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    Mafia 2 Steam key (CLAIMED)

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    Tormented Souls

    Anyone playing this? I tried the demo but only played it for a few minutes so far.
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    Low Port Royal score with RTX 3070

    I was just testing out some overclocking on my card and noticed the score was low at only 8029. That is lower than even a stock FE 3070 card gets in reviews so I tested my card stock and got only 7611. For reference the stock FE card gets 8145 in the guru3d reviews. My card performs like it...
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    8gb vram already a limitation at just 1440p in Doom Eternal with ray tracing on?

    I was using a 2080 ti on ultra nightmare settings at 1440p with ray tracing and hardly ever dropped below 100 fps with fps in the 120s or more quite often. I bought a 3070 for the hell of it and on the exact same settings I was only in 30s and 40s with drops even into the 20s at times. I lowered...
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    no video signal issue

    So I had this weird issue yesterday where I tried to turn on the computer and there was no signal going to the monitor. So of course I turned the computer back off and try turning it on again and then I tried a different DisplayPort a couple of times and still no signal. I then unplugged the...
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    Questions for how to get warranty on 2nd hand EVGA card

    I just paid out the rear end for a used EVGA 2080 Ti FTW Ultra. It looked brand new and was hardly used and he lived right down the street. He did register it on the EVGA site when he bought it. So all he has to do is unregister the card and then I can go and register it? He was worried because...
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    Are motherboard screws supposed to fully contact the little metal bits around the screw hole?

    I just encountered an issue that I've never seen before in over 10 years of building computers and didn't really know if I should even worry about it or not. I have a new Phanteks P500A case and the motherboard screws are not like any other motherboard screws I've ever encountered. Normally the...