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    SB4200 Cable Modem Issue

    Motorola SB4200 Cable Modem I'm having issues with my cable modem. My cable provider told me I had old lines so I replaced all the coax with quad shielding RG-6 cable in the house. I had my cable provider remov all the old unused lines from the box. I now have two cable lines and one cable...
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    BF:V Slow Load Times

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    Hung Process: How do I know?

    Windows XP SP2 I have two profiles on my Windows XP mine and my wifes. One day I noticed my computer was going REALLY slow. I opened the task manager to check to see what process was hung. Nothing was taking up any of the processing time. That is to say the System Idle was at 00 so there...
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    I've got a Dell 2007WFP and would like people's opinions on the following screen shot. System: Athlon Opteron 146 EVGA 7800 Nvidia 1 Gig Ballistix I have the following settings for Guildwars Highest Quality on every setting and 4X - Anti_Aliasing
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    Non-Optical Mouse

    My 17 month old recently walked in my computer room, climbed up on the chair and was moving the mouse around. As I walked in, he was about to investigate the red shiny cool looking light under the item he was moving. I'm so glad I walked in when I did, if he would have looked directly at the...
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    Infocom Games

    I was trying to figure out what technology those old Infocom games used. I'm curious on how they worked. They were totally text based, but somehow it seemed like it had some kind of AI. In Planetfall, the robot use to throw out weird quotes and stuff. As a kid, these games really enhcanced...
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    Hardware and Software Firewalls: Why have both?!?

    My father got a bad case of the Netsky virus. He something like 30,000 files infected. He had no idea his computer was being used as a peer-to-peer zombie. Thankfully, his ISP shut him down and told him he had a virus. I checked the machine with Stinger and got rid of all the viruses/trojans...
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    A7N8X Deluxe: 3Com LAN or Nvidia

    Which built-in ethernet is everyone using on the Asus A7N8X Deluxe and why? 3Com LAN or Nvidia Ethernet
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    Via kt266a to Nforce2 A7NX8 Deluxe

    I'm upgrading my mobo from the ABIT KR7A-Raid to an ASUS a7NX8 Deluxe today. I'm trying to recall what I need to do to remove the VIA software from Windows 2000. I think it's something like 4in1 drivers or something. I think there's busmastering software too. What do I need to remove before...
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    BF:V Slow Load Times

    Problem: BattleField: Vietnam loads EXTREMELY SLOW compared to similar computers. We play on my friends server via Internet. My ping times are 15ms comapred to my friends 45ms. Both of their computers load a full TWO minutes faster than my computer. One time after finally getting in, one of...