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    34" UW vs. Dual Setup

    Hi, I have a budget of ~$1,000 for my monitor setup. I'm debating between the Dell AW 34" Ultrawide or a dual 27" monitor setup. I plan on using these for photo/video editing and gaming on the side. The allure of the AW 34" is its ability to reproduce color fairly accurately while offering a...
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    Best USB Sound Card sub-$100?

    I'm looking to buy a new usb sound card to take full advantage of my audio technica ath-50s but I've never dealt with usb sound cards. Any recommendations under $100? Thanks.
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    CM Storm Scout Side Fan Grill

    I just installed two 120mm CM fans on my CM Storm Scout side panel but they're really loud without a fan grill. I was wondering if someone could inform me of the difference between a simple fan grill and a grill w/ a mesh. Does the simple fan grill reduce noise and perform on a similar level...
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    Sapphire 6970 High Pitched Fan Noise

    So the past few weeks there's been a constant high pitched noise that would occur from time to time and I narrowed it down to my GPU fan. I actually try slowing down the fan, even to the point where I forced my finger to stop it for a second, and turns out the noise is coming from the fan. I...
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    Antec Kuhler 620/vid card temps ok?

    I just installed my Antec Kuhler 620 to cool my AMD 965 Black Edition and my temps are ~30C idle and ~45-50C full load. My video card idles around 55C and ~75-80C full load, but I haven't overclocked either so I'm a bit worried that's a bit high. Can anyone comment?
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    Air cooling vs Antec Kuhler 620

    Hi everyone. I was reading Hardocp's reviews of the Corsair A70 (and other air coolers) and Antec Kuhler 620 to see which cooler to buy. Is it just me, or are the temps so similar that coolers like Corsair's A70, Thermalright HR-02 Macho, and other air coolers are obviously the winner...