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    psu for g71 sli

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    7800GT SLI or 7900GT

    wow lucky Wife
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    Let me get this straight once and for all...

    Fallguy, I think that he's talking about performance not price
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    Omega drivers still good, if not what is the best currently?

    Omega drivers havent been released since the forcware 60 series so no Omega isnt good for nvidia anymore, Im currently using the nvidia 91.31 beta drivers and their working fine for me byt that might just be me. Just a thought
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    Should I rma my 7900GT?

    What are your idle/load temps? which drivers are you using? have you tried re installing them?
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    I want to overclock my new x1800xt tonight.

    yeah because not many gamers use LCD's nowdays :rolleyes:
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    Do you do Dual GPU?

    I have no need for a dual gpu setup because my 7900gtx runs everything fine at 1280x1024, however if I decide to buy a new monitor with a higher resolution then I will probably go SLI.
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    Why am I having this problem

    I would try 650/800 as they are the reference clocks
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    7900 GTX vs X1900 XTX

    Many perople have said that they have had issues with the ATI drivers, such as instability, and in particular ccc crashing on them, i have nothing against them and have not used them myself i am just going of what many people have said. For me the nVidia drivers are rock solid and havent had any...
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    7900 GTX vs X1900 XTX

    as computerpro3 said dont even considder HDR+AA as an advantage because it is wortless because of the FPS hit especially at 1920x1200. However the x1900xt has better AA and AF performance so thats something to consider I have a 7900gtx and I'm happy with it so far, I could have gone with the...
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    which card for 20" lcd monitor and rts games?

    Not all games will run natively in widescreen and if not most games can be run in widescreen with a simple .ini/.cfg fix Check out Widescreen Gaming Forum its an excelent site and has plenty of good information realating to running games in widescreen etc.
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    x1800xt 512mb vs. 7800gtx 256mb: Which Should I get for my next upgrade?

    I would say go with the x1800xt because it has more to offer than the 7800gtx or 7900gt, outperforms them in many benchmarks, better performance in new games, better IQ and better AA and AF performance. But if heat noise and size are an issue go with the nVidia. btw a quick search wouldnt...
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    7900gtx problem

    Yes there is, Fraps will display FPS in any game you wish edit: woops didnt read the w/o dl fraps part
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    Best secondary PCI card with DVI?

    I read somewhere that the windows GUI has nothing to do with your graphics card power?
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    force 16AF?

    Then why dont you just change the config?
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    best card for around $150

    go for the 7600gt, more features and newer tech
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    force 16AF?

    I can confirm that you cant change the af setting, its greyed out. Heres a screenie: edit: typo
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    force 16AF?

    if i set 4xaa in the oblivion game profile but set 2xaa from the nVidia taskbar icon which would the game use? Thanks
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    Bad 7900gt?

    Heat isnt the problem those temps are fine, what are its core/mem clocks, if its a superclocked card you should read through this thread Did you use drivercleaner when installing the card? try running bf2 for a few hours and see how that goes... edit: just checked out newegg link an can c...
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    GeForce 7900 Quad SLI review @ X-bit Labs

    Its not garbage if your running games at 2560x1600
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    7900GTX 3dmark05 Scores: Post em!

    10095 @ stock
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    Should i get this 7900Gt?

    I had the same problems with missing grass on my 6600gt in FarCry, but after using drivercleaner and installing latest forceware driver it was all good. and yes its a great card, what are your system specs?
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    GeForce 6100

    out of the x1600xt and 6600gt I'd go for the x1600xt, its newer and performs nearly twice as good as the 6600gt in F.E.A.R
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    GeForce 6100

    Another reason to never trust sales guys, well that depends what you call no problem, if F.E.A.R at 320x240 with every setting at minimum, getting 15 fps if you lucky is no problem then it will run the games fine lol Heres a review of the 6100 with some benchies showing the 6100 getting 37.5...
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    7900GTX - Normal/Extreme/XXX? Questions

    someone said it in some another thread, imagine the card names there'd be if XFX made ATI cards, anyone for an XFX X1900XTX XXX edition card? lol
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    7900GTX - Normal/Extreme/XXX? Questions

    1. you will rougly get a 3-6 fps gain with the XXX card in some games less, some games slightly mroe and some cases no performance increase at all, here is a good review which compares standard and "XXX" edition 7900gtx cards. 2. IMHO No, the performance gain is minimal and isnt enough...
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    Overclocked my 7900gtx 512 to 715/1866 and it stays under 66C at all times, stable

    Nice!, I'd try overclocking mine but i opted for the less known, well actually barely known at all brand Forsa because all the major brands were sold out and no stock for weeks and I dont want to void my warrenty incase anything happens, but I've had mo problems with it whatsoever so im happy...
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    School Poll

    Forsa 7900gtx
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    sli, does the brand matter?

    Yes, it would work just fine
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    xx1900xx or 7900 gtx,

    As ShuttleLuv said, it comes down to which games you play
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    [POLL] 7600GT or x850xt

    7600gt, you cant go wrong
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    Will SilverStone ST56ZF fit in Thermaltake soprano?

    Ok thanks, i just realised the ST60F is modular would my case have better airflow if its modular, im only powering a cpu, mobo, 1 HDD, 1 DVD-RW, 1 FDD and some case fans and would it even fit? thanks again
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    Will SilverStone ST56ZF fit in Thermaltake soprano?

    Hi, I'm a few clicks away from paying for the SilverStone ST56ZF PSU which i hav ordered, i dont want to get the PSU and find it doesnt fit in my case (Thermaltake soprano) so could someone please tel me whether or not it fits? thanks a bunch
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    Keep old PSU or do I need new one for 7900gt

    So could i damage the card by using it on my current PSU are there any risks?
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    Keep old PSU or do I need new one for 7900gt

    :( i was hoping i could get away with it, so theres no chance at all?
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    Keep old PSU or do I need new one for 7900gt

    Hi, I've been putting off buy a new graphics card until the 7900's come out and theyre out, so before placing an order for a 7900gt I want to know whether i need to buy a new psu for it, I'm a little tight for cash so im hoping that i could use my old one for the time being. My PSU is one that...
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    x1800xt 256mb edition

    me three