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    Ultrawide 1440p :: Dell U3415W or Samsung S34E90C

    i have narrowed down to these 2 monitors for my buddy's build, this is his pricerange and wants 1440p ultrawide Dell U3415W or Samsung S34E90C
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    Need Seasonic modular PCI-E wires ..

    So I got a 2nd 980, and to my dismay my seasonic 1050xm did not come with wires to hook up multiple gpu's Apparently I need to purchase the SS-PCI-E-60 goes from a 12 pin connector on the PCI-E slots on the PSU to 2x 6+2 connection for the...
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    i7 5930K batch # significance ?

    Has there been any reports of certain batches being better than others? Microcenter near me has a few "costa rica" chips with Batch # 34xxxxxx and a lot more chips with "malaysia" with Batch # L4xxxxxx
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    Haswell-E? CPU mobo ram $800 (to go with my 980 SLI)

    Just got a great deal on a pair of 980's so I need to upgrade my current i7 950 system, not sure if I should go haswell-e or not.. Would like to buy a combo deal at microcenter which is 1 mile from my house. will purchase RAM and HSF online most likely I am also planning on using my i7...
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    Optical Drive disappeared (Windows 8)

    My LG Blu-Ray burner has disappeared from windows 8, I think this may have happened when I installed daemon tools lite last week (?) not entirely sure, just noticed. In computer management there is a yellow exclamation by the drive: I have tried changing SATA ports, uninstalling and auto...
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    need cheap option for windows 8.1

    Hello, where is the cheapest place to buy windows 8.1? I go to best buy/microcenter, and the discs are like $200?? And they are upgrade only, so I need a windows 7 key too? I do have a student email if there is a cheaper option for students. I need the full version, for a new build, not an...
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    please help.. upgrade firmware and format intel g2 160g SSD?

    I am building a new machine and using my old intel g2 160gb SSD I have never upgraded the firmware, and i purchased the drive when it first came out. I should do that first with this bootable .iso correct? Then is there...
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    Western Digital WD30EZRSDTL 3TB Hardrive $240 (preorder) MC

    Microcenter has the new 3TB caviar green hard drive available for pre order Available next week, October 29th
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    stable/durable budget mobo's for c2d?

    Im building a cheap PC for a friend, not overclocking, just need a cheap stable budget motherboard for what I think will end up being an E8400.. What are some good options? onboard sound is a must
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    Abit IP35-E booting problems

    Not only does my computer have the double boot problem, but also on a cold boot the system hangs before seeing the first XP load screen. I press the reset button and everything loads normally. I noticed whenever my IDE pioneer dvd writer is unplugged it doesn't have this problem, only the...
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    EVGA 8800GT 159.99 AR at the egg

    209.99 - 30MIR -20coupon = 159.99 +7.00 shipping coupon code: EMCAECCCA Click here!
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    IE 7 problem, must refresh every page

    I've got a small problem, I have to refresh every page I visit if I want to view the current page. It seems my PC is saving webpages I've visited and showing me the saved page, not the most recent. I changed a setting in IE 7 under the browsing history settings, Check for newer versions of...
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    wireless problems in high rise, go N?

    So I have a DLINK DIR-655 router, and have terrible wireless speeds both for the internet and network transfers. I have a Macbook and a desktop PC both within 40 feet of the wireless router that need connection, they both have G adapters. Problem is there is something like 30 wireless networks...
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    Leopard Boot Camp, WinXP wireless is SLOW

    I just installed boot camp on my MacBook and windows XP. Everything is working great, except the wireless internet! It works, but its much much slower in XP than OSX. Im talking about in OSX i get over 1MB/s while in XP im getting under 60KB/s. Anyone have this problem? File transfers are...
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    help! asus p5w dh won't boot, dead?

    Hello, my PC will not post at all, I get not beep codes or video at all. I've been overclocking on the board for over a year now... I've already ordered a new mobo (abit IP35-E) but before opening it I want to be sure its the mobo that's dead, not my CPU or GPU... Is there any way I can...
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    TF2 server rentals

    Anyone know a good place to rent a TF2 server for the beta release on monday? Only thing I could find is artofwarcentral,com (website has pre orders available) but doesn't say anything about being available by monday. Valve has released an update to HLDS to include TF2 so it should be...
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    pimp my MacBook

    So I just got a free MacBook, but know nothing about macs... Any upgrades I should do for a noticible improvement? OSX 10.4.10 2GHz Intel Core Duo 512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM 50GB hard drive dvd burner... More ram I'm guessing would be the only upgrade? 1GB or 2? New harddrives...
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    Slow folder browsing on D partition

    Ive got a 320gb seagate 7200.10 I have a C and D partition, I keep music, videos, etc on D. Recently when I browse to my computer and go to D, it shows the folders, but there is a delay getting into any folder. Properties of the drive show file indexing is enabled. I don't know what the...
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    which card to backup my old vinyl?

    I'd like to put many of my vinyl records onto CD. I have a technics SL-QD33 turntable. I know I will need a phono pre amp are these respectable? Better ones? Which sound card should I get. Under 150 please. I will then be using audacity to record, and...
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    I think I NEED raid

    Hello, being a complete RAID nub, I have a feeling I'd like to experiment. I Have: 1 seagate 320gb (perpendicular) Asus P5W DH E6600 2gb crucial ballistix X1900xtx I want to speed up boot time, and program launch times I don't want to buy more than 2 more HD's Anyone have a...
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    sb live xp problem

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    reformat question

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    help! windows update virus?

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    any silent DVD-ROM drives?

    I need one that is completly silent, the rest of my HTPC is inaudible. Which ones do you guys use?
  25. J invites

    Ive got 11 now, so pm me and I might give yah one, if you're good at sharing. peace
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    P5W-DH southbridge hotter with AS5

    ASUS probe put my motherboard temp at 51C idle, so I took off the NB and SB, cleaned them, applied thin layer AS5. NOW the probe reads the mobo temp at 55C idle. I did it a second time, but no change. I've used AS5 many times in the past, Im pretty sure I didnt fuge it up. My southbridge...
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    sold audigy 2, now onboard sound won't work

    I had an audigy 2 installed in my PC, but I sold it, so I need to use the onboard sound. I've got a ASUS p5W DH deluxe, and a week ago the onboard sound was working, but I put my old audigy 2 in it to test it. Now I need to use the onboard sound again until I get a new soundcard, but It won't...
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    onboard abit IC7-G sound not working...

    I took out the soundcard for my new computer, and now I'd like to use the onboard sound for this older 2nd PC, but the onboard sound isn't working... It's a fresh format, and after I install the sound drivers from abit's website, I get nothing. Only the abit media player seems like it is...
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    Battlefield 2 stacking...

    does anyone else notice that pretty much every server is heavily stacked. I can't even figure out how to change teams or join a winning team. Are there any good servers that have auto team balance or something? seriously, this is ruining the game for me.
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    ASUS P5W DH northbridge runs HOT?

    P5W DH Deluxe Owners: I just got a P5W and an E6600, I installed the PC Probe software that came with the motherboard, and it tells me the motherboard temperature is too hot. I also installed CoreTemp Beta, to compare the CPU idle temperatures with PC Probes. the MB and CPU temp readings...
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    x1900xtx wrong clocks in CCC

    I just got the card, and I have never overclocked. In ATI overdrive it says Requested:648MHz Current VPU Clock: 500MHz Requested: 774MHz Current Memory Clock: 594MHz WHAT the hell, core is supposed to be 650 and memory like 1500
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    $200 budget, case and watercooling

    Is there any way? I'd want a DIY, not a retail watercooled case. I have: E6600 and stock HSF ASUS p5W DH Deluxe 2 GB Crucial BallistiX DDR2800 MSI x1900xtx 460W Enermax Whisper II I'd like to watercool the x1900 as well... if possible
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    xp-90 and ASUS P5W DH?

    Where should I buy the xp-90, and what kind of fan should I get for it? I have an Antec p180 case, and an ASUS p5W DH Dlx mobo. E6600. will the HS work on this motherboard? Also, should I get an active northbridge cooler? Ive read 975X chipsets get hot. What would fit on this mobo...
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    Gibabyte DS3 and Crucial Ballistix?

    Will crucial ballistix ram boot up on a DS3? It's the DDR2 667 kind, 1 GB (2x512) It's rated at 2.1V Thanks
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    Board for E6600 and Crucial BallistiX DDR2-800?

    Hey guys, I need a mobo for my 6600 and Crucial BallistiX RAM. Ram is DDR2-800 I want to max overclock, and the RAM calls for 2.2V (not common for ddr2?)
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    sell new 9800pro aiw or used x850xt

    Which could I sell for more $$ They are both AGP I sent back my old 9800pro AIW when it broke, and they recently sent me a brand new OEM card. But I had also purchased an x850xt a few months ago. Which one would sell for more? Brand new 9800proAIW or the used x850XT with ATiSilencer5...
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    EE's help: I Get shocked when I touch my case, and RCA cable

    Um, I was hooking my TV downstairs up to my computer, through a 50foot RCA video cable, and while I was holding the wire in my right hand, my left arm touched my case, and i got quite a shock. I figured out if I am touching this RCA cable and then i touch the case, I can feel current going...
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    $600 for Mobo / CPU / RAM

    I need a good proc/mobo/ram combo for $600 for ::::gaming/multitasking:::: I am leaning toward a dual core AMD rig, but what would be the best setup I could get? I would like to overclock, and have 2GB of RAM. Things I am reusing from last computer: Antec Case Enermax Whisper II PSU...
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    Bytecc external USB drive broke

    The USB connection on the case broke, is there any way I can fix it? Or am I sol? Its the Female USB connector has 4 prongs inside it, and 1 snapped off. If I can't fix it, where is a good place to buy an exernal USB 2.0 case for my 250GB IDE hard drive? $40 or less... Thanks [H]