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    27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor~90hz <$400 FS

    I have a similar story except I ordered mine on Monday and it wasn't shipped until Tuesday and FedEx says I won't get it until next Tuesday but it's already at it's destination sorting facility
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    can you use anynet+ through an onkyo reciever and control a ps3?

    I had no issues with an Onkyo 608 and a Samsung UN55C8000.
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    HD-DVD ripping recommendations (size, format etc...)

    Try MakeMKV if you'd like to preserve the quality and HD audio.
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    My First TV

    Thats a nice couch! I got a free one when i first moved out and it was neon orange. It sure was comfy though.
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    High quality online music streaming for Android?

    Doesn't apply to Android:
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    ASUS Black 4X BD-ROM owners please help

    I have this drive and it is definitely plastic.
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    Logitech G500 vs G9x

    Very true. I love the mouse otherwise though.
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    Phenom II 965 Upgrade?

    A Corsair H50 and Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CAS8 Ram.
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    Phenom II 965 Upgrade?

    I too picked up this combo and have it running at 4GHz stable with 1.44V. I did have to raise some things up though. It's stable at 4.2GHz but need 1.5V so I decided to go with the lower power consumption. It must be something else that is limiting you.
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    Corsair H50 Installation Video

    Cool Video. I completely overlooked the way to place the fan when I installed it. Thanks for the tip!
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    TYAN S2915 boot problem - need help

    This was actually my board and I had the exact problem if loading it up with only 2 sticks of ram, it would be very long before it would boot and most of the time it wouldnt be stable. It wasn't until I purchased 2 other sticks that the second processor worked. I also had the same cpus as he did...
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    TYAN S2915 boot problem - need help

    You only have 2 sticks of ram? If so thats the issue, I had to have 4 stick (2 for each processor) in order for it to run stable
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    im having trouble finding a case for this motherboard

    Google Search shows these:
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    $300 saved, wait or bite?

    No one knows for certain but if I was you I'd wait it out.
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    Moved Movies to Server, now HD stutters

    I had the same problem as well and oddly enough it turned out to be the drive balancer service that was running. there was a fix for it somewhere but I cannot recall where i got it from. Try searching on
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    i5 750 available at

    Asus board links you to a search page.
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    Bought a 2347

    Wow, how gay. I too am going to go the VMWare way and will probably have to deal with these headaches as well. I may post a log up 3x Intel Dual Port Gigabit NICs 2x 2347 on a Tyan S2915
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    Should I bite? 2x Dell 2407wfp for $450

    That all depends on his use though. If he wants gaming then the NON HC would be great, if he is into graphic design he will probably be better off with the HC.
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    Should I bite? 2x Dell 2407wfp for $450

    Sounds like a good deal. Is it the HC monitor or the regular one? What Revision are they?
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    YMMV, B&M, Seagate 1 TB Ext. HDD + 8GB Sandisk thumb drive... 59.98 + tax

    I think the largest ide hard drive is a 750GB one
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    Phenom II X4 955 $175.74 AC/Bing rebate + FS

    :( and to think I paid 240 for this :(. Oh well, thats the ups and downs of technology.
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    HOT - Q9550 $169 MC in store only

    They sure did. I got the SLB8V spec version.
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    HOT - Q9550 $169 MC in store only

    Got one at the dallas store
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    Best AGP card for gaming in 2009?

    Or he could get this combo for 167 which includes most of what he needs
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    Microcenter: All Lian Li cases 20% off (B&M only)

    Dallas doesn't stock any either.