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  1. howie_23

    HTPC Server Storage

    So I've got a storage server that's serving video content to my WD TV Live that's connected to my TV. The server has 3 storage drives in it currently: 2x 1 TB 1x 2 TB Right now the drives are separated into individual drives and each drive stores something different. One drive just does...
  2. howie_23

    Surprised there hasn't been a thread about this ->Instagram for Android

    It's out! Anybody tried it yet? Do you like it? I have it installed but it isn't functioning well w/ my ROM. :(
  3. howie_23

    TigerDirect selling HP Touchpads at 2:30PM EST today

    It is a packaged deal that comes out to roughly $280 before tax/shipping but still not a bad deal
  4. howie_23

    Sometimes getting warning about posting to quickly?

    I'll write a post in the quick response box and it'll sit there for a bit and then I'll get an error saying I need to wait before I make a second post? This has happened on my work and home computer using Chrome 9 and FF 3.6. My original post still gets made. It's almost like the notice that...
  5. howie_23

    Google and Verizon announce partnership

    Saw this up on Engadget today: Initial announcement of service Verizon will support Google Voice...
  6. howie_23

    Sign-Up to be a tester for TOR Just got posted on their site:
  7. howie_23

    Best way to do a redirect?

    I have a wordpress install installed in the folder site (<domain name>/site/). I would like to have people type <domain name> and have it redirect to <domainname>/site/. I know there are a lot of different options to do this, what is the best way to do it? This is installed on an apache...
  8. howie_23

    Preferred RAID type?

    I'm getting ready to purchase 3 1TB drives from newegg to add to a home server/HTPC. I already have a 1TB drive in my main machine so I'd have a total of 4 1TB drives. My question is this: Which method of RAID would you use for your home server? Supported options are 0,1, & 5 for sure...
  9. howie_23

    Building my first site

    I'm building my first website and I'm in need of some help. It's a family site for my wife and I: is the address. It's going to be a blog and the question I have is right now the post links are all viewpost.php?id=1. I'd like to get the links to be something like...
  10. howie_23

    SpokLAN SMog v7.4 - April 18th - 19th, 2009

    What: SMog v7.4 When: April 18 - 19, 2008 noon to noon Where: Hampton Inn 2010 S. Assembly Road, Spokane, WA This will be SpokLAN's first event at our new location the Hampton Inn. All are welcome. Head to and get registered!
  11. howie_23

    Need help w/ some speakers to add to my HTPC build

    So I just got the parts for my new HTPC (literally they were delivered 20 minutes ago to my office) and I would like to get thoughts on my purchase choices. I know I probly went overboard on the RAM but this machine is also going to be a gaming server for my LAN group. So I wanted/could afford...