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    Advanced mod- Socket extension?

    even if you could do this attaching a heatsink or anything to cool it would be a hassel
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    Finally finished 56k beware!

    2 questions. first WHY 50/50 water/antifreeze i use 90% water and 10% antifreeze and have never had a problem. you will get better performance with less antifreeze. also why so many right angle adapters, those things kill flow espectially so close to the pump
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    Worklog: First Mod Ever

    why dont you use acrylic or plexiglass instead of anti glare glass. trust me glass is a bitch to work with
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    is this disrupting my airflow?

    you i cant really tell what the picture is because it is soo damn big. resize it you lazy bastard
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    Is the Coolermaster SUPPOED to be dented???!!

    i have a feeling that someone has bought that case before from new egg and then rmaed it back after they dented it and scrathed it and you got that one.
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    Who makes the best UV sleeving?

    ya. it is sleeving. i am pretty sure it is all the same thing. just get the one you think is the best
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    PSU Sleeving(The Mistakes You Made)!!!!

    actually mine looks alot like this but with black sleeving then the tubing
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    PSU Sleeving(The Mistakes You Made)!!!!

    am i the only person that had no troubles when sleeving my power supply. personally i though it was quite took me around 1 1/2 hours to do my entire power supply, all the connectors and everything and then put them in 3/8 in clearflex tubing to make it look even better.
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    Modding an antec lan boy

    you should most likely start by banding ot the dents and cutting a hole. put a piece of flat wood, what ever kind on the back side of the dent and just go to town with the mallet. i recommend a hole saw or jigsaw to cut the hole. personally a jigsaw is easiest if you have a cirlce drwn. they...
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    Hole saws...

    um, lets see . no. a hole saw goes on a power drill or drill press. also it looks like this this a a arbor it goes in the center to start and guide the hole
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    Hole saws...

    at my local places they cost around $35 just for the hole saw and another $15 for the arbor or "the little shaft thing"
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    Flat Paintage

    doesnt really look flat to me. at least not like i have seen
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    Lian-Li PC-68...doesn't exist?!
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    Does OCZ PowerStream 520w fit in Lian-Li PC-V1000 case ?

    i really dont know why it wouldnt it looks like a standard power supply to me. why are you getting that one. there are alot better power supplies out there
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    Router Mod....Ever done this?

    just having a fan on there doesnt really offer much more cooling, if you want more coioling put some of these on the chips and what ever
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    Flat Paintage

    get the rust oleum flat black enamle paint, it is about as flat as black as you can get
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    Laser etching ooportunity

    i wish i had one of these bad boys what kind of laser etching machine are you thinking of getting. i need links
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    jigsaw question

    just clamp it down t a workbench or something like that. do you mean what kind of blade to get, just get a couple of one that are made to cut through metal and be sure it doesnt get too hot. spray the cut with some water or lubricant while you are doing it.
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    Router Mod....Ever done this?

    i was thinking about doing something like that but putting one of those 20mm blowers that you can find at frys if you dig around.
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    Flat Paintage

    just get some rust oleum flat black enamal paint. i used that for the inside of my case and it is flat black but it is kind of messy when done with so do a VERY lite sanding
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    new case i have one and it is the best case ever made. better then lian li by far
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    Oh god.. it's a wiring nightmare. PC-V1000

    actually the upside down format if better for cooling stuff. since heat rises the heat from your hot gpu and power supply go to the top and stay cooler.
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    Blacklight Demons! plexi fulltower

    that is awesome. i really like how you did the wiring. i personally would have done it with black tubing but it still looks amazing
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    Good idea? (wiring related)
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    Question about cutting some wires.

    i would say just take the whole case and poke at it with a hot soldering iron. no offense but that case is a piece. i have seen one beore and when i touched it i broke it. but ya just put some electrial tape over the end of the wires
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    Project Alplex-mini (in search of better name)

    if i were you i would paint the power supply some color. also why do you have a filter on the output or is that where the air comes in.
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    Lian Li V2000 issue (big pic)

    you maight be able to cut a hole in the middle florr and run it through there. also what is the point of having a filters on the inside back fan, it just seems like it is pointless and would ruin the airflow
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    i bought this tool... did i get gypped?

    is a cup saw the same thing as a hole saw?
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    Gaming Bomb II

    last time i checked they are not out yet
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    Illuminated Bulgin Vandal Switch.... ?question?

    well it says in the specs it is 22mm in diameter so i would say a 22mm hole.
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    What would be a good case for these specs?

    o my god. can people not make any effort these day. before you post a case question at least go to or and look at there cases. accually before you do that go to and look at there cases. if you like the look looks at the specs. people are sooo lazy...
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    How to hookup a 120V fan?

    o you are guessing around 400cfm. ya i would be guessing around 150 cfm.
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    How to hookup a 120V fan?

    no you need to read his post.
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    How to hookup a 120V fan?

    120mm fans pushing 460cfm, ya right. sure it isnt a 120cm fan or something. a detla only pushes 192 or something at 56 db or something like that. i want a picture
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    Check out my Cooler Master Preatorian!
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    Project: Revame (Updated August 12)

    yes i agree the case has potential BUT for it to look good someone that knows what they are doing would have to do it. those aluminum sheets are WAY too thin. also the tapr or what ever you are using to keep it attached to the case makes it looks horrible. with all the sheets of aluminum it...
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    Project: Revame (Updated August 12)

    those air fliters are really going t restrict airflow. you really like those aluminum or steel sheets dont you. it is not really my taste. i must say this is much better than your other case. i am not going to critisis your case till it is finished. keep you the good work
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    looking for a really nice polished aluminum full tower...

    wow i would really not suggest that. do you realise that everything that touches that thing is going to leave a mark. you will spend about 90% of your time cleaning the case from something touching it is you want it to look good. i really dont think anyone makes thoese. you could always just get...
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    Need help selecting case

    what do you mean it wnt fit the style of your mod. if you do a good job you will think it came like that