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    California May Issue Digital License Plates

    Privacy advocates are concerned the plates could become tracking devices for law enforcement. I might be a little off but isn't this already being done with normal plates... Heck, isn't it the entire reason for having them in the first place? A specific number attached to your car so...
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    Wacky Web Browser Works Like a Ouija Board

    Why ?!?!:confused:
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    Twitter Lets Advertisers Collect Contact Info From Tweets

    Yet another reason why social media is just stupid.
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    Only 10% of Americans Say They Would Wear Google Glass

    Really 10%. Number seems a wee bit high if you ask me.
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    New Web Site Measures Global Happiness

    Does it sit next to the Doomsday clock?
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Great power supply at a respectable price. I'd love to own one.
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    Google Doodle of Caesar Chavez Lays an (Easter) Egg

    Actually I looked around to try and see if there was an Easter egg hidden on the page somewhere. Something that could have had them honor that dude and give us some Easter goodness also. But no such luck that I could find. Missed opportunity Google, missed opportunity.
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    Store Charges Customers $5 'Just Looking' Fee

    the first time they charged me for this would be the last...I would never return.
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    Minnesota Red Flags Electronic Tax Preparation Errors

    Good thing I use Taxcut. Its also why I wait for closer to the filing date, that way I have the latest updates.
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    McDonald's Installing DNA Security

    Wait wait wait. Armed robbery? I thought Britain was more civilized and people couldn't own a gun? How do you rob a place without a gun? Knife, maybe? nah. If it was me I'd laugh and grab that pot of 500 degree coffee and throw it at the punk. That or start throwing frozen almost beef...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Great card at decent prices.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Great card at decent prices
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    Most Useful iPhone Case EVER

    I can see the outrage now when some idiot brings one of these to a airport and gets their Iphone confiscated, strip searched and arrested. Not necessarily in that order.
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    Apple Gets Patent On A Rectangle With Rounded Corners

    Can anyone tell me how this is even enforceable? I'm pretty darn sure that EVERY notebook, tablet, cell phone in existence falls into the rounded corner rectangle. I have a hard time believing any judge, ever, upholding this...even if it gets to trial. This is nothing new, like everyone...
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    3D TV Is No Hit With Viewers

    Please, please let the whole 3D craze die a brutal messy death so we don't have to even hear about it again for another decade.
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    Former First Lady Suing Google Over Auto-Completes

    Actually pretty funny and she's an idiot.
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    Cool [H] Reader Video of the Day

    edit: Ack beaten to it.
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    Cool [H] Reader Video of the Day

    Not bad, not bad.. But I think this is much cooler. Courteous of Mystery Guitar man.
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    Netflix Agrees To Pay $9M To Settle Class Action

    When was last time anyone actually received fair compensation from a won class action suit? Kind of serious here, all you hear about is the lawyers making millions and the plaintiff getting almost nothing.
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    Eight Rotor RC Copter Used For Movies?

    That is actually pretty cool.
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    Unboxing Videos Are Lame: Example #2,419,004

    You know, I wonder why no one peeled the tape of the sides of the box and used the tape as little, sticky I might add, handles. Of course they probably failed at opening Christmas presents as kids also.
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    Unboxing Videos Are Lame: Example #2,419,004

    Reminds me of the many people that have asked me, "Is the colon the one with the two dots or the dot and the comma?" That and the sheer depressing fact that more than half had gone to college. I know I started asking.
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    Top Ten Fireworks Fails

    Good lord, idiots on parade. Though now that I think about it when I was a youngster my friends and I used a old drain pipe and someones stash of bottle rockets and spent the afternoon shooting them at cars with the express goal of getting on in a open window... Game was over when when one...
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    Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field

    I'm betting the aliens are up there waiting with there anal probes thinking, "We can't wait for these idiots to come to us." Creepy little smiles and all. Getting my foil hat ready and going to hide under the bed now.
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    Greatest Weather Forecast...Ever

    I guarantee there are people out there buying bottled water and toilet paper right after this thinking this guy was serious. Which is simply sad.
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    Borderlands: The Show

    Good....God.... I'm so watching this.
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    Google Sued Over "Ugly" Picture

    Idiots abound, he probably raged long and hard on his own facebook page and had to post the offending photo himself so people would know what the heck he was talking about.
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    Technology Gone Wrong: High Tech Shoe Coolers

    If I'm clamping anything to my shoes they better be giving me the ability to fly.
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    Online Retailer Charges A 6.8% Internet Explorer 7 Tax

    Funny as it may be, I can't think of a better way to piss off your customers and get a visit from MS attorneys. Unless of course it does the same thing with previous version of other browsers also.
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    High-Tech Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

    Interesting, wonder what this will look like when the sun is behind you late in the day.
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    Stupid Criminals of the Day

    They went way beyond stupid criminal of the day and went well into stupid criminals of the year. I'm guessing they both graduated high school with a 5th grade education level.
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    Man Watches 252 Netflix Movies In 30 Days

    Wow he had to watch some seriously craptacular movies if he watched 252 of them. I've looked through the movies and I would be hard pressed to come up with 150 that were even passable...and I enjoy a good B grade now and then.
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    Electronic Pickpockets Hits The News Again

    If only we only had a means to pay for goods and services without all these fancy electronic gadgets. Perhaps something made from paper or even a metal. Maybe we can get those lunkheads in the government to come up with something.
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    Annular Solar Eclipse Time-Lapse Video

    That was actually pretty cool.
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    Apple Statements Damage Lawsuit Position

    What I don't understand about E-books is why they cost the same as if I bought the book in the first place. Are they saying that it costs "nothing" to produce a paper book. Or it costs the same to send me the same digital file that they send to the publisher? Granted I only buy paperbacks...
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    First look at Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

    I only have one question to the whole Steve Jobs Biopic. Why? It's not like you can't look him up on Wikipedia anywho.
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    MIT Plays Tetris On A Building!

    You know if your going have a person playing tetris on the side of a building you'd think they would have the someone that at least has played it before so they don't look like idiots in front of have the city.
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    White House Questions CISPA Cybersecurity Bill

    There is a simple reason why there isn't a knee jerk reaction to veto the heck out of it..."Money" Somewhere in the mix there is cash to be made and the sharks in Washington know the smell of cash from a long way off.
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    Seattle Man Wins Small Claims Case Against Apple

    5 bucks he doesn't see a dime from Apple until he's back in court forcing them to cough up.
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    Google Rolls Out New GBike

    Grandmothers bike wasn't ugly?