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    Single Stripped Lian-Li Side Panel Hole

    So I was putting my computer back together and put on 3/4 thumbscrews securing the side panels to the case with no issues. With the final thumb screw I didn't feel any kind of issue until the end, where it would just keep spinning in place. I know I was using the right thumbscrew, as I have been...
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    What color PCB should I paint this graphics card?

    All I can say is: W T F That guy is either colorblind or huffed a ton of that paint before using it.
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    Weird Cold Boot Issue

    I agree that I'm being all over the place with this. I managed to get it to post, set everything to optimized defaults, and the system seems to boot up just fine. I'm running Prime95 for a few hours to see if anything snaps, then I'll report my results.
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    Weird Cold Boot Issue

    I'll try to track down another PSU to test this out. In the meantime I noticed a strange noise coming from my hard drive (hard to tell with how loud the GPU fan was). I disconnected the hard drive and it took about 15-20 seconds but eventually the computer posted every time. Do you think it's...
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    Weird Cold Boot Issue

    I tried that out and here is what I found. I was at the desktop, rebooted, went into the bios, and set the ACC settings back to normal, and rebooted. Everything went up fine, so I shut down, went to work, and came back. When I turned on my computer I heard my video card cooler BLASTING at some...
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    Weird Cold Boot Issue

    I am having this really odd cold boot issue that has been happening to me recently. Essentially if I try to start up the computer from a completely off state I'll hear everything spin up and turn on for about 1-2 full seconds, then completely turn off--as if someone is behind the computer...
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    7 Things That Would Happen if ISPs Banned Porn

    Steve is a f'ing beast with those DVDs!
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    Check these out for those who admire Murdermod Sleeving but dont want to void things.

    I just picked up the 24-pin extension yesterday from Frys (they're finally starting to get more cool stuff in) and I am actually really happy with it. It was pretty flexible for the most part and the quality of the sleeve and heatshrink was excellent. I didn't see any color showing through the...
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    Check these out for those who admire Murdermod Sleeving but dont want to void things.

    Awwwww man, now I'm going to have to hit up my Frys to play with a few of these.
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    my corsair pc is done

    Holy craparoni, Redbeard would be proud :)
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    I just had the carpet completely redone in my house and I like it a lot! It's uber-comfy :)

    I just had the carpet completely redone in my house and I like it a lot! It's uber-comfy :)
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    Some Lian Li Shizzle from CeBit 2010 - PC X900, PC V352, PC-Q06 and more

    Man, I'm so tempted to get a PC-T7 in silver with one of those tiny Mac keyboards and making a nice little Hackintosh out of it.
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    The Internet Is Ruining The Porn Industry

    Shit eating grin? That's the funniest thing I've heard today, hahaha
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    Kaans NZXT Mod

    Here you go:
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    good alternative to z5500 - want A LOT of bass

    I used to have the Z5500s and I actually liked them, but I didn't have the need for 6 total speakers and wanted to move to a stereo-only setup. I sold off the Z5500s and bought a pair of BX5As, which people said had a lot of bass. Nope. These speakers had NO bass at all. I figured as much...
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    High-quality (best) case screws (6-32)?

    Nice work! I'm assuming it would be best to order part 97763A141 (stainless steel, not just steel), correct?
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    Post your Phenom II and Sempron unlock or failed unlock results here.

    Holy shazbot! What's the voltage on your 550?
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    555 success!

    These AMD chips are pure gold. I managed to get my 550 (which isn't as "good" as a 555) up to 3.4ghz on stock voltage with all 4 cores unlocked. I've been thinking about upping the voltage to shoot for that magic "4" but I'm not quite that ballsy yet. Congrats on those chips, man. Stock they're...
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    Vandal Switches and the Lian Li PC-7/PC-60

    Does anyone know if this button will fit the in bezel of PC-7 without any modification?
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    Post your Phenom II and Sempron unlock or failed unlock results here.

    It was really random, honestly. I was just working and Windows Update had been bugging me about restarting for hours. Finally I restarted and then Windows told me to restart again, as new hardware had been detected. I checked and saw I was back at an X2, but only the ACC setting was reset. I...
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    Post your Phenom II and Sempron unlock or failed unlock results here.

    I have had my 550BE unlocked at 3.4ghz at stock voltage on a Gigabyte GA-MA790-UD4P now for a week and it's been rock stable. I did have one question, though: The other day I had some Windows updates install (on Win7 Ultimate) and when I restarted the processor reverted to a dual-core. I went...
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    Isolation pads worth it?

    I have the Auralex Mopads for my set up and I like them. I could initially tell a difference in sound, as it seemed a bit more focused being isolated from the desk. My main reason for buying them, though, was because I wanted my speakers elevated and the Mopads offer 4 or 8 degrees of elevation...
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    using mixer for computer setup - want an EQ??

    I was also going to suggest a few volume knobs/attenuators that might do the trick in terms of size and price: ATTY Passive Stereo Level Control SM Pro Audio Nano Patch+ SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2 TC Electronic Pilot These provide hardware volume adjustment and all seem to fit size and price...
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    Which CPU - Phenom II X2 550, Phenom II X3 720, Athlon II X4 620??

    I would wait for the Phenom II 555 to come out. It supposedly has less power consumption and better overclocking. Review sites are getting 3.8-4.0ghz on these processors with air cooling and no voltage increase, plus you can always attempt to unlock the other cores.
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    using mixer for computer setup - want an EQ??

    How are you liking it? I have some M-Audio BX5a monitors and a Fostex sub and I'm wanting to move away from Winamp's built in EQ.
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    Vandal Switches and the Lian Li PC-7/PC-60

    Ah, I see. I'll probably tackle it and a few other things when I decide to powdercoat the chassis. Thanks for the answer :)
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    Vandal Switches and the Lian Li PC-7/PC-60

    Quick question for you guys: I want to buy a Bulgin Vandal Switch for the power button on my Lian Li PC-7 Plus II but I want to know if any modifications are required to fit it in physically. I know that it'll fit the hole in the bezel just fine, but depth-wise will it clear without any...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Just ordered 2 2209WA's from Christa yesterday to replace my single 3007WFP-HC. It says my delivery date is a week from today, but I'm local (in Austin), so hopefully that's much sooner :) Anyone have a good Ergotron suggestion for 2 2209WAs? I want something that doesn't clamp to the desk itself.
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    NOS Voodoo 5 5500 AGP sells for 406.00 on ebay

    Man, I have the PCI version sitting in its box in pristine condition. Maybe it's time to sell it and upgrade my PC ;)
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    FCC Declares CableCARD a Failure

    This couldn't be more true. I have had so many cable technicians come and go from my house trying to diagnose a problem with the CableCARDs in my Tivo box and none of them know what to do. Between that and the tuning adapter they give you it seems like so much extra hardware for nothing. They...
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    Top Word of 2009: Twitter

    A-freaking-men. I work in web development and everyone thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Ultimately it will fade into obscurity like MySpace and every other fad out there.
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    I actually bought this desk from a store called "Motif." It's a modern furniture store that I...

    I actually bought this desk from a store called "Motif." It's a modern furniture store that I saw off the highway while driving back into town. The town it's located in is Kyle, Texas, and I was driving back from San Antonio, TX to Austin, TX. They had it on sale for $160 so I said why not and...
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 vs Beats by Dre

    I have heard that Guitar Center has a great return policy as long as you have the receipt. That being said I think you will find that most people on these audio forums have a pretty low opinion about Beats by Dr. Dre and Skull Candy headphones. While I can't speak about the Dr. Dre headphones...
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Crappy and rushed pics, but they'll do for now:
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    JVC harx700 - a poor mans ath-a900!!

    They're finally back in stock at Newegg. Despite all the audio crap I've bought in the past 3 months (in my sig) I still bought a pair of these. Hopefully they're good enough for me to sell my AKGs.
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    Fubar II or Xonar DX?

    Very, very well put ^^^ I am in the same situation myself, but I think I will be going for the Fubar as well. The other DAC I was considering in that same price range is the Beresford 7510, but I've heard their business practices are sketchy.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    Very nice! I think they went a little crazy on the grommet covered holes for wire routing, but the attention to detail overall is very good.
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    Power conditioner recommendations for audio setup?

    I'd say go for a nice Furman or Panamax setup. It would probably be much cheaper than what your budget allows for, so I think you'll end up being very happy in the end.
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    You mean this one?