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    Surface pro 2 or yoga 2/think-pad yoga?

    - Many of the Yoga 2 Pro reviews note that the super high resolution screen can be a pain to use, lots of programs don't place nice with the high density. And the screen eats more battery than a lower resolution screen. - Many Yoga 2 Pro reviews complain about poor color reproduction and...
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    SOE making a new SWG like mmo? (Not everquest next/landmark).

    Suit yourself. I enjoyed the combat, loved the leveling, story was great (in that there pretty much wasn't one; the game gave you tools for creating your own content). Space combat was a blast, I spent about 2/3 my playtime there. I'll spot you that pvp, exploring, questing, jedi could use some...
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    Dell XPS 12 or Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

    I ended up with the cheaper model Dell xps12, and highly recommend it. The machine is well built, conversion to tablet is fast and satisfying and you don't have an exposed keyboard on the bottom. Specs are good enough, screen is beautiful, keyboard is a joy.
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    Dell XPS 12 or Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

    Deinos, thanks for that first link. Very interesting to compare it to e.g. the borderline fawning Engadget review! SixFootDuo, do you know if replacing the hard drive yourself voids the warranty? I did this on my previous laptop but only after checking that the warranty was still good...which...
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    Dell XPS 12 or Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

    Any thoughts on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro vs. Dell XPS 12? The Yoga would be the model with an i7, 8gb ram and 256gb ssd, e.g. here The Dell also has an i7, 8gb ram and 256gb ssd, e.g. here The two models are close enough in price that it's not a differentiating factor for me. I hope to have the...
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    Dell XPS 12

    Meaker a little machine would work on a plane, true, but that's just one of many situations where it'd be nice to have a tablet.
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    How long have you spent setting up Skyrim with mods?

    Do we count the many hours spent researching? If so, then probably ~20 hours. Like many others, I experienced mod creep...first it was just a mod to turn leveling off and Apocalypse to make magic interesting, then mighty dragons, mighty magicka, and hey, cloaks are fun, ...
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    Dell XPS 12

    Anyone have any experience with the Dell XPS 12 convertible, particularly the new Haswell models? I'm entering grad school in the fall and am going to buy a convertible laptop/tablet to replace my aging machine. I'm looking for something that's a laptop first and a tablet when optimal (e.g...
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    Input on 11.6" Convertable Ultrabook?

    Also look at the Lenovo yogas (due for a Haswell refresh) and Dell XPS 12 (just got one). Both had pretty good reviews in their first generation. In particular the Dell scored well on design but not battery life, but Haswell is supposed to add about 2 and a half hours (as well as some...
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    WANTED:Touchscreen Laptop intel 4th gen

    I can't tell if you want dedicated graphics or not. If not, you might look at the new Dell Xps 12; it tops out at 8gb ram (maybe can be upgraded?) but otherwise seems to fit.
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    For fun, a bit of a throwback.

    No kidding...this thing is better than the laptop I'm writing on right now!
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    Laptop for College bound kid $900-$1100

    +1. I bought a laptop with switchable graphics for college and used it exclusively for the first 2 years. Then I brought out my desktop and said gee, should have done this years ago. For the cost of a gaming laptop you can ship a desktop and monitor cross country and buy a high quality portable...
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    This is the second best game I've every played (first was Braid). The game is explicitly designed to mess with your mind - and it succeeds. So many times I found myself asking "was that always there?" and "did I just break the game, or was that how I was supposed to get up here?" I can't...
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    Multi-use ultrabook <= 1500

    Afkap, the Duo 11 does look like a nice machine. Is such a high resolution on such a small screen hard to see? If I recall, the Surface Pro scales everything for that very reason.
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    Multi-use ultrabook <= 1500

    Any advice for the following? Must have: - Screen 13"-15" - Decent resolution - Convertible to tablet form. I don't care if it's 2 screens, rotating screen, detachable screen, whatever, as long as it's solid. - Decent processor - Decent battery life Nice to have: - Excellent battery...
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    Two-Handed Gesture Control Using Two Kinect Sensors

    How does this compare to the Leap motion?
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    AMD price cuts on 7900 and 7800 series!

    Thanks for the heads up. Is Sapphire a good brand? I think lately I've been hearing good things primarily about XFX. (Also, how about HIS/Visiontek?)
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    AMD price cuts on 7900 and 7800 series!

    I'll be in for one if/when they can be found at this price
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    360 controller games needed

    That would be my recommendation. (It's definitely my kind of game.)
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    Should I upgrade? To what?

    Thanks for the responses folks. I'll wait till the 660 comes out and then check the state of the market.
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    Should I upgrade? To what?

    Thanks for the reply. Based on the dimensions here and my instinct, I think my current card is around 10.5 inches. So 8" would be an easy fit.
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    GRID 2.

    So many hours sunk into this game...would love to see a second. I liked the mix of arcade physics but some penalties for being a complete dumbass.
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    Should I upgrade? To what?

    Current setup: i5-2400 8gb ddr3 VisionTek ATI 4870 512MB Monitor resolution: 1920x1200 Budget: $200 (preferred), $250 (max if it provides excellent value) Primary usage of graphics card: games Other considerations: - the card can't be super long. The 4870 above barely fits in my case. - I'm...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Bashed patch helped a bit, but there's still some stuff missing. Hard to tell if there's regional variety, but I can buy armor in sets, which is definitely an added feature. But I'm also definitely still missing blacksmith services. Ah well, thanks for your help. Game is still boatloads of fun.
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Strange problem: I have only a few mods installed, but at least one - Economics of Skyrim - seems to do...nothing. My procedure was: download and install SKSE install mods via NMM Order using BOSS launch from skse_launcher I don't get any errors at all, and as far as I can tell all my...
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    Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent Skyrim mods thread!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent Skyrim mods thread!
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Any recommendations for 1) Mods which remove level scaling 2) Mods which make magic more interesting? (Picking between Midas, Apocalypse, Phenderix, etc.)
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    4X goodness?

    What do you mean by top-down? (I've never tried the X games.)
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    4X goodness?

    Lately I've been craving a new strategy experience (and am willing to pay up to ~$40 for it). Turn based or real time is fine, as long as the pacing is fairly moderate (a la Sins) and the scale is sufficiently large. I've played a lot of Civ 4 and a while back picked up Civ V for next to...
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    Facebook Pays Interns $74k A Year?

    Doesn't surprise me. I had an offer for a software engineering internship at a quite-good-but-not-very-top-tier tech company in the middle of nowhere which would have worked out to $70k a year. A bit more for the bay area doesn't seem unreasonable.
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    Introducing the PaperPad!

    Is there a pad of paper in there, so that you can flip up the colored cover and take notes underneath?
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    Vanguard goes F2P

    I played shortly after release and was fortunate not to have the stability problems many others experienced. About a year later I came back for a few weeks to play around and actually found the game had improved. It has many problems, not least of which is a small community. But there's...
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    The best space strategy game ever made is...

    I definitely get a real kick out of Sins. On easy difficulties, you can bottleneck pretty well, but on harder settings you don't tend to have the time or resources to dig in as effectively. Possible that I'm just doing it wrong, of course. But yeah, SW: Rebellion. Great times. The backwards...
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    My monitor started to make funny sounds, help?

    Has changing the brightness fixed your problem? I also have a buzzing monitor, but it does so on all brightness settings.
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    Colorblind - IPS still worthwhile?

    I have minor colorblindness - not so severe that I can't, for example, distinguish between red and green grapes or see the color on a traffic light, but fine distinctions between colors tend to not mean as much to me, especially with blue/purple and light greens. Many on this forum champion...
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    Samson SR850 - $40 shipped

    Are the SR850s better than these?
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    Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt

    It's misleading to look at just percent increases. As has been said above, if a field is already high-paying, a bump in salary won't translate to as high a percent increase. Also, take social science as an example. There's a high percent increase, but that might just mean there aren't very many...
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    Recommendation for vector graphics programming?

    Hello, Over the next month or so, I'll have some free time and I want to try something new. For a while I've wanted to code up the game Sprouts, which is a classic pencil-and-paper graph theory game. I have a moderate amount of coding experience - a handful of CS classes, a few summer...
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    $220 Planar PX2710MW 27" 2ms 1080p LCD Monitor

    This looks interesting. Any other feedback on Planar and/or this model in particular? Also, anyone had experience with Dell's policy concerning dead pixels?
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    Skyrim Minimum / Recommended PC Specs

    This. Games several years old seem plenty fine graphically; why should I care whether some game is pushed even farther into the uncanny valley? It doesn't add to immersion - it just makes my PC run hotter.