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    Exchange problem on all my Apple stuff

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, since I don't know where the problem lies. I experienced it on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop in iCal, but my Outlook calendar at work looks perfectly normal. Last week, I had a meeting request change at the last minute, and the update was sent. Outlook...
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    Laptop for fiancee (low budget CAD/Photoshop)

    Hello, My fiancee and I are graduating in a few weeks, and the laptops we leased from school need to be turned in. My fiancee has no other computer, so she needs to buy her own. It will be used for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, MS Office, and general internet use. If she can get...
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    Thoughts on this $525 build?

    Hello, I just bought my first TV and am now looking at HTPC options. I was going to hold off for a while, but this combo deal on newegg seems like a hard deal to pass up. I will be using this with a 32in LN32B460 Samsung LCD. I currently don't have a DVD player except for my PS2, so I will be...
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    My First TV

    I just got my first TV in my dorm. I think it's a pretty decent start to a good home theater setup (considering my very low budget).The TV is a Samsung 32in 720p LCD (LN32B460). No 5.1 surround yet, but I'm using my ancient Sony mini-system for sound. Surround sound and an HTPC are on the list...
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    Odd RAM problem, or is this normal?

    I just installed the Windows 7 RC 64bit, and decided to go from 2gb of RAM to 6gb. I had 2x1gb, and added 2x2gb. The thing I'm experiencing is that with both of the 2gb sticks installed at the same time, the system recognizes 1gb less that whatever is installed. IE, if I install all 6gb, the...