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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    droooll...... i need an i860 edit: also pm me i can make ringtones for ya if your interested.. do you have a USB/Serial Data cable?
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    ^^ Beat me to it.. I was about to say dam.. Mr. I860 Im using my custom 730 right now :) plan to selll some stuff and get more money to buy an i860 :) check out hypermods if u want yours done custom.. :) Nice phone to have.. but will a datacenter like Equinix IBX's...
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    Well i'm going to keep these for my car.. because i only paid $80.00 for these :) so i wana put them to use for the mean time...
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    ? About setting up game server

    because people pay a Host to Host the game for them on a High Speed connection At a Data Center a Game server host i work with and use currently.
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    DVD Ripping guides/sites - any suggestions?

    Yeah thats something i'm interested in also.. some guides would be nice :)
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    ? About setting up game server

    lol 12 people? not even 4-5 people sorry...
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    ? About setting up game server

    Your upload is very low dont count on hosting alot of slots.. it will LAGG alot
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    This place is so helpfull :) Can you list a few more things i might need? also if you know about audio.. maybe you can help me find a nice crossover/amp or something.. thanks
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    Well.. These speakers would not fit inside of a side door.. unless modded into the door :) My room is oh... i dont know its a decent size.. As for the power inverter.. i'm sure i can get one from work for a decent price..
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    New question :D Now say if i get a full car audio setup.. Speakers,Amp,Deck,CrossOver and all those good things... Can i make it all work in my room? untill i get a car to put it in... Would i need a Car's Battery to run everything? I have a nice place to put the deck in my room... just a...
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    Can you point me in a good direction for a decent amp? I want to be able to push some decent bass out of these... They look like they can do some nice dammage :) but it would under my computer desk by my feet so i'll feel it alot I'm thinking about getting some kind of Kenwood amp? something...
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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    Hello I was wondering.. I have a kicker dual 12's audio setup.. I dont have a car ATM but i would like to somehow use it in my house with my shuttle XPC System... Basicly my home stereo :) lol here is a picture of the speakers... i got them from a friend of mine for $80.00 They are 2...
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    Laptop VS Desktop

    #3 for sure.. its a killer desktop!
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    Free Computer Games Magazine Subscription

    Registerd :) more stuff to read now lol..
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    I downloaded the YzDoc thing but i cant seem to configure it to how you have yours setup in Can you help me get those icons and mine setup? thanks
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Red x's are cool :)
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    If u dont mind me asking... how did u do that!?!? i want something like that it would be awesome if you can tell me :)
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    Testing a theory.. Anyone in a CS clan here?

    I had my Esea Premiuim account and i did not like it much.. the downloads where nice.. the servers where O.K i have other things i can use that money for. + I'm trying to start my own Professonial E-Sports News & Gaming Community
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    my first A80 night shots, at the beach.

    Thats very awesome.. i wish i had a digital camera.. i would try and get some nice shots of the chi-town
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    SLK Hey what was the specs on the red ones again? and its 89.00 right
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    Game Control Panel

    Does anyone here know how to make a Game Control panel? I'm looking for a coder who can help us make a Gaming Control Panel to Control Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam Game's All the basic features.. Start Stop Restart Kick Ban Changemap Rcon Upload new files configs/maps/mods If...
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    Gaming Lounge/Cafe Question....

    A Lan Center is a good idea.. Also if u dont mind.. picking up a Cal Team.. or LAN Team in your area.. have them come there for bootcamp.. and practice.. and they can be a regular lan team.. also have other teams register for Lan Events.. Have Match rooms for teams to Scrim with each other.. Its...
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    2001fp: What is Tom on...

    well i sure dont..
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    When I change the subject, It doesn't CHANGE!!!

    Heh i used to do that... but now i remember what fourms i can and cannot do it on heh..
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    Newegg doesn't have A64 3200+ *retail* anymore! WT?

    Man i wish i had my money now so i can make my Dream rig :)
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    Hard drive window mod

    ^^ I think that would be the easy way to do it ;)
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    Mod Project: APHEX

    Heh I used to live in San Antonio Very hot.. and yeah everythings big in texas.. i mean EVERYTHING... anyway nice mod!
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    Gaming Machine Intel/Amd

    Well.. i guess i'll try and scrape up a few hundred more...
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    Gaming Machine Intel/Amd

    What do you think is a Resonable price for a gaming rig? How much should i have saved up for one?
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    Gaming Machine Intel/Amd

    I'm getting kinda puzzled.. Ive talked to a few people and they are saying two things.. First i wanted to make a A64 rig.. but 1 of my friends told me NOT to.. because in the end it will not be as good.. because the Chip will run as the speed it's sposed to but its going to be in a 32bit...
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    Testing a theory.. Anyone in a CS clan here?

    I'm Currently Team Manager of Black Horizion Our site is currently Being re-designed We are Cal-Open Most of our members are Cal-IM+ EXP I my self have Cal-Main Season 8 W/proof (Roster screen shot) Check us out.. Our servers will be listed on our site once its...
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    Reccommend me good headphones

    Check out I have a pair of Plantronics Audio 90's I love um... best pair ive had to date.. Check out the DSP-500 it has a soundcard built in The Audio 90's cost around $40.00+ First pair broke due to dog chewing my cable up.. ( he got served ) they sent me a...
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    2004 Spring Tech Tour

    I'll be comming to the Chicago,IL Event :) hope to see some fellow [H] there.
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    DVD Copyright With Nero

    Ok basicly what i'm trying to do.. i dont know if i can post about it here... Burn Copy's of X-box games for my modded X-box's I sell X-box/Ps2 Mod chips and Pre-Modded X-box's and PS2's So i want to copy Dvd's and X-Box games so just use those two programs? Thanks Mod delete...
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    DVD Copyright With Nero

    I'm trying to make backups of some of my DVD's and i want to burn it to the hdd as an iso or what ever.. and burn to a cd.. What program can i use.. or how do i get past the copyright it says i cannot copy to disk drive.. copyright Something blah blah..
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    Help Making Custom A64 Rig

    Ive come into some money :) and i want to make a new rig.. a nice A64 Gaming rig for a cheap price.. But i also want to use some other stuff i have laying around.. here is what i have laying around to use.. basicly if we can work off this :) 1. 2x 256 Geil Pc3200 DDR Ram 2. Lite-On Cd-Rw...
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    Post your Linux Programs

    Just got my Fedora Server Up and running.. wow never knew linux was this good :)
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    svchost.exe 100% CPU usage!?!?

    wow i did not ask for your stupid ass to come here and post stupid shit.. i was asking for HELP not someone to come here and insult me now dont fuckin post in my thread.. Mod please delete this thread because of assholes like. eloj I have a valid HOME cd-key But i perfer professonial...