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    ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 LTE (AT&T) - Free w\ Contract I thought it was a decent deal for what the specs were. If you have an existing Mobileshare plan then this is only $10 a month. Plus, right now they are giving a $100 bill credit for new...
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    Samsung Note 8.0 WIFI + ATT 4G

    Starting price $175, lots of extras, Link
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    Help me choose... G700, Orochi, or Mamba '12

    Alright so ill make it short and sweet. I have a g500 and i like it, but I want to switch to wireless. Ive had several mice in my time ,but my favorites were the DeathAdder, G9x, and G500. Least favorite was the Diamondback.. Was just tooo skinny. The mamba seems to resemble the deathadder...
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    Relisted: Sony VAIO VGN-SZ750N Notebook - Ends 8-7 @ 7:17cst start price $75 BIN: 150$ 3 day listing ends 8-7-12 @ 7:17 cst
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    Sony VAIO VGN-SZ750N Notebook $75 ends 8/2/12 Start was 11:30 cst 7/30/12 End date is 11:30 cst 8/2/12 Start Price $75
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    Explanation needed... Notebook suddenly comes back to life

    Okay so I had a notebook sitting in my closet for months because it would not power on with a display. I was sure the motherboard or the 8400m video card had burned out in it. I tried replacing the ram and other peripherals but nothing ever worked. Tried taking the battery out, resetting...
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    Best 120mm or 140mm fan? (not worried about noise, need high airflow)

    Like the title states. Not really worried about noise. I just want it to be high airflow I can use a 120mm or a 140mm. LED's are optional. Doesnt really matter.
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    2500k+Stock HSF+SG05.. Too hot?

    Okay so this is my first ITX build and ive got some real concerns. Running Prime95 and my load temps are 80+. Stock HSF, Stock Speeds, 2500k in SG05.. Suggestions? _____ *UPDATE*: Tried out a Shuriken Rev B and the heat pipes were against the GPU. I put some black tape on the heatpipes and...
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    z77 NDA lifted! Not seeing Any itx boards :(
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    [H]ot? - Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii Remote, & Sound track $35

    I was at one of the local Target stores tonight and they had the Skyward Sword bundle with Zelda themed Wii remote and music CD on clearance for $34.98. Seems like this is over 50% off Amazon link Of course, YMMV.
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    Warranty Question (MSI Video Card)

    question answered.. with a little bit of a sassy attitude, but still answered :p
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    Video Card or LCD Issues?

    Alright so i Have a GTX 560ti and a 27" Hanns G LCD Just a quick note: The monitor only has HDMI and VGA ive tried a regular HDMI cable and an HDMI to DVI Alright, so in 2D mode I notice some pixel size colors flickering.. usually its mostly green and its really spaced out. Its not stuck...
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    CS:S Pub?

    Alright, I got back into CS:S recently and I dont have time to do leagues like I use to do. So I started pubbing since its flexible and I dont have to be committed to 45mins - 1 hour of constant gameplay like with a scrim or match. So instead of server hopping. I ordered a server and if I get...
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    help me pick a 2.1 setup!

    Alright so i was in Best Buy today wasting some time and I went over to their Alienware setup and they had theKlipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers on and i started playing NFS Shift and I couldnt believe how much better they sound compared to my 3-4 year old logitech cheapo 2.1 setup. So my...
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    im sure this has been asked 100000 times.. (2500k mobo & ram help)

    Alright so i think im about to bite on a 2500k.. I currently have a PII 940. I have been out of the motherboard game for a while and have no clue what to look for. I want to stay under $200 with the motherboard and hopefully still be able to get decent OCing. I also need some DDR3 RAM...
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    Quick temperature question.

    I asked this in the OC forum but so far no answer Okay so i have been playing around with a Phenom II 940be and I was curious to know if I should be looking at the Core temps or the actual CPU temp when worrying about temperatures. Most everyone says keep the processor under 60c full load...
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    Quick question

    Okay so i have been playing around with a Phenom II 940be and I was curious to know if I should be looking at the Core temps or the actual CPU temp when worrying about temperatures. Most everyone says keep it under 60c full load. Well the CPU temp doesnt get above 45, but the Core temp hovers...
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    trying to start folding

    So i downloaded the FAH GPU tracker v2 that was linked on this forum. I also registered my username and email at the stanford website and setup my Client info with team 33 and stuff. BUT Im trying to make an account at and i need a Stats ID #. where do i find this? Pardon...
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    Windows 7 volume control issues

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    [Warm] Cooler Master Store Sale Pretty good deals on refurbished cases and such. Hope it helps.
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    Case feet?

    Im looking to change out the case feet on my Antec 300. Im drilling a blow hole so my PSU gets better ventilation and I think some taller feet would help out. I've seen a bunch of LED ones, but id prefer to not add anymore lighting to the case. Any ideas? I've seen some for sale on...
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    Never will I own another Razer product

    Alright, so after my 4-5 month old DeathAdder's scroll wheel started freaking on me, I have decided to swear off Razer products forever! This is my second DeathAdder. The first one bricked after a firmware upgrade. I also had the Microsoft Razer Habu. The left mouse button suffered from the...
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    Another Solid state question..

    for the price is THIS a decent deal? I did the research to make sure it had TRIM support. Is there any better ones out there in the price range? ($150 max). I'm going to use it to replace my 36gb raptor as my OS HDD
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    Dell 22" S2209W LCD for $119 w\ Free Shipping

    For everyone who missed the $99 22" emachines LCD. Here is another great deal for a better quality monitor. Just picked me up one. $119 with Free shipping. Taxes in most states...
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    GTX 275 Problems, Help needed

    Okay so I installed my GTX275 yesterday, and after about a minute of being in a game, the system just shuts down completely. My first thought was that my PSU wasnt big enough(BFG 550w), so I ran to my local shop and bought a bigger PSU(Corsair 650w), Installed it, and im still having the same...
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    nvidia GTX275 issues