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    Creative AE9 dead.

    Hyped up alot then nothing since last year. Seems only one is EVGA NU is only one. I hate long waits and hype for no shows.
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    LG G5 Nougat and Youtube pausing randomly

    Driving me nuts watching any youtube video and pauses for no reason. No solution to fix problem. I have uninstalled youtube only to have same problem come back. Any solutions much appreciated.
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    Need help bios error code on my evga x79 dark

    Error 33: CPU post-memory initialization. Cache initialization What does this mean? Bad cpu IMC controller, bad ddr3 ram or faulty motherboard? Can't get a definition on what error means.
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    CPU post-memory initialization. Cache initialization

    I need to know what this means. Is it cpu is faulty or the motherboard? I have x79 board and I get CPU post-memory initialization. Cache initialization error 33. Anyone knows what this means. Is it bad IMC on cpu or ddr 3 memory in slots or bad motherboard? I can't find a definition of...
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    Be care I just got a call my system has been hacked.

    I know it wasn't Microsoft since I know they would NEVER call and would not know if your system was hacked. Guy knew my wife's name and asked for me. Big Mistake on their part. I am no push over and knew it was a scam. I said how did you know my system has been hacked? Never got a straight...
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    Problem with disabling sli gets BSOD from

    Driver and Windows Kernel. I enable get screen blank and sli works but as soon as I disable it get instant blank screen and BSOD. Can't figure it out. I have 2 gtx 580's worked fine. As soon as I added titans got this problem of not getting out of sli without a BSOD error. I am thinking...
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    Nvidia crashing cannot unselect sli or it crashes with blue screen of death.

    I know its .dll driver and seems nothing I can do to fix it. I have two titans. Beginning to think its either corrupt windows registry or bad motherboard but keep in mind I had 2 gtx 580's in before no problems. So I am thinking gonna have to re-install windows.
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    Printer problem. Have laser printer Samsung 610ND Color.

    I have vertical black line on one side of the page. Any solutions on fixing this?
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    Asus Rampage III Extreme Black

    I have bought this board and stumped at bottom of board are 8 pins next to Chasis label and fact no documentation on what these 8 pins are? Anyone know? 4 rows of pins next to chassis power. No documentation.
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    Wondering when Nvidia is releasing

    Unified drive for gtx580 and back. Right now I have GTX 470 I can't use for physics since Nvidia hasn't released unified driver with gtx 470 and gtx 580. So I have no dedicated physics card. I hope its soon.
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    I am confused which hard drive to set active in Windows 7

    Here is where I am confused. I have my boot folder which tells windows where hard drive is to load windows 7. So my boot drive needs to be active status or does windows hard drive set to active or both. Windows is on C and boot is on drive G. Little confused. G also says system (probabily...
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    Can we cut duke nukem links getting stale

    Like my last DOS game. Joke is getting old. Pretty lame it keeps coming up on slow news days. Let it die...Tired of hearing it. Just put links to death and let 3d realms know this joke is gone on far enough. Put up or shut up.
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    Intel has bought Nvidia.

    I have heard rumours that Intel bought Nvidia from TechARP website. Here we go its Intel and AMD. Wonder what that means for video cards. You buy Nvidia you stick with Intel and vice versa.
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    anyone know of way to reduce size of fan

    and heatsink of PPU because its just little too big hits video card. I am looking to replace the fan and heatsink with smaller profile any suggestions?
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    EVGA 780i FTW and middle PCI-E Slot

    I have heard rumours that if you use middle PCI-E slot that no sound card will not work. Someone could shed some light on this be much appreciated. I want to add my physics card to PCI slot and a new sound card to PCI-E slot but I heard ASUS and Creative don't work.
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    Intel QX 9650 and C1 Stepping

    I have been hearing rumours that QX 9650 will be re-branded as Q9650 with locked upwards multiplier. I do hope this rumour is not true. I want QX 9650 but not if its discontinued. I hope its just to fix bugs with the previous. I heard March 3 is launch date of new C1.
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    AS usual ATI is late again

    As usual Ati is late again with their motherbaords with AM2 AMD. Its just like ATI to drag their heels yet again. All this is doing is convincing me to go back to Nvidia and Intel. You think AMD now owning ATI will get chipset to support their AM2 amd ATI video cards especially crossfire.
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    ATI card owners

    Have you gotten titan quest to work on your ATI card. I can get opening stuff to work but as soon as I enter the game its all screwed up. I get a checkerboard pattern.
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    Memory timings on Asus a8n-sli premium

    I need memory setting that will work on a a8n-sli premium board. I have Mushkin Redline DDR 500 1x2 gigs (2 gigs total). I want to know maximum I can set the voltage as well as timings to allow them to operate at highest allowable by the motherboard. Help much appreciated.
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    X-Fi finally in Canada

    I don't see the elite yet but fatality is in supply.
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    New Asus: A8N32-SLI Premium motherboard with SLI 32x support

    Here is an article found posted on a forum on EVGA's Site: "Here is a link to the new Duel 16x or 32x SLI Motherboard.I Said this was coming to ATX from EVGA back in January. Of coarse it came out with Duel CPU Servers first, with the Tyan Server boards using 2 Nvidia NB's on a single board...
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    Asus A8N SLI Deluxe

    Which PCI slot does not have a shared IRQ. I want to put a audigy 4 pro in but now sure which slot does not have a shared IRQ on the motherboard. Anyone can tell which PCI slot is not shared IRQ.
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    Which SLI Board works with all 4 Dimm Slots

    I would like to know which sli board works with all 4 dimm slots full with dual channel. I heard MSI has problem with all 4 dimm slots running dual channel. Does DFI or ASUS or Gigabyte have same problem? I have 2 gigs (4x512 dual channel Corsairs 2-2-2-5 Pros) would like to know which Sli...
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    Can't decide between these two monitors

    I am thinking of getting Viewsonic VP201B or NEC LCD2080UX+ haven't seen any reviews on NEC. Both have 16 m/s response times. Any one can tell me which model is better?