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    Differences between Creative Sound Blaster AE-9PE and Creative Sound Blaster AE-9???

    Its only problem is its line in mic. Its sound is awesome but weak line input. Kind of ongoing problem with Creative. I have AE-9 but also looked at asus STX II 7.1. Also looked at Nu 7.1. Stuck with Creative. Each has drawbacks. I have edifier 760d speakers so its least good speaker...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    Only advantage to rtx 3090ti is fact memory is not on the backside less heat problems. Kinda late since 4090 isnt far off.
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    Anyone still running an X99 Broadwell-E system?

    Yes I am with 6950x with 128 gigs ram . Its on Asus Rampage 10 Edition.
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    So I been running my 10850K at 5200Mhz for weeks,Am I going to degrade CPU

    Voltage and Temps kill cpus. Its basically lottery how long cpu lasts.
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th

    This or 3090ti but I am not excited sure 3080ti will be very limited show. Hoping by near end of 2021 with pandemic more under control. Maybe get one but sure 4000 series might be out.
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    I Bought a 6900 XT Today!

    Still sad state of affairs on AMD and Nvidia. Least in USA still has more than Canadian stocks. Hopefully next few months will change that.
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    3080 Ti speculation

    3080ti will be the sweet spot. Coming from 1080ti. Now is question of stock. Hope not another paper launch.
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    Anyone snag a 3090 today?

    Gonna wait for 3080ti with 20gb coming in Jan 2021 hopefully better stock. They are predicting 1000 bucks (1600 bucks in Canada) seems it will be sweet spot for price. Only difference is less ram and no nvlink. Rest is identical.
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    3080 Ti speculation

    This is one I am getting 24 gig is overpriced but 20 gig is ideal. Sli is dead anyways. Easy choice 3080ti to replace 1080ti.
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    Rtx 3090 - 3x8pin connector - 3 separate cables?question

    Id say 1200 watts minumum make sure power requirement and separate connectors. Like to be on the safe side.
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    Guess the price of 24GB RTX 3090 FE

    Totally agree 10gb is joke considering 1080ti has 11gb so really need 20gb card but problem its too close to 3090 hence cancelled it. Need to meet the demand for cards that are out now. Still want to get 3090 since 20gb 3080 is done. Hopefully by next year supply will be there.
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    Did Nvidia Cancel the RTX 3080 20gb and RTX 3070 16gb

    I just want to see stock available. Give me time to look at AMD offerings. Just total let down that so few of 3080 and 3090. I wanted 3080 with 20gb not going to happen. So I ride my 1080ti Sli EVGAs till I can replace them. Skipped 2080ti with all its probblems and decided to wait for 3000...
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    Kyle Bennett is sorely missed would love to hear his opinion on Nvidia. My opinion going to wait a save up for second refresh of 3000 series. Have two 1080tis and skipped 2000s series. Definitely want 20gb minumum per card. Dont like 10gb 3080 its not enough for future games for speed.
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    Only good thing will see how AMD fares before Nvidia gets lots of cards out. Even though I have used Nvidia for years.
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    Intel 6950X.... what will I get?

    What i have got mine on ebay for cheap not from China. Running it on Asus 10 edition x99. Hope you get what was paid for.
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    ASUS also caught modifying GeForce RTX 3080 TUF and ROG STRIX PCB designs

    Far as I seen on reviews just Asus. Evga doing a mix. Have to wait and see seems problem stems from many factors psu, your electrical and interference.
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    Anyone snag a 3090 today?

    1080 tis have that warranty :). Saving for 3090 or 3080 20 gig.
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    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    They are short changing stock to raise prices. Only big sellers got cards mostly United States. Seems always under estimate demand. Being in Canada was really no stock most retailer here say back order. Id rather wait for 20 gig version of 3080 or wait little longer for second gen. Possible...
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    For the 96% who failed to get a 3080

    Done by design. Nvidia nade sure lack of 3080's to make demand for ot so they can raise prices. Oldest trick in the book. I can wait a bit. Sure next year supply will catch up.
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    RTX 3080 20GB Confirmed by Gigabyte?

    I am not surprised since 10gb is laughing stock considering my 1080ti has 11gb. 20gb would be sweet spot.
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    For the 96% who failed to get a 3080

    I have 2 1080tis gonna wait till 3090 or 20gb 3080. I think 10gb is too low.
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    any company doing holds?

    Wait long enough it will be easier but I heard first stock will be cheaper than later stock in the year. Gotta love Nvidia price gouge. Make it hard to get to raise prices.
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    Deciding between 3080 and 3090, help me out

    Only reason for 3090 is future proofing with more ram or wait till 3080ti version in future.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Gonna hold off bit. Gotta save probabily be next summer. Have 1080tis in sli. Not in huge rush because very few rtx games. I do want 3090ti but should get 3080 or ti if make it down the road.
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    Used GPU Market Crash of 2020

    Because new generation getting better preformace for the dollar. I skipped 2080ti because getting real bad value for the money. Best value will 3070 super with more ram hopefully 20 vs 10.
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    Guess the price of 24GB RTX 3090 FE

    I live in Canada my guess here about 2400.
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    Gonna wait till after market cards are released instead of founders edition. Still using 1080tis at moment. Wasnt impressed with 2080tis. Never buy first gen anyways. Yes I will be upgrading.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Comes down to August 31 or September 1. Should be announcement. Keeping hearing both dates. Either way will clear up actual specs (Ram Pricing and Speed) myself gonna wait till after founders cards.
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    Will there be a 3060?

    What I gather yes but near end of the year.
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    Acer Predator X38 impressions (broken IPS)

    Problem is you cant have SDR and HD both high end. At this stage should be able to get both. Problem is technology hasnt evolved where we can have both. Only thing is greed of panel makers. No real interest in dominating to have gravy train keep going. I want both with good text and HD...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Sure it will have adapter to plug regular pcie 8 pin x2 onto new connection but who knows or lever power bridges evga came out with. Just want 3080ti to replace my 1080ti. Wasnt inpressed with 2080ti so I skipped it. 3080ti seems better 30 percent better than 2080ti. Was hoping 16gb but...
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    Acer Predator X38 impressions (broken IPS)

    Perfect IPS is way off till hdr 1000 is included. Still cant have it all yet. Do mean yet. I think were still a few years off still.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I am sure this one will cost more than 2080 ti launch price. Nvidia no dummy either be same or more in price. Fact card will be in short supply at launch.
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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    Stll love 5.1 surround sound and use xlr mic for chatting. Also have 7.1 creative s750s and logitech 5500. Audio junky love my audio. Also have astros and other headsets. Prefer both.
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    Acer Predator X38 impressions (broken IPS)

    Where is this panel in North America? Want to get it over the LG panel because of speakers and adjustability. Nowhere to be seen web site shows order then disappears. Oh well would be nice have a panel good at HDR and regular games.
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    Core i9 10980Xe

    Whatever happen to 10990xe? Abandoned?
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    Acer Predator X38 impressions (broken IPS)

    You dont buy this monitor for hdr anyways.
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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    Have Edifier s760d speakers worth it for me got speakers on sale awhile back.
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Here is my two cents. HDR will probabily get alot better on computer lcds further down the road. For me I am saving for LG for now until HDR improves standard for HDR and SDR. Each seems have advantages and disadvantages until technology gets better (for now will be trade offs). Also comes...
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Acer version is coming same panel but height and swivel and speakers.