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    Any rumors of a GTX 790?

    If so would it use dual 780 chips or dual 770s? If it was dual 780s and sold for $999 that would have to be considered crazy value for the luxury range?
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    GTX 480 SLI vs GTX 770 or GTX 780

    Is it worth the upgrade? Hard to justify in my mind spending all these new dollars. As I have recently went back down from triple screeens to a single large screen 32" 1080 monitor. Will I notice any performance difference? And what should I pick for single screen? Or would settling for a...
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    Anyone else waiting for Z68 mobos?

    I heard they're coming out in June. Can't wait to get one. Ivy Bridge here I come! :D
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    Does Nvidia's 590 BURNOUT Crisis make AMD the big winner?

    We've all heard of the value of the 'halo' product. In this case, Nvidia's new flagship 590 videocard has been found to 'burn' out when overclocked and pushed to the maximum. Such is not true of AMD's 6990 which also features a dual bios feature that is overclocker friendly and allows quick...
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    Best solution for surround desktop use?

    So I really like NV Surround mode for gaming. But for the desktop it's kind of inconvenient. I like being able to click one button and have the browser or application max a single screen. Is there any way to make windows smarter in how it manages my programs in a triple screen surround mode?
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    GTX 5xx Availability

    So I check Newegg this morning and there are plenty of 570s in stock. Thought this would be a hotseller at that pricepoint? Also most of the 580s are out of stock except for the Galaxy and Zotac brands which I think are still pretty decent.
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    PC17000 memory worth it?

    Just noticed that Corsair makes PC17000 2133mhz memory now. Is it worth it? This seems to be the fastest memory money can buy right now.
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    Any hot SSD deals?

    Would love to get a Crucial RealSSD or Sandforce based SSD for cheap.
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    When are we going to see a $1 per GB SSD again?

    I am really sad I missed out on that Phoenix Sandforce 60GB SSD for $60. Is there ever going to be a deal like that again? A 120GB SSD for $120 would be even more awesome.
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    Mythical Video Cards

    Where are they now?: Single slot Fermi GTX 470 1 slot - Galaxy. Never materialized. GTX 460 1 slot - Galaxy. Again rumored but not yet seen. Dual gpu Fermi GTX 460x2 - In stores nowhere? GTX 595 - Does this beast really exist? Oh yeah the GTX 485 turned out to be the GTX 580 so I...
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    Who would win - 3x GTX 580 or 2x GTX 595?

    The question in the title says it all. I think in terms of raw SP obviously the GTX 595 will have more 480x4 = 1920 vs 512x3 = 1536. However there still comes the question of scaling. How much has Nvidia multi-gpu SLI scaling improved? I believe that it is most efficient at 2x SLI. However...
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    Better Upgrade: 2x 580s or +1 480?

    So I have a pair of GTX 480. If I switch to 2x 580s I'd gain 20% performance, lose a bunch of heat, but have to eat at least $400 loss from selling off the 480s and waterblocks. Or I can add another GTX 480 for Tri-SLI, gain about 30% performance, but add even more heat and power consumption...
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    Radeon 6970 performance calculated

    These are based on educated guesses interpolated from the following benchmarks. -> Radeon 6970 performance forumula [percentage increase of 5770->5870*6870 performance] The basic premise is...
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    GTX 580 performance a FRAUD?

    According to the legitreviews article, when the GTX 580 was downclocked to match stock GTX 480 speeds the performance difference was only 3.5%. So the extra shaders and such don't really give as much a boost as we thought, it was mostly the increased clock speed...
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    RevoDrive X2 - the new king of SSD?

    740 MB/S Read, 720 MB/S Write! :eek: And you can get the 240GB X2 Model for under $700. Hmmmmm. This is exciting stuff. To top it off you don't even need a SATA 3 port to get this...
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    EVGA GTX 580 FTW $699

    Anybody think this card is a little overpriced? I think these should be $599 at the most. A good waterblock only costs around $100. Yet I can't find these in stock anywhere. :P Hopefully the 6970 brings down prices of the 580 to reasonable levels.
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    It's 11/9!!

    Where are the GTX 580 reviews?! Or was that november 9th release date nothing but a PR LIE?!
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    GTX 580 vs Radeon 6970

    Which will be faster? Please throw your hats into the ring. Will the refined Fermi take the crown or will AMD take the single gpu top performance title for the red team? I am of two minds. On the one hand I've always had better experience with Nvidia hardware and drivers in terms of game...
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    GTX 480 vs GTX 580

    Usually I like to upgrade to the latest and greatest. But I am hearing some really disappointing performance numbers regarding the 580. Is it worth it to go from 480 SLI to 580 SLI? Here's the thing, a single 580 is only 20% faster than a 480, but if I get two 580s won't I realize a 40%...
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    3rd GTX 480

    Ok Tri-SLI owners. I'm gonna ask a simple question. Was going to Tri-SLI worth it over two card SLI? With the release of the 6000 series on the horizon I anticipate Nvidia price cuts so I think I could get a 480 for a bargain price around then or shortly thereafter, maybe Black Friday or...
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    Crucial RealSSD C300

    Is this the fastest consumer SSD available on the market now? 355MB/S Read speed sounds pretty impressive. Is there anything else better coming round the corner or is this going to be the best for a while? PS Just a...
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    1K to spend - eying 980x

    But I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade. My 920 humms along fine at 4.1 ghz. 4.2 if I give it a little more juice but I like to keep it under 1.3v if possible so I leave it at 4.1 for day to day operation. But if the 980x allows me to hit 4.5 ghz on water, then it might be well worth it...
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    Is my i7-920 failing?

    Or is hyper-threading at fault? I have had a lot of system crashes lately so I checkedmy Event Logger to see what was going on. Here are some pics of what I'm seeing in event viewer: I see 8 kernel processer errors of the same type here... That also coincides with the exact number of...
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    What is a kernel-processor-power event?

    wrong subforum.
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    Final Fantasy XIV bugged to hell

    On triple monitors: Looks beautiful but tends to crash randomly with a black screen and a DirectX error message that FF has stopped detecting a video card? "Unable to detect DirectX device. The program has shut down. Please restart FINAL FANTASY XIV." So then I tried it in single monitor...
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    Corsair 650TX - $73 after MIR

    Add 10% off code in shopping cart: psu168 Take another $10 of with MIR. Newegg is currently shipping it for $2
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    Sims 3 ambitions - buggiest expansion ever

    When this game crashs, it crashes hard. Not only does the system freeze, but when it returns to the bios boot screen, it will freeze too until I hit the CMOS reset button! I mean wow, what did EA do to make this game that screwed up? I run it sandboxed now to minimize the damage. But wow...
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    24 AWG vs 28 AWG DVI cable

    Basically I'm looking to buy a 10 foot DVI cable. However there are two gauges listed on monoprice: 24AWG - $18 including shipping 28AWG - $12 including shipping Is it worth it to spend the extra $6 on the thicker gauge cable (24AWG), or is it not going to make any difference. BTW...
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    Active Displayport to DVI single-link adapter for under $30

    Haven't seen this posted yet. $27 and available now on the Egg. Has free shipping too.
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    Bought a Seasonic X-560 and can't boot computer!

    So I decided to get a Seasonic X series PSU because of the rep and good reviews. Plus I wanted a quiet PSU. I've got everything plugged in but it won't start. What's that weird plug off to the side of the 24 pin mobo cable? Another weird thing is they didn't give me a 4 pin...
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    XFX 5850 - $239.99 AR

    Here's the linky. XFX warranty might make this offer attractive to some.
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    Ok what case is this?

    It makes me drool as configured, but I don't know where to find it. Can we buy this yet? Room for a quad rad up top and triple rad on bottom. I think I'm in lurve. :-)
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    GTS 450 vs GTX 260 for PhysX

    Which one will do the better job? I've got a BFG GTX 260 216 core. The GTS 450 should consume less power but only has 192 cores. However the updated fermi architecture should make it better at PhysX right?
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    Nexus Beamair - Worth it?

    So I was thinking of fan grills and fan shrouds but couldn't really find any that quite looked like what I went. Then I found these on google. Apparently the honeycomb grill will act as focus for the air and increase the cooling...
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    Can you use 'dual channel kits' in a tri-channel mode?

    Take for example this DDR3 2000mhz reaper 4gb kit is $109 before rebate. Times that by 3, and you have 12 GB worth of 2000mhz ram for $330. On the other hand the 6gb 'triple channel kit'...
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    Folding performance of GTX 2xx series vs GTX 4xx series

    So I've got a couple of 480s. I think they should be pretty good folders with 480 cores apiece. I've also got a 260 lyring around. I'm also thinking of getting a 460 if they ever make a single slot version. So what is the folding performance like for the 400 seres vs the 200 series...
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    1600mhz CL7 vs 1833mhz CL9 vs 2000mhz CL8

    Which memory will give the best performance? CL7 memory has risen up in price a LOT lately, so it doesn't look practical to get another set. Or if I'm spending that much I might as well look at the other types out there. So I'm looking at the 1833mhz dominator cl9 or the 2000mhz dominator cl8...
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    GTX 480 SLI on water

    Wow I love the temps I'm getting with water. I've got em clocked to 900mhz core/2000 mhz memory with no sweat. Not even a voltage increase needed. I Ran the SFIV bench and got over 200 FPS at max settings. But what really impressed me was that the gpu core temps never went above 50c...
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    GTX 460 single slot

    When is Nvidia or an AIB going to release a card like this? I would like to have it in 1GB if possible.
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    Noisy water loop!

    So I've got everything hooked up, cpu block, waterblock, two radiators, pump, reservoir, fillport, and t/drain port. But here's the problem. It's noisy!! I spent all this money to get a quieter system, and every so often the pump will make weird/popping noises. I think this is because of...