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    psu for g71 sli

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    Will SilverStone ST56ZF fit in Thermaltake soprano?

    Hi, I'm a few clicks away from paying for the SilverStone ST56ZF PSU which i hav ordered, i dont want to get the PSU and find it doesnt fit in my case (Thermaltake soprano) so could someone please tel me whether or not it fits? thanks a bunch
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    Keep old PSU or do I need new one for 7900gt

    Hi, I've been putting off buy a new graphics card until the 7900's come out and theyre out, so before placing an order for a 7900gt I want to know whether i need to buy a new psu for it, I'm a little tight for cash so im hoping that i could use my old one for the time being. My PSU is one that...
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    The right card for me? Help Guys

    I've been putting off upgrading to a 7800gt from my 6600gt for some time now because i was told by many to wait for the x1900xt/xtx, I've never had an ATI card before and am clueless when it comes to ATI, i dont plan to add another card in the future beause my next card after this one will be a...
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    g71 specs?

    does anybody know the g71 specs?
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    psu for g71 sli

    I'm buying an enermax 620w psu and iw as wandering would that be enough to power 2 g71's when they come out or would i need more juice?
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    Antec p180 with thermaltake purepower 680

    I'll be upgrading my system soon and was thinking of getting a new case(antec p180) and a new PSU(Thermaltake purepower 680) I've heard that this PSU is massive and its a very tight fit in some could any1 out there with a p180 and a thermaltake purepower 680 tell me whether it fits at...
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    To buy or to wait???

    Hi, ive been thinking about buying a 7800gt/ for quite some time now as my 6600gt is outdated now...but then i heard that nvidia is releasing the g71 soon...i want this upgrade to last me about 1.5 years,but how much betteuxr do you think the next gen cards from nvidia/ati will be, will it be...