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    C# Web Applications

    Can someone please link/explain to me how I would make my c# application usable through a web page in a browser or give a brief tutorial / link to apis ? perferably in html5? kk thanks
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    Access Point

    Hey guys I am in need of a wireless access point device that is fully customizable for networking.. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for models or brands...? thanks
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    OWC SSDs

    Does anyone have any experience/opinions on this brand of drive? Im in the need of a sata3 240gb+ ssd... i would pick up an agility3 but i don't want to gamble data i heard the crucial m4's are crippled? when will the intel 520 be released?
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    Wait or Buy?

    Should I wait for the southern island line or should I jump ship and buy a 6970/6950? I currently am sporting a stylish 4870.