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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    I'm not sure what people are expecting from self driving cars and such and the humans that are supposed to be actively monitoring things to step in at a moments notice. I drove trains for a number of years. I loved it. Very fun, very focused, intense job. I would be very mentally drained by the...
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    You're right! Who in their right mind would hunt with an AR-15?! Go with something more powerful like a 308 or 30-06. You're there to kill a moose, not put in agony. Actually most of the hunters around here hunt with 300 magnums.
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    Actually some of your comments are bashing since you've said things like my logic and questions are dumb, you called me a moron and you said since I won't sell you a gun that you'll get one illegally and shoot me or better yet run me over with your car. I said right at the beginning before the...
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    People on both sides of the spectrum are a bunch of whiny, virtue signaling, attention whores that don't actually care about human life as much as they would have you believe. People on the left. "AR-15s are the most deadly gun out there because we've had mass shooting with them. We care about...
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    Readily and easily available handguns sure make it 19 times easier than the AR-15 to murder someone...
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    Germans Were Paid to Use Electricity This Holiday Season Is that a source? I think it's in euros too...
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    Germans Were Paid to Use Electricity This Holiday Season

    I wonder what they pay when they don't have a surplus of energy...
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    AT&T, Comcast Say GOP Tax Bill Will Mean $1,000 Bonuses for Employees

    How dare the evil, greedy, shareholder companies give away their blood money to their workers... wait wut?
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    PepsiCo Makes Biggest Public Pre-order of Tesla Semis: 100 Trucks

    Could you imagine how much power draw it would be if all 100 of those trucks stopped to charge at the same time!?
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    Bethesda Wants to Save Single-Player Gaming

    I stopped once all my friends grew up, got jobs, got mortgages, had kids and had no time left to play multiplayer games. Actually I'm describing myself as well...
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    Facebook Releases New Messenger Kids App

    No point in them staying kids till 18! Best to get them corrupted before they are teenagers so they are "normal" like everyone else.
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    It won't be any issue. They said they would power it with solar. They would only need about 2 megawatts of solar panels (about 6,000 panels) per charging spot (times how many spots there are at the station) and for the sun to be shining then. I think solar also works at night too when trucks...
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    If it's 600 volts, then it must be somewhere around 3,000 amps to charge in 30 minutes. Never heard of a 3,000 amp charger before, but it sounds cool!
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    Air Force General: China Is Advancing in Space Five Times as Quickly as the US

    What else were you planning on spending that money for anyways?
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    Electric Cars Emit 50% Less Greenhouse Gas than Diesel, Study Finds

    About 8 hours with a 100 kilowatt battery pack. Funny thing I never see written about is how the infrastructure is not even close to what is needed for the country to go all electric. I see people and articles written all the time about how we need to be all electric right now, or very soon...
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    Airbnb Host Who Canceled Reservation Using Racist Comment Must Pay $5,000

    Is that the race baiting SJW woman that wanted to change the terms of their agreement before she got to the cabin? Or am I thinking of someone else?
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    Study: Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Power Plants

    They make free electricity? Where do you find such free panels? I'd sure be interested in getting some of those legally.
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    Pretty Soon Electric Cars Will Cost Less Than Gasoline

    {insert sarcasm} You just wait! You'll regret your words when we prove you wrong. The electric car will replace the ICE very, very soon (2050 shhhh), just like a lot of headlines read! We'll all be sitting here ready to say you were wrong... in 2050. Very, very soon we'll even have electric...
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    I was going by the numbers on my actual electric bill for my AC when I installed it myself for about $300. I'm done arguing with you though. You can win. Have a nice night.
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    Go look for it yourself if you really care about it. I'm not going to do the work for you when I know it works. Radiant barriers. And 40% was probably the low end. And where? How about . If you're an environmentalist, you certainly didn't know about that. Just to be clear...
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    Why do you think I'm being pessimistic? All I was saying is that it is not affordable today for the whole package. One day it will be. Hopefully soon, but it's not today. I think the bigger short term solution would be energy efficiency. You can take $300 worth of aluminum and reduce your AC...
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    It's also dark for months if you're close to the poles. ;)
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    So you agreeing that it can't save the world right now affordably... That's good that we can agree on that! :) I hope that one day we will get there. It just won't happen today.
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    Can you show me a book where it says the sun shines 24 hours a day on one spot on Earth please?
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    Where on Earth does it shine 24 hours a day? Does the Earth have a giant off switch to stop it from spinning? Most of the environmentalists I know are very ignorant actually. And I never said "all". Most of the environmentalists I know have never been conservationists in their life yet, they...
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    Is this the environmentalists' big breakthrough they were hoping for? Half of them think the sun shines 24 hours a day and we need to move everything to solar. Maybe if we had affordable batteries to store the energy we could. Could this be ramped up to accomplish that goal?
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    Tesla Unveils Sleek, Low-Profile Solar Panel Made by Panasonic

    Never understand why anyone in Canada would go with solar panels if their house isn't modern. Much better ROI ideas that they can do that yield better results financially and environmentally for a lot less. In better climates with newer houses, I can see adding panels when there isn't much left...
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    The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi Is Near

    My wifi at the lake works decent. I can get 45% signal 300 feet down the driveway and 45% 1500 feet out on the lake.
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    Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Gets PlayStation VR Support On January 24

    I was too busy looking at her boobs. What did you say?
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    5G Will Be A Game Changer, Generating Trillions By 2035

    If they switch to 5G, will the coverage decrease? The tower we use is about 18 miles away so I hope it wouldn't decrease when/if they switch to 5G.
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    The Dumbest Stuff We Found At CES 2017

    I'd better buy two! Then I'll have 2x infinite storage!!!
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    Steam is down 12/23/16

    It's that time of year again... Probably a hacker because they love to mess with peoples' Christmas time.
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    The Last Guardian Performs Poorly On The Base PS4

    Hey now! Some of best friends are console peasants and I'll have you know they can handle up to 12 BUTTONS on a controller! And for the record, they have heard of 4K... they just don't know what it does.
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    Fallout 4 Immersive Toilet Paper Mod

    MOD of the year!
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    "Netflix Tax" May Be Coming Soon To Your Bill

    People these days have too much money anyways... *rolls eyes*
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    U.S. Visitors Crashed Canada's Immigration Website

    Come here to Canada. We'll welcome you with open arms. All 100,000 of you. That pretty much creates 100,000 job vacancies. Trump Is sure living up to his promises early on. Justin here can't promise you any jobs though. Maybe a wait and see approach would be better?