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    Office build recommendations

    Building a PC at my job and I'm looking for any recommendations or changes. Haven't done much in the ITX area, so I'm not familiar with the best coolers and could use recommendations. Use will be ~90% web browsing/office and <10% CAD (Solidworks). Motherboard: Asrock Z87E-ITX - CPU placement...
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    v7 download link missing

    I must be the only one who has this issue, since I would think it would need to be stickied, but if I go to the homepage of F@H, there is no link to download the current client. I only have a broken image, that if I click on just loops to the homepage. the "Other platforms" link also just sends...
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    PPD dropping

    Maybe I didn't see a thread on this, but anyways I normally am getting ~ 3k points per WU on my i7 860. However, I have noticed the past few days that I am getting some worth only a few hundred points...the last one was only 300. Any idea what is causing this? Some of the units are taking just...
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    Prevent printer installation over network

    My wife is moving into an apartment complex for school and she has a Brother HL-2270DW printer. Since she only has a laptop and moves around the apartment, I would like to use the wireless on the printer. Unfortunately, the internet for the building is just through wireless APs. I have the...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 in stock at FrozenCPU ($18+shipping)

    Not really sure if this is considered to be that hot of a price, but it is a US seller that has them in stock. Says 2000+ available at $18/fan plus shipping (~$10 for 4) Link
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    New project after restarting client

    When I shut down the client to restart the computer (or even just to desktop) and then start the client again, it starts a new project. I thought previously it would pickup where it was. I have the checkpoint interval set to 4 min. Is this a new change, and if so, what is the checkpoint interval...
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo II for $38 shipped AC

    I don't know how hot this is, but it is $7 cheaper than what I could find on ebay. Needed something to cool down my 6950 and hoping this will do nicely. This is also the Twin Turbo II, not the Twin Turbo Pro and is rated for twice the cooling capacity according to AC's website. Accelero Twin...
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    Setting up offsite backup for home use

    I have multiple copies of the things I consider important, but most of the time, they are all together in my house, rendering them useless to a fire or other disaster. What I would like to do is put a hard drive in my parent's computer that I can access and backup to. I know little to nothing...
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    mkv audio in Win7

    I do not know if this has been answered yet, but i have looked around for awhile without any luck. I rip most of my movies to mkv. I use 5.1 ac3 for the audio track. Using my main HTPC, the audio sounds like I would expect. It is connected using an HDMI cable outputs only using the TV...
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    S775 combo

    Prefer to keep together, but may part with enough interest. Intel E5400 - 2.7 GHz Asus P5E-VM HDMI G35 mATX OCZ 2x1GB PC2-6400 (4-5-4-18) => add 2GB for 4x1GB $10 Heatsink => stock intel or Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Add - Antec NEO 400W for an extra $20 shipped - Diamond HD 5830 1GB for an extra...
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    hiodie's FS/FT

    All items listed are in mint condition (unless specified) and include USPS shipping. Heat: hiodie Should have most of a C2D desktop to list tonight or this weekend, depending on if i keep it to start mining or not. SOLD Sparkle GTX 460 - Sold locally
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    FT: GTX460 for HD5830

    Planning on giving BTC a shot, and I was going to sell my GTX460 anyways. Folded on in for maybe 2-3 mo total, hardly ever gamed on it. I *believe* I ran it at 850 without any issues, but it is in the box now so I cannot double check. Includes all original accessories and packaging...
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    20M in last 24 hours!!!

    I'm pretty sure this is the first time it has happened, so congrats to everyone!!!
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    F@H on a notebook

    Yes, this is not probably the best idea, but I just wanted to see how the notebook would do. I got a XPS 14 a month or so ago with an i7-740qm in it, and I wanted to see what kind of ppd it gets. It isn't something that will run 24/7, but I might have it running at my office some of the time...
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    FS 775 Mobo, AM2 CPU, PicoPSU

    Price include shipping unless noted. PM if you would like pics. For Sale Freebies (with purchase) Black floppy drive (untested) IDE cables (flat or rounded, all have 2 connections) Heatware under hiodie Sold Cooler Master Hyper 212+ - Sold to 86 5.0L 90w PicoPSU with 90w AC/DC...
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    Quick question on new client

    I haven't really been keeping up with the new client since I am not longer doing bigadv, so I have a couple quick questions about it. - Running smp only, is there a need/benefit to upgrade from the previous client (6.23 I think)? - Have they incorporated a way to change flags without...
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    P1011x units

    Is anyone else getting these? Just pulled two in a row, 10113 & 10115. PPD is almost as low as the 670x and they take over a day on my i7-860 run. I can't imagine how long these will take on a C2D or AM2 processor...
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    WTTF/WTB Core i3 cpu

    EDIT: Found Looking for a Core i3 to upgrade my HTPC. I don't really care what model it is. Looking for around $80 shipped. EDIT: Can do $90 shipped. Have to trade: i5-760 (would value around $160, so around $70 + i3-530, less if a higher model) Asus P5E-VM HDMI CM Hyper 212+ D-link...
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    99% sure I've ruined my PSU, but...

    So I finally have done my first real idiotic move when messing around with my computers. I have an HTPC in a MicroFusion 350 Remote, and I finally got sick of the PSU fan. Well, I thought it was the PSU fan, but I wanted to check for sure. So I did what I have multiple times and stopped the...
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    Trying to setup Untangle box on AT&T DSL connection

    I am attempting to finally setup my Untangle box, and I cannot get figure out how to set it up so I can connect to the internet. The modem connects just fine (verified by either hooking computer up directly or going through my old router). I tried to just use Dynamic (DHCP), but it fails the...
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    Trade FireMV 2250 for budget folding card

    So I have a FireMV 2250 PCIe 1x card that I was going to toss into my home server build to give me a low power video output, but then I thought I could just as easy put in a card to fold on. This is a PCIe 1x card, so it isn't the typical video card and is good for the mini ITX boards that only...
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    Budget Folder ~12 - 15k ppd

    Alright, I now have about 4 computer's worth of parts lying around from me buying something and then finding a better deal on something nicer as I'm trying to put together my home server & router. Anyways, some of the pieces aren't top of the line, but they will get the job done. I'm letting...
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    Dropped notebook, need to test it

    So my wife dropped her laptop coming up the stairs the other day, and all I can visibly see is the lcd cover is broken and I think the monitor might be dead (backlight is out on M1330 LED, haven't put in a lot of time to see if its fixable). Before I order the replacement parts, I want to test...
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    i5 760 NIB

    Found some cheap parts (~$80 for mobo and 4gb ram) so I'm going to use this to replace my Q9450 setup. Stay tuned for a new listing with some 775 parts. I'm not sure what the current prices are for this proc, so I will entertain offers if it seems too high. Purchased to use up some store...
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    OS for home server running DC

    I am putting together a server (just a E5200, nothing crazy like an i7) and wanted to know what people usually run for their OS to continue to fold/boinc. I was originally just going to do something like FreeNAS, but I am pretty sure you can't run anything else with that. I have Win7 Pro, XP...
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    Buying an open box processor

    I am looking to buy a processor that the seller says is open box/as is. They also state they cannot test the processor due to not having the right socket mobo. How likely is it that the processor is not going to work? From my experience, processors are basically the only part of the computer...
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    Recs needed on stand alone bluray player

    I would normally research things like this by myself, but I was asked to recommend one to someone for a gift and don't personally have much interest in them. Anyways, here is what they want: - Blu ray/dvd playback (easy enough) - Wifi enabled (not sure if many require adapters, but would...
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    Building a new file server

    So I am planning pulling my storage hard drives out of my HTPC and putting together a filer server. The basic use will be for storing media, as well as backups of my documents (documents should be small, less than 50gb total). In the future I would like to be able to access this server from...
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    Odd USB behavior on Intel D945GCLF2

    I purchased this board (Intel D945GCLF2) AS IS with the statement that it boots into the BIOS fine, no further testing. Receiving it, I find out that using a USB keyboard, I cannot enter BIOS or do anything. After getting a PS2 keyboard, I can get into the BIOS and I installed WIn7. However...
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    Replacement DC jack for PicoPSU

    I recently purchased a mobo/picopsu combo from a certain online auction hosting website, and it arrived with the DC jack just cut off (bare leads). From what I can tell, I need a 2.5mm ID connector to replace it with (not OD). If that is the case, would something like this work? Not the best...
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    Trying my hand at building a router

    Okay, I will apologize up front, as I will probably have a lot of basic questions over the next month or so, as I have mainly kept my interests in PC hardware and not cared about networking. Anyways... I am going to be building a firewall/router and I am currently confused as to what the main...
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    FT: Propus 635 for low power dual core

    I have decided I no longer need a quad core proc in my bedroom htpc, so I would like to trade it for a low power dual core + cash. Interested in 4850e, 5050e, BE-2350/2400, but if you have a 45w dual core, send me an offer and we can try to work it out. I would estimate something like 4850e +...
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    Volume louder/quieter at random on one channel

    So I recently bought a new TV and switched from VGA+stereo to HDMI for connecting my HTPC to the TV. The audio sometimes will get messed up on ABC (not that the channel probably matters). What I mean by this, is that it will suddenly get much louder or quieter (I would estimate the sound...
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    FS: BFG GTX 260 OC

    Feeling a little more generous now after getting the 460, but I still need the cash to afford the electricity, so I can't quite justifiy giving it away :) Price $60 shipped -- SOLD Heat: hiodie eBay (for lack of heat): hiodie24
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    The worst cost/performance cooler?

    So am I missing something or does this seem a bit ridiculous? Does active solution mean more than it has a fan? Edit: So when I click my link it shows up as $24.99....earlier it was listed for $5000.00. Fail.
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    Some of the same (probably)

    I am looking at joining F@H, and I have a few questions that I can hopefully get answered. The PCs (boxen) I have to use are as follows: 1) Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz (may be able to go a little higher, but temp limited), 4GB, GTX 460 2) AMD 635 (currently stock, need better cooling to OC), 4GB, onboard...
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    NSK3480 120mm dual intakes?

    Does anyone know if you can fit 2 120mm fans in the front of the NSK3480 without sacrificing the external 3.5" bay? It seems like there is a decent amount of room to the top and bottom of the 92mm fans, but I don't want to have to take mine apart if someone knows offhand.
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    IRQ Sharing

    Maybe this is stupid, and I probably shouldn't mess with anything, but I am trying to diagnose a problem on my HTPC and was reading up on IRQ conflicts. Well I gave it a quick look on my main desktop and see that my vid card, sound card, network card, and possibly my south bridge are all on 16...
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    Bootable USB for Stress Testing

    Not sure where to post this, but is there a program/OS out there that would allow me to put it on a USB, boot from it, and then run basic stress testing/temperature monitoring programs? I seem to buy some random pieces secondhand and just want to make sure everything is alright without screwing...
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    Issues with screen resolution

    My bedroom HTPC has an issue where on a cold start, it will sometimes (>50%) not fill the screen. Now I don't think it is an underscan issue, since fixing it only requires me to change the resolution to a lower resolution, apply, and then change it back. Also, Windows shows the resolution as...