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    HTPC Server Storage

    So I've got a storage server that's serving video content to my WD TV Live that's connected to my TV. The server has 3 storage drives in it currently: 2x 1 TB 1x 2 TB Right now the drives are separated into individual drives and each drive stores something different. One drive just does...
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    Surprised there hasn't been a thread about this ->Instagram for Android

    It's out! Anybody tried it yet? Do you like it? I have it installed but it isn't functioning well w/ my ROM. :(
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    Who here is running an ICS rom?

    I've got a custom ICS rom called abduction running on my DINC. Been using it for almost a month straight w/ very little issues. It does have issues w/ gallery and randomly likes to lock up when coming off the charger but that's about it
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    TigerDirect selling HP Touchpads at 2:30PM EST today

    It is a packaged deal that comes out to roughly $280 before tax/shipping but still not a bad deal
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    Bethesda owns the word "Scrolls"? That's what they're telling notch, anyway

    Here's the original blog post from Notch
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    Macbook Pro refresh next month?

    I'm interested to see what type of specs the 15" will get. 13" is a solid refresh but I wish it wasn't relying on Intel graphics :(
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    Sometimes getting warning about posting to quickly?

    I'll write a post in the quick response box and it'll sit there for a bit and then I'll get an error saying I need to wait before I make a second post? This has happened on my work and home computer using Chrome 9 and FF 3.6. My original post still gets made. It's almost like the notice that...
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    SWTOR Mass Effect 3 Those are probly the biggest ones for me
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Pick me! Super
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Two on one screen is better than one on no screen
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    I'm on your profile. Posting my words.

    I'm on your profile. Posting my words.
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    Negative. Not a big deal though. Gonna be back on "regular" internet next week

    Negative. Not a big deal though. Gonna be back on "regular" internet next week
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    Patriot Box Office Medial Player Giveaway @ [H]

    Put me down for one of those :D
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    First True HTPC Build In Progress

    Check out Media Player Classic Best video a playback software ever
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Count me in!
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    Google and Verizon announce partnership

    Hopefully this new slew of phones will give them reason to change the rates on their data plans... Doubtful but one can always dream. ;)
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    Google and Verizon announce partnership

    Saw this up on Engadget today: Initial announcement of service Verizon will support Google Voice...
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    Sign-Up to be a tester for TOR Just got posted on their site:
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    I need advice

    I vote get a can of compressed air and blow your cooler. If you're nice about it, it might even give you a tip :p
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    Best way to do a redirect?

    That's in the htaccess file? Or as an index page?
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    Best way to do a redirect?

    I have a wordpress install installed in the folder site (<domain name>/site/). I would like to have people type <domain name> and have it redirect to <domainname>/site/. I know there are a lot of different options to do this, what is the best way to do it? This is installed on an apache...
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    prestoring wireless network encryption keys

    I think this might be what you're looking for. Hope it helps!
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    prestoring wireless network encryption keys

    Are you on a Domain? I think you can add that stuff through group policy.
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    Preferred RAID type?

    Here's the actual board I'm using:
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    Preferred RAID type?

    At that point though, I'd only double my capacity. I'd like to have has much storage capacity and still have some redundancy. Obviously RAID 0 is an "option" but not one I'd like to consider. RAID 5 gives me the option of having 3 TB of total storage where as 0+1 only gives me 2 TB of...
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    Preferred RAID type?

    Thanks for the tips so far. How would I implement a RAID 1 w/ 4 drives? Do two separate RAID 1's and lose double the capacity? I've never thought of trying to do a RAID 1 w/ more than 2 drives.
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    Preferred RAID type?

    You're correct. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit on the machine currently. I plan on using the machine as both HTPC and storage server for my network. Would there be a better OS for something like that? I've been considering WHS but I'm not certain it would be able to do the HTPC part very...
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    Preferred RAID type?

    I'm getting ready to purchase 3 1TB drives from newegg to add to a home server/HTPC. I already have a 1TB drive in my main machine so I'd have a total of 4 1TB drives. My question is this: Which method of RAID would you use for your home server? Supported options are 0,1, & 5 for sure...
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    You're gonna be a daddy!

    You're gonna be a daddy!
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    Building my first site

    I'm not use anything prebuilt. Coding it by hand atm. Mainly just to get my chops going. It's build on Apache w/ PHP and MySQL.
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    Building my first site

    I'm building my first website and I'm in need of some help. It's a family site for my wife and I: is the address. It's going to be a blog and the question I have is right now the post links are all viewpost.php?id=1. I'd like to get the links to be something like...
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    SpokLAN SMog v7.4 - April 18th - 19th, 2009

    What: SMog v7.4 When: April 18 - 19, 2008 noon to noon Where: Hampton Inn 2010 S. Assembly Road, Spokane, WA This will be SpokLAN's first event at our new location the Hampton Inn. All are welcome. Head to and get registered!
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    Need help w/ some speakers to add to my HTPC build

    Just an update: I haven't bought anything yet but b/c of advice on this forum, I've increased my budget to $200 and started looking on Craigslist. Haven't found anything promising yet but I'm looking