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    Who is buying a 3090?

    I would buy one but my main system is power hungry as it is. I have to keep feeding it food and give it adequate cooling with proper housing. Plus my main system is a beast anyways: way over 4k @500fps+. The 3090 can't touch it.
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    New Monitor: Lines Aren't Parallel Or Am I Imagining Things?

    I believe I am seeing a weird scenario where my left of my screen looks further away, The tool bar on the right looks bigger. Even if I tilt the screen way to the right it still is weird. So I have the screen perfectly perpendicular to me and the left side feels like its tilted away from me a...
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    So much for NVIDIA claiming 10 gigs of vram would not be a limitation

    One thing that I have learned over the years is that recommended and minimum specs are often further from the truth than you might think.
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    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    If you are going to wait for Big Navi, I would personally wait for reviews to come out. Let other people be the guinea pigs. Assess if AMD will release 3-6 months of terrible drivers.
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    I know the first thing comes to mind is high end, but dang, this could also make it a good time to do that second rig for the living room.
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    Where will you be getting your reviews for Ampere and RDNA2?

    I used to go to Toms or Anandtech, but nowa days I just watch gamers nexus for a good feel of everything, then I will let the early adopters be the guinea pigs and read forums for issues they are having. I will never jump too early given the experience I have had with my 5700xt. If I do buy this...
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    Is DLSS The Real Deal?

    Don't you mean Wine?(badoom-tish) I would be the first to jump off the windows boat if we saw a reasonable uptick in native "pro" software compatibility as well as drivers, games, etc. Just because of the lack of consumer presence linux has in the pc market doesn't mean its not prevalent in just...
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    Is DLSS The Real Deal?

    If it is, then I don't see how AMD can catch up. Is up scaling resolutions the future? Where do we go from here if Nvidia can double its performance with this trick?
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    High IPD - am I out of the VR game before I started?

    OP, I remember seeing a video of someone with a larger than 72mm IPD trying out the Pimax. (74mm and change). I tracked down the video. Hope this helps. It's the first guy in the video.
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    Which video card would you purchase?

    OP, what were you coming from, if you don't mind me asking. I say this because you don't want to be on a 1080ti and necessarily go to a 5700xt or rtx 2070 super. If you were less than a gtx 1080 any of those cards you are looking at will be great. It gets a little more difficult when you start...
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    Problem with 5700 XT black screen

    Right now, I just have this feeling. What I'm going to say I have no evidence for, but I has a sneaking suspicion that they created "intelligent " software and by intelligent I mean in the worst way possible: Telemetry, hand holding, nanny state, big brother. Even if you opt out of sending...
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    Problem with 5700 XT black screen

    My 5700xt would give me freezes and black screens. I still get a black screen once in a long while (weeks) but usually if i unplug my monitor or power it off and then on, it brings the desktop back up. What seemed to help stability for me was to auto undervolt. I believe there are two problems...
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    Old AMD GPU destroys Nvidia in Doom Eternal

    I can't wait when everything uses more than 4 cores and low level api's.
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    Question for the veterans of PC gaming: why was the Radeon 9700 Pro such a big deal?

    Part of the hype around cards like the 9700pro/9800pro are at least partly due to the games that were released after that, namely Half Life 2, Doom, and Farcry. While there were eventually better options for these games later on, these were the cards that many used to carry them through this...
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    5700 xt vs. rtx 2070 super for a new build

    Note that Recent drivers have fixed a lot of the 5700xt problems, however, there are still some issues. Black screens have still been reported. Also, i have heard reports of dx9 games not playing well with the 5700 series. One of the dx9 games I play has a bit of frame skipping. I would suggest...
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    Graphics corruption only on startup, then goes away.

    Kinda hard to tell exactly in the picture but could it be an overlay issue? Looks like you have a big windows clock thing there and mine doesn't look like that when booting. Maybe change your settings if you have some sort of widget/clock overlay thing. Try doing a clean boot to see if the...
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    Graphics corruption only on startup, then goes away.

    This could also be a capacitor. Check your mobo and video card for bulging/leaking capacitors
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    I recently bought my computer when all this stuff started happening. The driver issue can be so random in nature, it can look like bad memory, bad power supply, bad cpu, etc. It really really sucked having a ghost driver issue when you just built your pc. I was thinking "oh great my memtest...
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Just Got a black screen today. 20.2.2 seems more stable but still some issues
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Oh no, I got the RX 5700xt just for vr. I am planning to purchase a vr headset. that does not sound good.
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    The Slowing Growth of vRam in Games

    It is my belief that VR will push the standard from 8gb to 16 way before 8k tvs will. In my opinion 4k tv's will have a long run like 1080p did. 1440p will remain good enough for a great deal of people for monitors. That leaves VR to raise the bar earlier. Note that Texture space needs to be...
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    Rendering Anxiety From the 90s Can I multitask At Same Time?

    I have these memories of using render and cd burning software in the 90s and If I used the computer for anything else while it was rendering, even to the point where I let a screen saver activate, It could cause errors and artifacts in the final product. Even to this day I feel a little weird...
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    Atari E.T. Video Game From the Alamogordo NM Landfill Dig

    You know what the stupid thing is... These would of made a great prize for a cereal box, or perhaps could have been retooled to be a mod kit. We now talk about e-waste, but this story is like the grandfather of e-waste polluters. Moral of the story, don't ever bury a bad product without first...
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    I accidentally broke a $2500 video card... like an idiot

    All of them have different Strengths. I choose Steve for in depth stuff when it comes to performance. Linus is a good all a rounder that doesn't go into great depth but gives you a feeling for whats the latest and greatest. Though Linus went through a change where he tried to throw in adult...
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    "Intel in jeopardy" from insiders. Much much worse than what they tell.

    Having usb 2.0 is probably due to the fact that not every device works perfect on usb 3.0. As long as there are 2.0 devices in the wild, I don't think they will completely phase them out.
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    Activision Blizzard Pulls Out of NVIDIA GeForce Now Game Streaming Service

    Cloud ain't worth it, that is, until something like quantum internet comes out. And then there is the matter of cloud continuing the trend of removing your rights as a software owner. Oh and lets not forget the continuous trend of privacy invasion. Why do you think google is investing in this...
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    "Intel in jeopardy" from insiders. Much much worse than what they tell.

    How many generations do cpu companies think ahead... I am willing to bet more than 3. Intel might be watching to see where AMD lands with its 4000 series. Based off of that data it just might skip a planned refresh or entire planed cpu generation to gain back some ground and stay ahead. I bet...
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    Will AMD Ever Beat Intel in Single Threaded Performance?

    What do you think and Why?
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    We say "driver issues", but is there a possibility that there is some sort of fatal flaw in the hardware?
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    I'm looking for thoughts on a build dilemma.

    I'd wait for Amd and Nvidia to show their hand on the next card releases. You might have buyers remorse if you go 2080ti and both Amd and Nvidia blow it out of the water. At the very least if you wait to buy a 2080ti, the market will push down the price because of the new cards. Amd is going to...
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    The "All the Things that Have Gone Wrong During Builds" thread.

    One that I have run into more than once is.... THAT DARN GRAPHICS CARD RETENTION CLIP ON THE MOBO!!!! I have had that thing get stuck; it's either hard to get to or it doesn't function properly. Some campaniles especially prebuilts use their own style and they aren't always intuitive as to how...
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    For 12th Year Running, NVIDIA Quadro Powers Every Oscar-Nominated Film for Best Visual Effects

    Jurassic Park is still leaps better than almost all modern CGI. CGI isn't there yet, or if it is, these companies dont have the budget to make it as realistic as they could.
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    FF VII: Remake. New news/teaser trailer

    I never got to play FF VII, Should I play the original first or play this?
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    Will any DP to Hdmi adapters do 75hz? ( @ 1080p )

    I've only seen 1080p 60hz rated ones... any suggestions?
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    Micro Center 2700X - $139, 3600 - $149 (In-store only)

    I think part of their magic formula for making money is offering building services. It's like going to the movie theater and buying a 7 dollar ticket and then buying one soda for 5 dollars.
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    Micro Center 2700X - $139, 3600 - $149 (In-store only)

    Someday I will get to travel to this most amazing place.
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    BF5 5700 xt low performance

    It could make you more vulnerable to attacks, but you could try disabling your meltdown and spectre patches using this tool. It is also a good idea to check to see if you have any viruses and malware already that could be slowing you down. Note: I can't...
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    HTC Vive Pro Headset Permanently Reduced to $600

    The prices do feel over inflated, but I suppose it's because the market is relatively new. That being said, it seems like we already have better technology and I find it lackluster and frustrating that these companies are using things like fresnel lenses. Everyone just wants the uniformity and...
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    How much RAM you got?

    I couldn't vote for mine since i have 128gb.... Just Kidding.