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    Are you gaming on Windows 7 RC?

    Been using Window 7 since the early beta versions and now running RC1. Honestly its about as good as Vista in terms of compatability, that is to say generally very good. The only thing that doesn't work so far is certain versions of punkbuster for various games, another reason to get rid of...
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    EA GAMES:'Rapidly Becoming the Largest Gaming Platform in the World'

    Thats not a trait of the PC, thats a trait of so many developers making multiplatform games which are built for a generation of consoles which were behind the times graphically even on their release days (in comparison to top end PCs) When we get a port of FEAR2 for the PC we're getting a game...
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    A new counter-strike?

    Like the Glock, hahaha, yeah right. Theres loads of tweaks for the source netcode, most of the lag compensation only feels unfair like you shoot someones head they dont die but you do, but the maths behind the code is goingback in time and correctly compensating for the difference in lag and...
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    EA GAMES:'Rapidly Becoming the Largest Gaming Platform in the World'

    Its been no secret that digital distribution has been immensly popular, same with subscription based MMOs, it's just it's never counted against console sales in any type of polls. And then we get flooded with "the pc is dying" threads because console fanboys assume that less shelf space in...
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    Thief 4 soon to be announced!?

    Truth I wrote an account of Shalebridge Cradle on the thief forums, let me see if I can dig it up. *edit* Found it. It's a longun
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    FEAR2, what is with the glowing enemies??

    A year tops, before that term is actually in the dictionary ;)
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    when is Half life 2 episode 3 coming out

    Ed Harris for Gordon Freeman, Bill Nighy for G-man, Jessica Biel as Alyx, Samuel L Jackson as Dr, Vance because he's in everything so logically must be in the half life film. Co-Staring ED-209 as Dog, haha!
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    Anyone have 100% of their installed games (on any platform) on PC Steam?

    hehe I've recently had 50mbit fibre installed that pulls speeds of ~45Mbit or slightly over 5MB/sec, I've actually considered leaving my whole steam list (75 full games) downloading to see how long it takes xD 5MB/sec is 300Mb a minute and 18Gb per hour so I reckon about 4-5 hours for the lot...
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    Sony buys Ghostbusters Game from Atari

    I think I speak for everyone when I say these guys can fuck off.
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    No New Game Consoles Until 2013, If Ever

    You can of course wire up your PC to a TV no problems, and also wire up console controllers to your PC, so as far as setup goes, it's all perfectly possible. Or you could spend as much on your PC setup as your home theatre like I did and shoot for a 30" screen which sports twice the...
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    No New Game Consoles Until 2013, If Ever

    We wont see another console for a while, the reason is the investment required is massive and has a slow return, if you understand the console sales model you'll understand why. Consoles are designed and sold at a loss, a massive loss in fact, when the PS3 first came out bluray drives for the...
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    Rumor mill: Apple takeover of EA!

    Could be a move to bring gamers to macs, theres no reason why a lot of games couldn't be written in opengl and then be easily portable between macs/linux and windows. I approve of keeping opengl alive as an alternative to directx, back in the day of games like UT99 you could run the game in...
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    How many games you have on your steam account?

    75 Although between free games, demos and other things installed the list is off the bottom of my 1600px high monitor :o
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    Competitve Gaming

    all the old school FPS games have decent 1v1 ladders, Unreal tournament, quake etc Quakelive has 1v1 support and has skill based matchmaking
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    EA dumps SecuROM for Dragon Age: Origins; instead uses CD check

    Seems reasonable, they need to adopt this across all of their titles.
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    when is Half life 2 episode 3 coming out

    Same here, the episodes were too far apart, I can't remember much of anything from Ep1 and Ep2, other than the bits that were especially frustrating or irritating. I will buy ep3, just to finish off the saga, but thats only due to investment in it so far, I won't be buying anymore "episodes"...
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    Player receives Developer item in the mail, one-shots Ulduar - WHOOPS!

    Moderators that cannot do their jobs, Blizzard should be ashamed.
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    Quake Live Open Beta Now Available

    Finally works on Win7 (RC1 7100) and FF3 *edit* Aaaand it turns out on the servers I played there was no weapon stay which means 1/2 the time you spawn run to a weapon site and die because theres no weapon there. There was also friendly fire which is team games like Quake or UT is just...
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    A new counter-strike?

    Because they're supporting CS 1.6 with adverts and eventually will with CS: S
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    Awesome TrackIR5+ ArsmaA2 Video, anyone ever use one?

    It looks like a great tool for immersion but for actually increasing your ability at the game, I think having a fee cam button such as RMB would be of greater accuracy, and obviously save you having to buy something new. Also having to adjust your eyes while you rotate your head is a bit...
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    Rapid FPS drop in game... any ideas?

    A quick google showed me there was plenty of cases where people mentioned low power modes for video cards not reciving sufficient power, and I have read about video cards only running in 2d clock modes when only 1 power cable (of 2) was connected, although i cannot find any articles specifically...
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    Rapid FPS drop in game... any ideas?

    Just like to chime in and say that I had a friend who had similar issues and it was a PSU related problem, modern video cards that require multiple power connectors will behave oddly with low power, I think certain cards wont enter the 3d clock speeds and remain at 2d clock speeds if there is no...
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    Highest FPS ever?

    I think some old CRTs could go above 120fps? I'm fairly sure mine could just at really low resolutions. Anyway when we talk about FPS most of us are talking about average FPS, the problem with this is that averages contains spikes in frame rate, both positive and negative, to maintain a...
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    Half Life 2: Episode 2

    Best bet is steam tech support.
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    awesome deal on H&D2

    A fairly decent WW2 tactics game from the olden days of PC gaming, required thought and planning, was good for its day I recall playing it coop which was very difficult.
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    Highest FPS ever?

    Back in the day we had competitions in UT99 to get the highest fps, people were just hopping into the loading screen which was a black cube, and getting about 900fps, that was back in the day of course, now a days that could be like 5000fps. Frame rate is a non-linear measurement of performance...
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    Epic Left 4 Dead WIN!!!!

    Very nice, I would use it if the music kicked in earlier.
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    Battlefield Heroes.

    This kind of verifies my suspicions of the game.
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    Lets talk about half life 2

    The source engine is really a bit dried up now, as I said previously a lot of the wow factor for HL2 came from the advancement in the engine and technology, since then they've made a few additions but nothing too significant. Part of the problem of episodic gaming really, in the time they're...
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    Killing Floor trailer released and pre-purchase for 15 on Steam (l4d pkayers look)

    It looks graphically a bit out dated but it also looks quite bad ass in terms of gameplay and the weapons you get. I've been trying to get back in to L4D but get distracted by how crap the matchmaking is and just how awful the overall experience is, servers going offline mid match constantly...
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    Miss the days of Tribes?

    Ahhh takes me back :)
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    Stalin VS Martians

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    Does punkbuster work with Win7 RC?

    I heard from some people that pb was alright with CoD4 in win 7000 anyway and it was just other games that had problems? I can't verify that though just what I recall.
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    So what's your favorite FPS?

    Well you have a bow and arrow which shoots about 10 different kinds of arrows, so I'd consider it an FPS.
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    Does punkbuster work with Win7 RC?

    Warhammer has its own unique version built in and worked for me also (until I cancled my sub because of pb). However other pb versions such as the one found with BF2 didn't work.
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    Bsod when gaming + full screen video

    As i said, the only way to be sure is to swap components with another system, I'd try the same set of benchmarks with hardware swapped out, I know thats a pain but its the best test to be sure before you spend money on replacements.
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    So what's your favorite FPS?

    Thief 1 Thief 2
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    Dead Rising 2 - "Checklist" Trailer

    Looks cool, a friend lent me the original for the xbox ages ago, not got around to playing it yet...dunno why.
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    Does punkbuster work with Win7 RC?

    Same here, I tested BF2 and it was no go with 7000, moved to 7100 yesterday, I may test it out again but I really don't want PB installed on my system anyway so it wont be more than a test. They claim they dont support beta operating systems, which is lame as this would be a perfect time to...
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    Bsod when gaming + full screen video

    Looks like you've done a lot of ground work which is good. To be honest It sounds like a hardware issue, I'd go with a basic build of the OS + a game you know BSODs and then start removing hardware until you find the culprit. If you get down to barebones (mobo, cpu, ram, gpu, hdd) and it's...