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    SFF W/ Kicker Subs?

    Hello I was wondering.. I have a kicker dual 12's audio setup.. I dont have a car ATM but i would like to somehow use it in my house with my shuttle XPC System... Basicly my home stereo :) lol here is a picture of the speakers... i got them from a friend of mine for $80.00 They are 2...
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    Game Control Panel

    Does anyone here know how to make a Game Control panel? I'm looking for a coder who can help us make a Gaming Control Panel to Control Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam Game's All the basic features.. Start Stop Restart Kick Ban Changemap Rcon Upload new files configs/maps/mods If...
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    Gaming Machine Intel/Amd

    I'm getting kinda puzzled.. Ive talked to a few people and they are saying two things.. First i wanted to make a A64 rig.. but 1 of my friends told me NOT to.. because in the end it will not be as good.. because the Chip will run as the speed it's sposed to but its going to be in a 32bit...
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    DVD Copyright With Nero

    I'm trying to make backups of some of my DVD's and i want to burn it to the hdd as an iso or what ever.. and burn to a cd.. What program can i use.. or how do i get past the copyright it says i cannot copy to disk drive.. copyright Something blah blah..
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    Help Making Custom A64 Rig

    Ive come into some money :) and i want to make a new rig.. a nice A64 Gaming rig for a cheap price.. But i also want to use some other stuff i have laying around.. here is what i have laying around to use.. basicly if we can work off this :) 1. 2x 256 Geil Pc3200 DDR Ram 2. Lite-On Cd-Rw...
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    svchost.exe 100% CPU usage!?!?

    can anyone help me here? I have a small problem.. My Windows Xp Shuttle Machine is at 100% CPU Usage for some reason and svchost.exe is causeing it in my processes it shows alot of those svchost.exe's and one of them always has over 50% Cpu and it shows 100% Cpu usage Here's a link...
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    Home Recording Studio..

    Hello people at the [H] My friend is looking to build a Home Recording Studio in his basement.. and lets say... He has the money for it.. He asked me to search the net and see where to order the parts.. or if we can buy one setup and it has everything.. Does anyone here know of...
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    Maxtor 40GIG IDE HardDrive DEAD!

    Well.. Today i come home.. Look At my Pc.. And notice my winamp icon is blank... Wanting to play some music.. I open my computer.. and go for my slave Hard drive To open some music.. Sad to see.. NO Second hdd.. I restart My PC only to see Secondary Hard Drive Fail. Or something like that... I...
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    Decent AMD System. How Should I Test it?

    Well... I have made this system so far so good... I want to know what programs should i use to test this baby... See how good it is... here are the specs of the system (Also located in sig) Shuttle Xpc SN41G2 AMD Xp2600 "333Mhz" Barton 2x 256Meg Geil Pc3200 ATi Radeon 8500Le Pro...
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    Soyo KT333 Ultra Platnium?

    Does anyone know the Overclocking Cabablitys on this motherboard... Or use for a Home Server... Perhaps a Decent Review on this board? The Raid Supports Because the Mobo Has raid i see.. Any imput is good thanks!