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    New Monitor: Lines Aren't Parallel Or Am I Imagining Things?

    I believe I am seeing a weird scenario where my left of my screen looks further away, The tool bar on the right looks bigger. Even if I tilt the screen way to the right it still is weird. So I have the screen perfectly perpendicular to me and the left side feels like its tilted away from me a...
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    Is DLSS The Real Deal?

    If it is, then I don't see how AMD can catch up. Is up scaling resolutions the future? Where do we go from here if Nvidia can double its performance with this trick?
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    Rendering Anxiety From the 90s Can I multitask At Same Time?

    I have these memories of using render and cd burning software in the 90s and If I used the computer for anything else while it was rendering, even to the point where I let a screen saver activate, It could cause errors and artifacts in the final product. Even to this day I feel a little weird...
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    Will AMD Ever Beat Intel in Single Threaded Performance?

    What do you think and Why?
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    Will any DP to Hdmi adapters do 75hz? ( @ 1080p )

    I've only seen 1080p 60hz rated ones... any suggestions?
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    PSA: Check Your Ram Settings Even If You Don't OC

    I just built a New Ryzen System. I would get random BSOD's until I found out that the motherboard had incorrectly set my memory to the wrong frequency and voltage. If you have BSOD's, it's worth it to check memory settings. It's also a good idea to check before you buy that your ram is on the...
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    It's a weird time for power supplies

    All the big names associated with reliability now have lower tier products with inferior components. If you go into newegg reviews you will see around a 10 percent failure rate with almost every brand. (among comments not true failure rate). I've used several cheapo power supplies without much...
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    How Bad Cable Management Saved My PC

    Long ago in the era of single core cpus, I built my first PC. An AMD Athlon xp 2500+. These things were notorious overclockers due to that barton core. One day I got some fast food and left my soda cup on top of the pc case. Well it turns out I was going to Vegas for the weekend and when I came...
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    Bought a Ref 5700xt: Underclock if too loud?

    My card hasn't arrived yet (waiting is hard lol). I know blowers are loud, but @ $350 I thought if it's really that loud I could underclock it and tame the fanspeeds a bit. Any thoughts about underclocking/undervolting? Or can most of the noise and thermal issues be handled without messing with...
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    Will We Soon Enter A New Era of 1080p Budget Gaming?

    With the push for 4k it seems like there will be a turning point in the near future where 1080p gamers will be able to game on very cheap cards @60-100fps. Imagine a 50-100 dollar card easily handling AAA modern games @1080p. Or am I overly optimistic? My thinking is the higher resolution you...
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    RX 470 4gb For 150 Bucks: To Good To Be True?

    So I recently bought a seller refurbished RX 470 on EBAY for 150 bucks. It was going for 300, but the seller had a "or best offer" option, so I decided to put a best offer of "150" which in my mind I would only buy such a card around original MSRP or maybe a tad more. Now my worry is that since...