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    low power video card for 300w PSU?

    Are there any medium-range video cards out there for a 300w PSU that performs better than the 8800gts? :(
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    Wait to buy macbook air?

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    Wait to buy macbook air?

    I see that macbook air still uses c2d. Are there any rumors or news that says that they're going to upgrade that to i3 or anything? I'm wondering if I should wait to buy a macbook air or just purchase it now. I'm willing to wait around 6 months if there's any news that apple is going to up...
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    What OS to use for a server hosting all my movies?

    Exactly. No need for all that hassle :cool:
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    Who else is getting the Droid X?

    Do you have more pictures of it? Maybe pictures of you browsing the web on it?
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    How big is your SSD?

    Are you serious? Which SSDs?
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    My Digital Drawing.

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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Does a mechanical keyboard allow you to press multiple keys at the same time without that beeping noise I get from these cheap keyboards?
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    Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

    That thing looks huge. Is there a reason for wanting to carry a mouse around for your class? It's kind of a hassle to do that every time you go to class. I'd think your built-in mouse would suffice but if you REALLY want a mouse for your class, go for portability AKA nano.
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    High Tech Computer Desks

    Hey where did they get pictures of my computer and desk? :p
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    I'm too used to vent though :mad:
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    Planning on buying Asus G73JH-S1

    I guess people here expect more out of their laptops so they complain more if things don't work well. The specs look solid. Do you know what's wrong with the video card?
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    Starcraft 2 Art Contest

    Which ones are yours?
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    Problem with consistant web page rendering PC vs Mac...

    Your computers probably have different font sets.
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    G73 bricked after flashing down from 209 to 206

    Doing a downflash isn't an instant no-no. But there is always a risk of bricking your system whenever you flash your BIOS. I wouldn't suggest giving them your SSD either :)
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    Classic DOS Games

    Thanks! I remember Lemmings from my childhood T_T
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    Just upgraded...what should I expect?

    You should be able to hit 4.0. So anything higher than 4.0 is what you should aim for :)
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    Asus or Alienware

    They're both solid. Get the Asus unless you can get your friend to give you a better discount on the alienware.
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    Core2Quad or Core i5

    At the moment, I think i5 is the way to go. Core2Quad is pretty outdated.
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    can i change fan speeds on laptops?

    Use speedfan.
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    Apple MBP 13in vs. HP Envy 14

    Most of my friends who have MBP are EXTREMELY happy with theirs. I haven't heard of this Envy 14 so I can't say much about this but I just wanted to say you can't go wrong with MBP.
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    ASUS Eee PC 1215N

    Thanks! Below $500... That would be so legit :p
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    Whats your preferred method of safely erasing disk data?

    A single pass writing zeros to the entire disk is recoverable. Only way of making it irrecoverable is actually breaking it.
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    looking at this laptop what do you think

    I don't know if you want a core 2 duo at 1.6ghz. That's really slow.
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    What are advantages of a netbook over a laptop?

    Non-atom laptops will give you more computing power.
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    Trouble playing .mkv files, very weird.

    Why do you think it's crap?
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    Can't disable auto-arrange in WIndows 7

    I thought this was a feature.
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    Any Dungeon Fighter Online players?

    Any Dungeon Fighter Online players? :cool:
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    Rage, 3DS Lead E3 Game Critics Awards

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    Best Laptop in the $500 - $700 Range

    This is a hell of a deal :p
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    ASUS Eee PC 1215N

    I've seen videos of it though. What's that about? :confused:
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    ASUS Eee PC 1215N

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    How much is a thinkpad x61s still worth?

    How much is a thinkpad x61s still worth? The specs are: Windows 7 Ultimate Intel Core2Duo L7500 1.6ghz 300gb 7200rpm HD 4gb ram Assuming it is still in pretty good condition.
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    Forums Not Updating

    Probably some caching problem or your corporate network is doing something.
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    Your OS Philosophy a.k.a. "Maintaining Clean Install"

    I just reinstall my OS from time to time.
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    Software for converting .avi to .m4v