used unit, but thats one big reason to buy...
  20. hardware_failure

    Which tablet for using Dragon to dictate into medical software?

    Im working with a physician that wants to purchase a windows 8 tablet to use primarily with Dragon Medical and other various windows applications. Hes a bit partial to lenovo for notebooks in general, but also has his eye on a surface3 (i7) from M$. Can anyone offer some suggestions...
  21. hardware_failure

    Anyone have any exp with syncing time across DC's?

    I am trying to sync time on 3x domain controllers and its driving me nuts. 2 of them are 2003 and 1 is 2008r2. The time is off on the 2x 2003 DC's, by almost the exact same amount. The 2008r2 server appears to be the pdc and its time is spot on... When I run: dsquery server -hasfsmo...
  22. hardware_failure

    Daughter spilled soda on rig, need new GPU for ~$150

    I have (had) a Gigabyte GTX 660 that I think I paid like ~$180 for over a year ago. I was actually quite fond of it. After a day of drying outside, lots of testing, even a tiny trip in the oven, the poor thing remains dead as a doornail :( Is there anyway I can replace it for around $150 today?
  23. hardware_failure

    Reliable USB 3.0 pcie card with server 2012?

    Do they exist? I have a supermico server that had a startech usb 3.0 card based on the nec/renesas chip. It seemed to work okay most of the time (once in a while would drop a drive) I have since updated to server 2012 and it (the server) did NOT like the startech card. It simiply would...
  24. hardware_failure

    Replace mirrored set with smaller drives

    I re installed the OS of a server on a hardware mirrored set (LSI 9260 8i) after 2x segates failed at the same time. I used 2x 3TB WD reds because thats all that I had on hand. Now I want to replace these drives with 2 new 1TB drives I have. I want to clone the data from the old drives to...
  25. hardware_failure

    Trying to compact dynamic VHDX - MFT in the way?

    Im trying to compact a very large dynamically expanding VHDX file. On the first try It did compact a little bit, but not anywhere near to the size of the actual data (3.4 TB used of about 7TB, now the file is about 5.5TB) After some reading I learned that the VHDX will only compact down to...
  26. hardware_failure

    Refurb Dell C1100 vs HP DL 160 G6 - RAID support

    Right now there are some really good deals on ebay for the Dell C1100's and HP DL 160 G6's. They typically have 2x QC L5520 or 2x HC L5639's, and 24-72GB of RAM. Im not gonna list examples but they are pretty easy to find if you do a search on ebay. The higher end 72GB units are around $450...
  27. hardware_failure

    Hyper-V dynamic memory - not working?

    I have been working with Hyper-V alot on 2012 (non-core, full version) Dynamic memory is an awesome thing... when it works. I have noticed alot of inconsistent results when assigning VM's dynamic memory. For example, I have 5 win7pro 32bit VM's. 2 of them work beautifully with dynaimc...
  28. hardware_failure

    Whats the best used card I can get for ~$50?

    Ive got a spare c2d system w/ onboard video and Im going to give it to family. The kids would like to do some light gaming. Thanks. Edit: some more info. its a dell system with stock 400w psu, so something like a 460 gtx would prolly be too power hungry.
  29. hardware_failure

    I can hear my self talk on plantronics 655 headset

    And its driving me NUTS. Whatever I speak into the mic is played back loud and clear in the headset speakers. I have 2 other generic headsets, one with mini jack plugs, one usb, and neither of them do this. I have a web cam with a mic, it doesnt do this. Its almost like the "listen to this...
  30. hardware_failure

    FRYS online only - MSI A55M-P33 + A4-3300 $74 ($64 after MIR)

    Shipping was $10. Its a decent deal if you buy more than one or add something else to the order. Link One of the weakest combos one might see but also the cheapest. An FM2 MB + CPU on Amazon is gonna run you at least $100 (yeah this is older FM1) Would make a nice web browser pc or low end...
  31. hardware_failure

    500GB my passport edge + free case - $39 Frys in-store only

    Link to frys ad same drive at amazon $39 for the drive alone is a little warm but the free case makes it decent. The case I received is this one: (target had decent pics, its discontinued at alot of places)
  32. hardware_failure

    spare SSD - z77 cache or more SSD storage?

    I upgraded from a c300 SSD 128GB to a 250GB samsung 840 pro. I was (and still am) running alot off of 2x 2TB samsung hd204ui (the good non-seagate ones) mostly because I got fed up with/lazy about managing 128GB. If I plan to still run some stuff from the 2TB spinners, would it be worth it to...
  33. hardware_failure

    Good demo for A4 APU?

    I recently put together a few A4 5300 boxes. The video in the APU is "AMD Radeon HD 7480D" Stock 3Dmark11 scores seem to be around p450-p500. What is a decent looking eye candy free game/demo loop that I can run that will do 50 or 60 fps with vsync (no tearing)? Im thinking it might me...
  34. hardware_failure

    WD RED 3TB as 2 drives??

    Im trying to format a WD red 3TB drive. Fresh out of the static bag, when I pop it in I get 2 physical drives, one 2TB one and one with the remainder. (tried 3 different machines, same thing) This is before formatting, so no, I cannot right click on it and convert to GPT. I have 2 other...
  35. hardware_failure

    freeware wyse60 emulation?

    Does anyone know of a freeware/open windows software package that supports wyse60 terminal emulation? Theres tons that do vt100/ansi but all the ones I have seen that do wyse60 are not free, Thanks.
  36. hardware_failure

    iphone 4s or 5? Which carrier?

    My wife and I are in the market for new iphones. We both have never had one, but she does have an ipad and we both have ipods. Long story short we are sick of our android phones*. We have alot of 25 pin accessories/chargers. Like most people, I am NOT a fan of the lightning charger but Im sure...
  37. hardware_failure

    Help me find a 40mm fan

    Looking for: 40mm (x20mm if possible, x10mm is okay too) Relativity Quiet (low airflow/dBA. Doesnt have to be silent. The 9000RPM fans they will be replacing are ridiculous) 3PIN Long life Around ~$10 or less shipped. Thanks.
  38. hardware_failure

    Site to Site VPNs

    I am looking to setup 2x new site to site VPN's. I have a limited experience with cisco equipment. I have new 50/10 comcast internet freshly installed at the main site and the 2 satellite sites. (static IPs) I would like all the tunneling to be done through these comcast connections. At...
  39. hardware_failure

    FREE Blu-ray Ripper to MP4 - Aiseesoft - 9/27 only "Aiseesoft Blu-ray to MP4 Ripper" is free for today only. Click the link, big button on the right.