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    vista sort of not recognizing 2nd SATA HDD

    Thank you very much guys. Got it working.
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    vista sort of not recognizing 2nd SATA HDD

    I recently replaced my secondary hard drive (which was IDE) with a Western Digital SATA hard drive. BIOS recognizes the drive; the device manager recognizes it. Under status (in device manager) it is listed as 'not initialized.' Obviously the drive isn't showing up in my computer and is not...
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    CritLine, addon for titan bar. Records highest hit, highest crit for every weapon and every attack from that weapon and/or character.
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    My lvl 60 warrior on blackhand, I'm still working on my gear. It's all blues and a purple but, you know... I'm still tweaking it and raiding hehe.
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    [H]ard Forum WoW Player & Realm list!

    Jessi - Blackhand Server - lvl 51, female, human warrior (alliance) - Blacksmithing + Mining - 31/20 (will be) arms/fury.. might switch to 31/5/15, but I'm a good tank as is. What's your spec, Masume?
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    WoW: Horde or Alliance

    Even though Alliance rules the Horde, I would say go Horde because on ALMOST every server alliance outnumbers the horde. The numbers you guys see aren't completely accurate though, due to alts.
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Well there are yetis there that are lvl 32 - 34. Then there are ogres 34 - 36 (better drops, same XP as yetis). THEN there are lvl 38 - 40 elite ogres who drop 7 - 9S a pop + nice drops. So head up there in 2 lvls and stay there for quite some time. Join the occasional TM-SS raid too... they...
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    WoW Patch Notes & Discussion 4/19/05

    I'm on a PvE server and it's basically turned into a PvP server. Hah. But if you're under lvl 40 - 45 you will get killed in a second. And there's no one flagged for you to kill, unfortuantly.
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Here's a quote from a guildy who knows quite a bit about dalaran... The purple dome you see is a protective field around what used to be the city of Dalaran. "Dalaran was the home of the Kirin-Tor, the finest order of mages in all of Azeroth. They operated as sort of an advisory panel to...
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Not a really great pic of my toon... but a pretty cool screenshot none the less..
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    Can't hide cursor when recording WoW with FRAPS

    You kind of need your mouse (and thus your cursor) to play. I'm thinking he's taking video of action or something and you normally use your mouse for that. You CAN play with just the keyboard but it restricts you a little. I'm not sure how to solve the problem though, sorry. :(
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    OK... Just got WOW. Need some advice

    I'm in blackhand!!
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    OK... Just got WOW. Need some advice

    I'm a lvl 26 warrior and I'm really enjoying it. It's a tough character to play because it's harder to solo but you can do it. And once we get to lvl 50+ we own everyone. Downsides is we are gear dependant and skills cost an ass load, but if you run through instances with friends you can make...
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    Why all the Hate Towards EA Games

    Don't forget all their sports series including madden NFL 2kx!! And NFSU and NFSU2, I rather like their games and their business tactics have not bothered or interefered with me one bit.
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    Doom3 Demo Question

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    Another WoW and EQ2 thread.

    You have to realize in all (I'd think) of the MMOs there will be new content to come. Like in WoW they are going to take off the lvl cap and I heard a quote from a blizzard rep say "the game starts at 60" so that gives me something to look forward to. Also an honor system, battle grounds for...
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    WoW is down, now what do I do?

    "Jessi" - I'll add you to my friends list. Great. Blackhand if part of 8 servers still down. :(
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    WoW is down, now what do I do?

    You guys rock!!!! You like WoW, are bored as shit because of the downtime, and watch House. I love you all!! House is a great show, I watch it every week. On WoW, I play on Blackhand... 8AM PST is when it's supposed to be up now, eh? That's like an hour or two after I get up. This will be...
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    Yeah, it's at 2.48 right now, on air. I know I still have room to go, hopefully I can get it to 2.8, if i'm lucky 2.9. That would be amazing and I think it's quite possible with this wonderful CPU.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post) 5742
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    Thanks, maybe I can break 6000 once I get WC and overclock this XP-M 2500+ to hell and back! :D
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    I'm the one and only.
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread 5742, prolly can squeeze some more out of both if I tried hard enough Why so curious?
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread 12,536
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    The Best Graphics set up ever.

    I believe the correct word is ginormous. Synonym... Huganitc.
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    The New, (now) official, Show off Your Video Card Thread

    Out with the old... In with the new...
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    Building a Watercooling System

    I'm trying to construct a watercooling and require some assistance. I've been doing some research for a couple days but I'm still very confused on some things. So I'll tell you what I do know in hopes of obtaining some assitance. I'll first give you some background. I have a budget of...
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    BFG 6800 Ultra for $399???

    That really pisses me off, that's how much i paid for my GT just 2 weeks ago, at best buy, the cheapest deal I could find.
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    Y'know in Mozilla Thunderbird...

    If you care to look at the image it clearly shows that when you select your mailing list it adds a name for everyone instead of one option. While I don't have to add everyone indivudally it does default to TO: and that's my problem. I want them all the be BCC: without having to manually go...
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    Y'know in Mozilla Thunderbird...

    ...when you have a group? It defaults to TO: for everybody. I want to be able to make it BCC for everybody without manually doing it for everyone because my group is rather large. Any insight? Here's a picture.
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    6800GT vs 6800 Ultra

    No fair!!!!!! I paid 420 for my GT. And that was about a week or two ago.
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    How many games are out today that use PS3.0

    I thought NFSU2 had SM3?
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    6800GT vs 6800 Ultra

    Let me lay down some facts... 6800GT 350,1000 are the clock speeds, 1.3V is the power going to the GPU. 6800U 425,1100 are the clock speeds, 1.4V is the power going to the GPU. The rest is the same. I have a BFG Tech 6800GT which is clocked at 370,1000 stock. I have overclocked it to...
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    Half Life 2

    Dude, my 5900 got through fine on highest settings, even after I forced dx9. And my new 6800gt, rest of specs in sig, you see that my CPU ain't all that amazing. I get through 1280 x 1024, HIGHEST EVERYTHING, and never drop below 50FPS. Anywho, I would suggest a 6600gt.
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    Nvidia 5900 to 5950u flash question

    because 300MHz is what it runs in 2D, your card is clocked fine, since 3dmark checks the speeds when it boots up, which is still in 2D, that's what it sees. There's no problem, you did it fine.
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    quietest 6800gt/ultra manufacturer?

    Well, if you can find the 1 fan BFG for sale go for it. But I thought they only sold the 2 fan design now. Which IS louder, I have it, it doesn't bother me AT ALL... but others will tell you it's the loudest.
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    quietest 6800gt/ultra manufacturer?

    BFG is probably the loudest... eVGA, I think uses the standard nVidia one, Asus uses one like that and I can't remember for the gigabyte. If quiet is important and you want a good card I would suggest the eVGA.