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    Seasonic 750W snow silent RMA help needed

    Hey I'm trying to warranty a 750W SS PSU and don't have any proof of purchase(bought it from a fellow [H] member long ago), if anyone could give me a hand I'd appreciate it and pay all expenses.
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    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    Was having a discussion with someone else in another thread and we disagreed on whether or not hard forum members were less likely to buy/own the new 2080 ti/titan or if it was about the same, or perhaps more. Please chime in and vote if you were an owner of one of these cards!
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    Ebay coupon?

    Has anyone received an ebay coupon (10+% off) during BF/CM? So far I haven't seen any and am starting to wonder if we will get one this season.
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    Intel integrated GPU performance

    I know some of you use laptops with these. I'm wondering if any of you attempt to game on them and what kind of fps can you get on older titles? Mine for instance I've done fine (1080p) with really old stuff like age of wonders and dark reign. Haven't attempted anything semi-recent. Let me...
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    Windows 7 download via MS site

    Hello I lost my win7 pro CD and I'm trying to download the iso off of MS' site but can't because I have OEM keys. Classic MS BS if I do say so myself. Can anyone give me a hand?
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    Request for Seasonic Prime PSU owners

    Hello just bought a SS Prime Ultra 1000W from someone on the FS forum. He accidentally mixed up some cables from another PSU (an EVGA) and I know it's a big no-no to mix and match. I'm wondering if anyone can post pics or tell me the numbers/letters on the side of the connectors. I know 2 of...
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    Asrock motherboard PSA

    I recently contacted their RMA department and was told they no longer have a service center here in the US and it was moved to China. So if you were thinking of buying one of their boards you might want to take that into consideration. The only reason I'm posting this is because if you look at...
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    MSI RMA review

    I recently sent my 980 ti lightning in for an RMA. It had some insane coil whine and my screen would go black and crash the computer after being on for 24-48 hours. Took about 3 weeks total turn around time for the card to get back to me which is good. However when I received it two of the...
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    Weird Afterburner problem

    Using v. 4.3.0 w/ a 980ti. Get heaps of coil whine when using it regardless of whether I use an OC setting or completely stock. If I don't open it there's no problems. Driver changes do not matter nor is there a power issue. Anyone run into something like this before? Most likely culprit...
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    NZXT Grid+ V2

    Just a little PSA on this thing as I bought it for use with quite a few different Noctua fans. It does not work with them so don't buy it. It may work with some non PWM noctua fans (I have a few of them but have 3 connected to 1 lead and they exhibited the same behaviour as the PWM ones)...
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    Z170 onboard sound vs. dedicated card

    I have an older HT Omega sound card and know that pretty soon it will be phased out because no one makes mobos with legacy PCI slots anymore. So my question is pretty simple, how does the new onboard audio stack up these days? And any opinions on which is the best soundcard currently available...
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    Can my old PSU handle SLI?

    Hey guys just wanted to throw a question out there and see what people think. The PSU is a Corsair model that's 750W and about 4 years old. I just bought 2x 970 and I'm wondering if it will be able to handle it. Current set up is listed below: 3770K @ 4.8ghz Asrock Z77 extreme 4 2x 8gb...