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    Sudden increase in AMD cards for sale?

    Hopefully the mining thing will go away. Because I don't think AMD ever intended their latest gen cards to turn into mining platforms. But they got bought up by miners. So basically that great value price that AMD is offering isn't really benefitting its intended customers right now. LOL...
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    GeForce GTX 780 Ti vs. Radeon R9 290X 4K Gaming @ [H]

    Actually, previously Nvidia held a noticieable performance edge to justify the price premium. Remember how AMD used to go on the model that - our single chips will be slower but cheaper, we'll catch up with our dual chip premium model. Well that didn't work so well because and I think they...
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    780ti or wait till 800?

    Definitely wait. Right now the 780 Ti is only on par with AMD's 290x. The 800 will probably blow both cards out of the water. Or at least by a 30% margin, which is expected of new platform/generation gpus. PS Quad Scaling has always been awful whether it's NVidia or AMD. I don't know if...
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    GeForce GTX 780 Ti vs. Radeon R9 290X 4K Gaming @ [H]

    Wow very impressive showing by AMD's 290x. It equals Nvidia's flagship in performance and sells for $150 LESS! Finally a solid reason to switch brands. I've been running Nvidia Cards for the past 3 years or so simply because they were the fastest and had the best drivers. Now AMD has...
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    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    Wow glad I went with the MSI GTX 770 instead of the Asus CUII 770 after reading this horror story!!
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    EVGA 780 classifieds are released

    It's a Classified version. Should have come with more memory. :)
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    Upgrading Gtx 670 SLI to Gtx 770 SLI?

    $300 per brand new 770 is a great deal. I would pull the trigger if I were you then try to resale your 670s.
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    770 4gb Gigabyte $460 vs EVGA $510

    Not really. I love EVGA but I gotta admit they are overpriced now. And without the life-time warranty, I wouldn't shell out extra for them. It used to be that Classified or FTW products had lifetime warranties by default, but no more, this one apparently has a 3 year.
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    ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon

    Props to the OP for posting an awesome deal. Very rarely do you see such bargains, and even more rarely people willing to share them. I already have a GTX 770 so I probably wouldn't have bought this. But still TWO gtx 680s for the price of a 770 would have been mighty tempting. Hmmm...
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    best videocard under for $500

    GTX 770 and it isn't even close. $399 for a gpu that beats the 680 and 7970 and also easily overclocks to 1200+ boost. Now if you're going triple screen, then you could make an argument for the 7970 with its extra gig of vram.
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    770 SLI or 780?

    770 sli beats a single 780. but depends on what you want to use your card for and your resolution.
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    Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.

    what program are you using to OC? what settings are you using what is your power supply? first thing i noticed is the video card demands 2x 8 pin connectors. make sure you are supplying it enough juice! I've got a 1200w antec tpq psu. I use MSI afterburner and it was no-brainer easy to...
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    760 4gb or 670 2gb for 1920x1200

    You don't need 4gB for 1920x1200 resolution. But if you plan do do multi-monitor someday, then the 4GB is a good investment.
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    Upgrading my 3x 560ti 448 setup...

    Yup Gtx 780 should be PLENTY for 2048x1152 resolution. Not even sure you'll need the 560ti for physx but do the testing yourself and see if it helps. You can offset some of the cost by selling your old 560s. Single high end GPU will almost always feel smoother than dual low end gpus. No...
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    gtx 770 4GB

    4gb is NOT faster than 2GB except for ultra high resolutions such as Eyefinity triple display and say Skyrim with insane hi res texture packs. But if u got an extra 50 bucks, the extra ram certainly doesn't hurt. I just don't see the need for it with a single 1080p or 1200p monitor.
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    New New video card How much better will it be with 4GB of ram

    I agree with your reasoning. Bought a 770 2gb also. LOL. So maybe I'm biased. :) Don't plan to change video cards for another 2 years, or unless I get a huge tax refund check and next gen is ready by then. LOL.
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    Asus GTX 760 Mini in the works

    760 mini if it retails at $249 is going to be way better bang for buck than the 670. The 670 mini if like the full sized card would have slight edge in performance but at $399 retail isnot worth it.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Gaming

    I wonder why they put only 90mm fans on the 780 version but 100mm fans on the 770. That makes no sense...
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    best videocard under for $500

    7970 is not the best peforming card. It was the game bundle which gave it the edge before. 770 beats the 7970 Ghz edition by about 10%. There will be some games that are slanted towards red or green, but in general that seems to be the difference in performance. It's also debateable...
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    Help with new build. Out of the market for 5 years and lost.

    Doubtful that you need a 250GB SSD for a system drive. 120 or 128 should be big enough if its just to hold the OS and main apps. Use your storage drive for well... storage.
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    Difference between 650 TI and 650 TI Boost?

    Only a 450w psu? Ummm that's really cutting it close. If your problem is a bad PSU, getting a lower capacity one isn't going to help. Don't cheap out on the PSU. Go with a good 600/650W with the required amps. But then again if your experiment works... let us know. :)
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    Video Card Upgrade

    650 Ti Boost is just $150. Seems you also get a nice game coupon for $75 worth of games too.
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    GPU to play Bioshock

    Gtx 760? :) Aaaah SFF case? The mini would be perfect for that scenario. But I guess it's out of your stated price range.
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    Asus 39 inch 3840x2160 60Hz panel.

    3840x2160 is not that bad of a resolution That equals 8.29m pixels. Most top video cards these days can already handle5760x1200, though that's only 6.9m pixels. I guess it would be more akin to 2560x1600 x 2 (8.2m pixels). Which is about 2/3rds of a 30" Eyefinity setup. I'm thinking that...
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    GeForce GTX 760 vs. AMD Radeon 7950

    770 beats 7950and the 7970 but 7950 beats 760 according to most benchmarks out there. But considering how close they are 760 for $249 is nobrainer vs $299 for 7950. Jmo though. Depends how much you value performance.
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    gtx 760 or 670?

    The 760 is significantly cheaper and its performance is just a hair slower than the 670. You decide.
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    Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.

    Well I just ordered one of these babies, so hopefully my card OCs decently. I think I'd be happy with 1250mhz boost speeds.
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    GTX 480 SLI vs GTX 770

    So I bit the bullet and ordered myself a GTX 770 TF OC. I don't plan to go SLI in the near future so I went for a little extra oomph in gpu power. Can't really justify the 780 as I'm only running 1080p. A couple years from now, I might add another 770 for cheap or just upgrade to whatever the...
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    MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC - GTX 760 - Video Card Review @ [H]

    Avoid Quad-SLI. The performance gains are really terrible going to quad. Sometimes performance is even worse. Quad is only good for benchmarks. Triple is the highest I'd go, and only if you are going Eyefinity. The GTX 760 looks like a real bargain. Really thinking hard about grabbing...
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    BF4 optimized for AMD; marketing gimmick?

    It will just ran faster/smoother on AMD hardware. Which means the code will likely be developed/optimized for AMD hardware but not likewise for Nvidia. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Doesn't mean you need to run over and change platforms if you are using Nvidia video card currently.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

    how? share the link or it didn't happen. lol
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    Best video card sub $200

    I would hold out a couple weeks for the GTX 760 to drop. Even if you decide not to get it, it will force some price cuts on the other cards that were in its price range.
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    Any rumors of a GTX 790?

    If so would it use dual 780 chips or dual 770s? If it was dual 780s and sold for $999 that would have to be considered crazy value for the luxury range?
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    GTX 480 SLI vs GTX 770 or GTX 780

    Well that's the main reason I want to switch from 480 SLI. No complaints about the performance at all but they just run too hot and power hungry. Plus now that I went back to single monitor, I don't need as much performance to push 1080p. I'll wait and consider the numbers on the 760 Ti...
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    GTX 480 SLI vs GTX 770 or GTX 780

    Is it worth the upgrade? Hard to justify in my mind spending all these new dollars. As I have recently went back down from triple screeens to a single large screen 32" 1080 monitor. Will I notice any performance difference? And what should I pick for single screen? Or would settling for a...
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    You mean like a Radeon 8960? Could make sense. Because the gap from $599 to $399 is pretty huge if you think about it. My question is how well will 8970 compete with the 780. If it cannot compete on the same level performance-wise, AMD is in big trouble to release a chip later in the game...
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    Until I figure out how they pulled off quad SLI on 780s

    Congratulations, you now own the world's most expensive PHysX card!! LOL :D
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    NVidia 760 Now or wait for the 860?

    LOL, I doubt any current gen hardware could handle a 4k game. If your goal is to play current games at faster fps/higher quality settings, then go ahead and get the 760 if the benchmarks are good and the price is right.
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    GTX 670 vs. GTX 770

    Gonna be interesting to see 760 Ti performance and pricing. This might be my next video card as I find it hard to justify spending top dollar to run 1080p. I just switched over to a 32" 1080p monitor, and I find that it's more than sufficient for regular desktop use plus occasional gaming...
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    What to do with older cards

    560ti should be good enough to be a physx card. otherwise give it away to a friend or family member. not sure how much its worth for sale used but u could try that out as well.