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    Steam Link/ Remote Play and Gsync

    So, I have a 5800X, 32GB, 3080 Ti powered PC in another room in the house. The entire house is hardwired, only things not wired are mobile devices. Living room TV is Sony XR65X90J. Wanting to use Steam remote play to use the ponies provided by my gaming computer, would like to have VRR/Gsync...
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    3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hydro Copper Overclocking

    So, what's good on these things? Literally can't find a single review on this model, which is weird. Anyone have any experience? Hype me up! Gotta wait till Thursday:(
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    2080Ti died...what to replace with?

    So my 2080Ti died. I need to replace it. Thinking of an EVGA 3080 12GB Hydro Copper. Willing to entertain better uses of my money. Card MUST either come blocked or have aftermarket block support. Yes, I know, terrible time for it to happen. I play 4k on an LG CX, so HDMI 2.1 support is a must.
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    Desktop replacement?

    So...Starting to get back on the road a bit more now that Putin has cured the world of Covid. Looking to maybe replace my desktop with a laptop. Desktop is watercooled 5800xt all core OC 4.6GHz and FE 2080 Ti w/ 300w BIOS 2025MHz core / 8000MHz mem, 32GB 3600MHz CL16, and plenty of NVME...
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    Nintendo, Super Ninendo Console designer, dead at 78 Masayuki Uemura, a Japanese home computer game pioneer whose Nintendo consoles sold millions of units worldwide, has died, according to the university in Kyoto where he taught. He was 78. Uemura, the...
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    First HT

    My first HT. Nothing too special. Sub is an old KSW15 that's served my family well since 2000. Pair of Heresy II's circa 2003, and an RP-450C that I just picked up on sale at Crutchfield. Budget AVR until all the HDMI2.1 pass through stuff ia figured out, so went with the Yamaha RX-V4A. I have...
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    Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Drops this Thursday, 23SEP 1100 Eastern. Who's stoked?! Turns out, your save file from D2L will transfer over for SSF play, which is pretty sweet for those that have characters that they've been playing for the last 20 years(my dad is on of those people). I decided to take Friday off to...
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    Need some LR/PTP help

    So many of you know my wife is a greenhouse grower and business owner. Currently, the environmental and power status is monitored through a SensorPush station. The wireless connection from the SensorPush station to the AP is roughly 200', plus it being in the back of the farmhouse. The...
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    Free Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra

    Free Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra if you're a Play/YT Premium subscriber. Comes with a free month(can cancel afterwards). If you're also a Google One user, even if still in free trial, you get three months instead of one. Already submitted my order...
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    EKWB preparing TEC equipped cpu block

    So, kind of a news item. Not much information to go on at this point. We do know it's able to keep a cherry-picked 10900K 5.4GHz all core @54°C. Linus has a little bit of the scoop.
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    New build home

    So, building my first home. Thread here. This is my proposed network stuff. Just wanted to get thoughts. Not leaving UniFi ecosystem. This is all going in a closet. I currently have: G3 camera 8p 60w PoE switch UniFi Cloud Key Plus USG UAP AC Pro Plan on buying: Cloud Key G2 rack mount Another...
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    The [H] RTX 3080 owners thread.

    Just a bit over 3 hours until sales go live. Where is everyone planning to F5 at? I'm gonna give it a go at the EVGA store. If no joy there, going to Best Buy. I guess if neither of them have availability to purchase at 0900, that will be the end of it until next round.
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    eGPU to house 3090

    Is there an eGPU to house a 3090? She thicc and power hungry. Yes, it's stupid. It's a stopgap until I buy the rest of my PC.
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    Replacing 38" ultrawide. Suggestions?

    So I sold my desktop last year because I was traveling so much. I bought a laptop with a 1080p 244Hz IPS panel, and it's juicy. For the first time, yesterday, I plugged up to my monitor that I didn't sell, an Acer XR382CQK. It's a 38" ultrawide 3840x1600 75Hz with very limited free sync range...
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    Ryzen chipset?

    Any word on if there will be new boards/chipsets for the new processors? Im thinking about a x570 MEG, but if there will be new chipsets/boards, I'm not even going to bother starting research.
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    Where's the GPU's at?! E-GPU question

    Was looking to add an egpu to my Blade w/ 2070 Max-Q for when I'm not on the road, to drive my 3840x1600 monitor. Well, seems a 2080Ti can't be found. Have they been discontinued due to impending release of new products, or is it COVID related? With that being said, after the 4x penalty from...
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    Need build help for friend

    Guy wants to play Seven Deadly Sins and PUBG. Wants to be upgradeable over time. Also doesn't want to spend much more then $500. He's wanting 1080p60+. Needs everything but a monitor. I've never once built a budget system and I'm not familiar with either game, so I'm kind of at a loss on this...
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    Anyone with Dragonquest XI on PC? Need help

    So I have DQXI. Playing 1080p on my laptop, settings maxed, no vsync and uncapped framerate. There are many times that GPU and CPU usage aren't close to being maxed, but my framerate doesn't rise. Sorry for the picture, instead of SS. 9750H and RTX2070MQ. No signs of throttling. Can anyone...
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    Bought a Razer Blade Stealth 2019

    Graphics version with the 4k touch screen. My G5 5587 is just too big to carry around all the time. I'm pretty excited to get it!!!
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    Editing PM's

    When the forums changed over to the new software a couple years ago, I brought it to El Chingon's attention that we were able to edit sent PM's. Obviously, this is an issue when discussing details on trades/sales, he agreed, and removed that ability. It seems that this has recently returned. Can...
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    A full breakdown of AMD @ Computex

    Former editor Brent Justice of [H] takes a deep dive into everything AMD at 2019's Computex. A fantastic read over at "In this editorial today we are going to go over some key points from the COMPUTEX keynote as it relates to the enthusiast PC user and gamer for GPU and CPU...
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    Intel getting completely destroyed on Twitter

    Now, I only have a Twitter for social media contests. I was looking through Intel today, and well....
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    School me on Chromebook

    Wife needs something for doing her QuickBooks and stuff on for her business. Her QB is web based so the laptop basically requiring full-time internet isn't a problem. Thin/light is the name of the game as well as price. So, tell me about different Chromebooks and/or other recommendations for...
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    FF VII: Remake. New news/teaser trailer

    New teaser out for the FFVII Remake. The trailer indicates more info in June. Looks pretty amazing. As to be expected though, the voice acting is shit.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    "A 27-year-old former college student pleaded guilty on Tuesday to sticking a “USB killer” device into 66 computers at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. On February 14, Vishwanath Akuthota went on a technological rampage, destroying 59 Windows computers and seven Apple computers...
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    AT&T Note 9 charging issues after Pie update

    Ever since the OTA update to Pie, my phone shows that it is fast charging like normal. However, when on the 5G-E network, it doesn't actually fast charge. It actually can't charge at all with screen onI, andajust maintains the charge. If I play music through Bluetooth or have the GPS running, it...
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    Asus rolling out Agesa 0070 for Ryzen 3

    Looks like Asus has started rolling out 0070 for Ryzen 3. Interesting!
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    Do I have a golden 2600X? PBO to 5.6GHz

    Title asks it. Logged during a 2 hour session in Destiny 2.
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    Comms headset for use with speakers?

    I game with speakers, and that's not gonna change. Back in the day, I used the headset I got with SOCOM 2 to handle Vent/TS duties while playing BF1942 and used speakers for the game audio. So, what is out there for me? I don't want a piece of crap, and would love something wireless. RGB is ok...
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    6600K to 2600x benchies, what do you want to see?

    Will be starting to tear down my 6600K(@4.5GHz) rig tomorrow and sending off to iwhocorrupts and on tuesday the 2600X comes in. Just wanted to see what benchies anyone wants to see? Ill be doing 3DM, CrystalDisk(because I'm curious), Handbrake encode, Prime95, and Cinebench. Will also be...
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    Woohoo! New build incoming!

    Well, mostly new build. Replacing motherboard, CPU, RAM, and monoblock. My 6600K @4.5 has just been starting to feel a bit long in the tooth, so decided for a change. I didn't want to wait till Zen2 parts to drop, so for now decided for a 2600X. I should be able to recoup some cash when the...
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    Ryzen board with water block?

    Any Ryzen boards that include water blocks or a monoblock? Thinking of ditching this 6600K, doesn't keep my GPU fed that well.
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    Wal-Mart RGB LED strips

    Bought a few packs of these at Walmart last year, forgot about them, bought some more a few weeks ago. They are a super steal at $5 in the bargain bin back in the electronics area. I really like them- bright and vibrant color. Not getting individually addressable LED's at this price point, but...
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    Blizzcon 2018

    Whelp, opening stuff has happened. I was really hoping for some juicy Diablo news. Diablo news there was: Switch port which has been known for a while. Then there was the utter garbage of a "full blown" MMOARPG for mobile. I'm disgusted. Anything exciting/disappointing for y'all?
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    What resolution do you game at?

    So, with the RTX getting ready to drop shortly, and the big seller on it is ray tracing, what do you game at? Will you drop resolution to enable RT on supported titles, or simply not bother due to the steep requirements?
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    The Egg: LG 34UC88 34" Curved FreeSync IPS Monitor 3440 x 1440 WQHD 5ms 21:9 $519

    Seems like a pretty good deal.
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    Help! Gaming laptop needed asap!

    Going out of town for a couple weeks, can't take my desktop. I have a grand saved up in NE gift cards, so it must come from there. I would really like something in the size of the MSI Stealth. A good portion of use for my trip is going to be straddled on my steering wheel, with mouse on my...
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    I just want a new GPU...

    ...that isn't "old" and still above MSRP from launch. This shit is completely ridiculous. I've never had a problem finding a thing I want to spend money on. I just refuse to spend nearly $800 on a 1080ti. Would love to have an AMD card because my monitor is FreeSync, but I guess a Vega64 is not...
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    Best speakers for $1000?

    So I'm looking to replace my old Sony SS-MB215's that I've had for 18 years or so. My receiver is going out with them as well, it's started to fail, and putting out way too much heat. That setup is just for my computer in the office. I'm looking spend about a grand on a new set. I've been...