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    Epic store Mega Sale

    Fuck epic. At least this is more respectful than purchasing exclusivity rights for the first 6 months of a titles launch.
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    Woot: Herman Miller Aeron Chair $500 Look at all these "stolen" chairs. What, did they rob a truck? Some better than others. They have hundreds of them so you'll always get one that looks good.
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    Woot: Herman Miller Aeron Chair $500

    So are chairs from failed startups. Liquidation companies will buy the lot for cheap.
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    Woot: Herman Miller Aeron Chair $500

    Got a used Steelcase Leap V1 off craigslist for $60 before. I too prefer it over the Aeron.
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    8600K fine for gaming?

    I wish there was a 9600K with HT. Something other than the 9900K. Looking for 1080p 240Hz, so I guess that would translate over to 1440/120?
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    8600K fine for gaming?

    Looking to get a new gaming box and with the Intel shortage the 8700k's are harder to find and cost more. Benchmarks show the 8600k matching the 8700k. My only worry is the lack of HT coming back to haunt me. I'm cool with a mild OC using air. LMK what you think. My other option would be a 2600X.
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    Alienware - AW2518H 25" 1080p 244hz TN LED FHD GSync Monitor $349.99

    Sick deal but this deal seems to be on rotation every so often. Great monitor for "competitive" gaming. Not so great for anything else. Someone convince me to not jump on this. Looking for a competitive monitor. The xl2546 and xl2540 seem like the best alternatives. 1" smaller, no gsync but...
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    USB 3.0 PCI Express Card Expansion card compatible with Ryzen?

    Looking for a card that will work on a Ryzen chipset. Most of the cards I'm seeing only work with an Intel chipset or not too well with Windows 10. Do any of you have a card working well with your Ryzen?
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    Hot? Spectre 27" 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor Prime $239 2018 Model

    Not a decent resolution to look at. Considering most of us have tolerated it for years. 1440 is no comparison. I'd rather run 1440 at MED than 1080 in HIGH.
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    Does Corsair LINK work on Ryzen?

    Yeah the latest bios is beta and makes my system unstable. Windows wont find the nic.
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    Does Corsair LINK work on Ryzen?

    Yeah no options for me in either Corsair's or ASRock's RGB utilities.
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    Does Corsair LINK work on Ryzen?

    I have a 2700X and Corsair LINK doesn't work for adjusting my Corsair Vengeance RGB memory. Googling looks like they keep mentioning that support for Ryzen will be coming in a soon to be released patch but I haven't heard of any conformation if this has ever worked on first gen Ryzens or not, as...
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    Stock 2700X fails OCCT every time

    Core temp shows things like 185c for the high sometimes but I think that is a false reading. OCCT has other monitoring software under settings but whatever I select does not stick.
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    Stock 2700X fails OCCT every time

    I have a stock 2700X that passes Prime95 with flying colors but it can't get past a couple minutes in OCCT because it looks like the temp spikes to crazy heights at times. Not sure if these spikes are accurate or not but I see the same peaks in core temp as well. Are these spikes normal for...
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    Post your Ryzen memory speeds!

    2700X ASRock X470 Taichi Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3466 CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 Using XMP profile 1 at 3200 16-18-18-36 1.35v the system is stable. Using the same profile at 3466 Prime95 will fail relatively fast. This memory is advertised to be compatible with Ryzen. I'm sure that the...
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    Can't find "EZ OC" option in X470 Taichi bios

    When I load up the Asrock OC utility it says not supported. I'm assuming I need to enable it but I don't think it's called "EZ OC" in the bios. Does anyone know where to find it in the bios?
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    R7 2700/2700x on B350?

    As of yet there are no X470 mATX boards so I'm looking to pick up the ASUS TUF B350M-PLUS Gaming. Is there any reason not to do this? I was originally looking at getting the 2700 but now I might consider the 2700X as I'm not sure what numbers I'd be able to put out on a B350 and non X CPU. Think...
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    Serious Sam Sale on Steam (= dead deal)

    An actual LAN I would be interested in attending. Most current LANs are a fuckin joke.
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    The JVC Harx 900 are trash. I can't believe that people actually recommend them. I know that the SHP9500S are open but I have a little more faith in these and have been looking to try them out for some time now.
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    Software for printing Large Birthday Banners?

    My father is looking at printing a large birthday banner about 6-8 feet wide. He used to use some random program called Print Shop PRO PUBLISHER but it no longer works under Windows 10. He is looking for something easy to use and with a template that he can add text and graphics to. Looking to...
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Part out the mobo and I bet it will go quicker and higher. That's a great board.
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    Upgrade Advice - 2600K - Can it still cut it?

    It very well may use 6-7 for me too. I just noticed 4GB when alt tabbed at the menu. Game has made this guy a millionaire, currently grossing $60/million. I see him supporting this game for at least 2yrs before moving onto his next project. From mod maker to millionaire. FML an congrats to him.
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    Upgrade Advice - 2600K - Can it still cut it?

    Battlegrounds shits on most systems unless you have a 1080ti. Even then you may still notice dips. I play on a first gen i7 Xeon x5675 @4.3, 24GB, 1070 and I get 40-60 FPS average. I may peak at 100 at times. PUBG uses about 4GB of system memory. I see about 9GB total of system memory in use...
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    Don't Like Prey - Return it on Steam

    You can't compare physical with digital goods. A $30 digital game is not the same as a $2000 rusted ass gym from a decade ago that is now getting returned. Valve already has friends and family sharing, so they are kind of open to this idea anyways...
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    Don't Like Prey - Return it on Steam

    Demos used to be more wide spread. Just because we lost the fight doesn't mean we need to give up. If that was the case I'd be done with this hobby due to how casual some games are getting due to share holder interest. Sucks that TPB is our only option most the time. It is what it is.
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    Don't Like Prey - Return it on Steam

    In other words the Devs are saying, fuck PC. Gotcha
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    AMD Thinks Halo 3 Is Coming to the PC

    No. I remember when it started as a Mac title. The PC received the better version anyways. Tribes 1 and Tribes 2.... mind-blown!
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Looking for that 1366 upgrade! Thanks [H] and AMD! Looking to relive my Barton days ;)
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    Rest in silicon heaven my friend! i7 920 D0

    Running an eBay x5675 @ 3.3Ghz with all cores enabled. Was running at 3.4Ghz but was never 24/7 stable. 3.3 is the sweet spot for me. Had another xeon prior and a 920 DO before that. All on the same socket. I want to upgrade more than I need to. Just not sure when. At first it was when optane...
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    Humble bundle arma

    Yes. You can download SP scenarios from the Steam Workshop or make your own. Some of the coop missions are fun with a buddy or two but there are so many mods that it's hard to weed through the good ones and crap. The launcher may take some getting used to. Overall great game.
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    BeachCON PC/Console LAN Party - Long Beach, CA March 4-5 FREE
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    Philips Fidelio X2 $198.90 after $50 Instant Coupon on Amazon

    For gaming I'd pick the ATH-AD1000X. The price on these has gone down from the $600 mark to about $279. Comfy for big heads and one of the widest sound stages. Great for competitive gaming.
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    Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse + Extra Mouse Feet $53 shipped

    The Pro is so small. Unless you are used to something that small it will feel awkward. The 403 has the traditional shape as the Intellimouse. Much easier to pick up and manipulate but the Pro is good if you aren't doing many 180s.
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    Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse + Extra Mouse Feet $53 shipped

    I got both the G 403 and G Pro for 50% off during BF. The G 403 is by far my favorite.
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    BestBuy Black Friday Early Access Preview for Elite/Plus

    It's a GREAT mouse at a GREAT price. One of the best for gaming. Buy multiple :P
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    BestBuy Black Friday Early Access Preview for Elite/Plus

    Picked up the G403, G Pro and 2x C922 w/tripods. THANKS!
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    Asus DUAL GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics Card $329.91 AR or Lower with Free S/H for New Customers

    No tax? Really? How does Jet calculate sales tax? Unless specifically indicated, Jet is the seller of items purchased on the Jet Sites. Items sold by Jet are subject to tax when shipped to destinations in: AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, KS, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NY, NV, OH, SD, UT, VT, and WA...
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    Kyle... Review Idea

    It's no secret that 90% of gaming performance comes from the GPU and CPU upgrades do not need to be as frequient as GPU upgrades. Still it would be nice to see a comparison to have some numbers on the idea. Benchmark 2-3 recent games (BF4/Rise of the Tomb Raider) with all generations of Intel...
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    Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia is officially a billionaire!

    Pretty sure he's worth more than AMD lol