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    mouse problems

    I have a razer copperhead with my imac and the thing just stops working for a few secs while playing WoW and sometimes my volume goes up for no reason or a cd will eject and other stuff. Anyone know what the problem could be or how to fix it? Everything worked fine for months just recently its...
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    which theme program

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    spyware removal

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    dell problems

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    dell problems

    my gf just got a dell desktop and when something requires a 2nd disk to install when you put the next disk disk in the program stops responding, Any clue what could be wrong?
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    ATI TV Wonder Pro

    I just picked up an ati tv wonder pro and I can't seem to figure out how to get guide plus+ to work. It doesn't even seem to install. What do you have to do to get it to install/work?
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    gaming keyboard?

    I wondered if these were any good?
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    PSU recommendations

    My 350 watt antec doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore. I need something to replace it. My specs are amd64 3200+ 754 DFI Lanparty nForce3 2x512mb Mushkin pc3500 BFG 6800GT 36gb Raptor SATA 120gb Seagate SATA 8x DVDRW plus a few case fans. I am looking for something reliable...
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    video problems

    For some reason my video has been messing up lately. I was playing CS Source and all the sudden my screen went crazy. This is the first time its done this and I have had this card almost 2 weeks now. Nothing is overclocked. I reset the computer and it went the to windows loading screen then it...
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    router help

    Ok heres the problems. I have a microsoft router wireless B and cable connection with two computers one running 98 and one with ME. I can run one when directly plugged into the cable modem and I can access the routers menu when plugged into the router. For something reason the cable modem...
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    CS Source memory error

    CS Source crashes like half the time I play it to some memory error. I have no idea what wrong. I have nothing overclocked.
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    is it normal?

    When I ran doom3 timedemo the first time it ran fast then choppy fast then choppy and I ended up with about 65fps. The second time I ran it the game ran smoother and I got 85fps. IIs that normal? Was it still loading or something the first time through?
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    I have a dfi lanparty and a 3200a64 on the way. Right now the only memory I have is 512mb corsair pc3200 v1.2 and a older stick of the same memory but its v1.1 and being used in a different computer. Should I try and find another stick of corsair pc3200 or just sell one of my sticks and get some...
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    which amd64

    Will one of these run in a DFI lanparty? Or would I be better off to just get a newcastle 3000+ or 3200+?
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    I just formatted my GFs computer this evening. I reinstalled windows/drivers. She was on it for maybe 2 hours before all these popups and programs got installed. I had her get adaware and run it. It found about 900 spyware programs installed but some popup came up and said said the computer...
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    new card?

    I currently have a 9800pro w/ vga silence on it. I was wondering if it would be worth getting rid of it and putting that money toward a new/used 250ish dollar video card? Is there something worth the upgrade that doesn't cost 400-500 dollar?
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    DFI LANParty UT nF3 250Gb

    I want one but there seem to be hard to find. I only have extra money in paypal that I can spend anyone know somewhere I can get one and use paypal?
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    I had a xp2500+ overclocked to 2.2ghz but recently my mother died so I am thinking of upgrading. What cpu/motherboard/HSF does anyone recommend? I was thinking maybe a amd64 3000+ with maybe a neo platinum mobo not sure about HSF. The SLK800 won't work on amd64s will it(thats from my 2500+) I...
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    I was on my computer and when I got up I tripped over my headphones which where plugged in the my motherboard A7N8X delux. My moniter shut off but the computer was still running I could only hear fans running. Now it won't start up. When I try turning it on everything powers up but nothing else...
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    linux games?

    I just got Gentoo installed on my laptop last weekend. I am looking for some games. So far I have UT2004 installed. What other games should I try?
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    router overheating?

    Now I have never heard of this but my friend swears his routers are overheating and not detecting his cable connection. He wants to make some sort of metal case to put them in instead of the regular plastic case. Personallly I think he is crazy. Could he be right? Anyone ever hear of overheating...
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    xerox lcds

    Does anyone own one of these or know if they are any good?
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    anyone have one of those Tatung LCDs they have advertised at best buy? How are they? Would they be decent for far as LCDs go?
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    adding another router?

    I already have a dlink 614+ wifi router. But I need more ports. I have all of them used up between xbox,ps2, desktops, laptops. I have to keep switching them. Can I just add another router? Or should I get something else like a switch?
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    server stats

    Whats a good way of seeing my server stats of my home PC running windowsXP,bulletproof FTP server, apache 2.0.48 from a remote location?
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    boot problems

    my a7n8x deluxe boots to a nvidia boot agent and hangs there for awhile then says can not find bootdisk. I have 2 SATA drives and it says there are there, I also tried booting from cd rom and it does the same thing. Any ideas?
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    What could I use to send form information to an email through a webpage and not loading the default webbrowser.
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    how does this ram look ram look good? and has anyone bought from hardcorecooling?
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    spyware removal

    I need an spyware removal software that is just an exe. My schools computers are annoying to use becuase of all the popup ads and banner pople installed on them but we are not allowed install rights on the computers. Is ther e a remover software that I don't need to install?
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    books suggesions

    I want to get a few books to read up on linux(shell scripts) CSS and maybe other stuff used for webdesign Photoshop I would like books that give good examples as I learn better from examples. Any suggestions on some books I can order from
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    should I?

    Take back my pc4000. I bought it at best buy out of impulse becuase it was onsale but since I am running an AMD system I can't really use the extra Mhz but I could use better timings. Would I be better off to take it back and get some LL ram or is it not the big of deal? Also would best buy even...
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    which theme program

    I know there are serveral like stylexp and object and maybe others. Which is the best though? Anyone have experience with them all and have a perference?
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    AIW in shuttle

    will a 9600 AIW fit and have enough power in a SN41G2 ok? Anyone have any experience with this?
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    good price on hyperx pc4000

    I noticed best buy actually had a good deal on 512mb kingston hyperx pc4000 memory. Only $99.99 after rebates, $111.99 after an $88 dollar instant rebate and $12 mail in. Not to bad considering newegg has it for $155. Just in time I was looking to get 1gb of good ddr too.
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    cpu for shuttle pc

    What CPU would anyone recommend for a SN41G2. Would a mobile 2500+ work or should I stick to a desktop 2500+? Also has anyone had any overclocking success? I know there is not much room for cooling I just want to hear others experience
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    good cpu for a shuttle

    what CPU would you recommend for a SN41G2. And what kind overclocking options would i be looking at.
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    brandname powersupply vs generic

    Is it really worth speeding extra on a brandname powersupply compared to those cheap ones that come with alot of cases?