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    Using AWE on Server x64 2008 Enterprise Edition

    As of now my employer is using 8GB of ram and currently it is all in use, would enabling AWE help any to improve performance of the server? Specs: Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz 1GBx 8 FB-Dimms Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 SQL Server 2008 10.0.1600.22 Any tips on how to improve...
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    Corsair XMS 6GB PC-10666 DDR3 CL9 Memory Kit - $159.99 @ Microcenter.

    Just got this in the mail today. Corsair XMS 6GB PC-10666 DDR3 CL9 Memory Kit is on sale for 159.99. Great for anyone who wants to build a new I7 for the New Year.
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    Recommend Me A Good Center Channel

    What is a good center channel? Looking to spend up to $800 on one.
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    Legality of a 17 year old getting into T-Mo w/ a Contract

    What are the possibilities of that? I live in TX if that matters and I have heard that some people can get a phone with a contract as long as they pay a deposit or can show proof of a steady job. Does anyone that either works as a T-Mo rep or has went through this know the details?
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    Nanotechnology Vs. Mechanical/Chemical Engineer

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but I can't decide between studying Nanotechnology or Mechanical/Chemical Engineer. Cost for schooling doesn't matter, but it is more of what each of the careers has to offer. I like Nanotechnology but I keep seeing that its use is broader than anything. Any...
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    nvidia 9800GTX + Hiper 530W Modular

    Looking at the specs for the 9800gtx It says I need 30A on the 12V rail. I was wondering if my power supply would be good enough to power that card. The model number is HPU-4K530-MS Type R for my Power Supply. Here is a link to a review of it...
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    Ricavision VAVE100

    Anyone know anything about the company? I just purchased a remote and decided to cancel and e-mailed them but have not gotten a reply. So i tried calling them as well, and tried every department they had and all I get is their voicemail.
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    nVidia 8500GT not working during boot-up

    I have a Gigabyte 8500GT that isn't working correctly. No matter what connection its using (DVI or VGA) it won't work during boot up so i am unable to go into bios or reinstall an operating system. It does however show up a picture as soon as Vista is loaded. I have had this card for nearly a...