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    Core-X Vs Core i9 13Th

    Hello. It goes very well for video editing with Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and for making 3D animations, for effects it is very fast. I have seen in the news that there is the new Core i9 12900ks and that soon you will have the Core i9 13900K. Is it better for work? It's worth it? Compared to...
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    Problem 4000 mhz

    Hello, I am fossil, a short time ago I went to buy the new G.skill F4-4000C18Q128GTRZ memory, I have tried many hours for nothing Bios XMP profile, black screen and also reduce 3800 mhz, no, I do not understand QVL at all. can you help me to solve. The Asus Extreme Encore x299 and Core i9...
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    memoria DDR4 3600 a 4000

    I have doubts to buy memory DDR4 128GB 3600 mhz or 4000 mhz for my work only editing the video and 3D animations and I do not think about the game. What is 3200, 3600 and 4000 advisable for me? I have Asus extreme IV encore board and core i9 10980xe Thanks
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    Problem Raid 0 Nvme

    Asus Extreme x299 board I have M.2 Hyper x16 card and I have put intel vroc key (standard), I have installed 4xM.2 WD 2tb SN750 not supported Raid 0, why?
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    Intel Vroc

    Hello. Intel Vroc key is compatible asus rog extreme IV encore board for Hyper m.2 x16 card I have installed 4x nvme m.2. I want to know brand to buy Intel Vroc key model? for only Raid 0, I don't need Rais 1, 5 and 10. Thanks --------------------------------- Hola. Intel Vroc key es...
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    Problem procesaor Code 00

    Hello good afternoon. A year ago I made a motherboard and CPU. It has worked very well but since yesterday and today it does not come out on pc, I am surprised I do not know what happened. The Asus x299 Prime Deluxe II motherboard and core i9 10980 Xe processor. I have looked at Code 00 CPU...
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    Core i9 10980 xe Oc

    Hello, I have tried to overclock this failure, muxho hangs blue screen, I try the bios, all automatic stable, it can help me to increase the configuration of the biosoc board, core i9 10980xe processor and Asus prime x299 II Deluxe board. I'll see you attached photo.Thank you very much...
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    Placa Thunderbolt 3

    Hola, tengo nuevo es la placa Asus Deluxe II x299 va muy bien pero type -Thunderbolt 3 40 gb/s, he comprado WD P50 Game 2 Tb test velocidad 1060 MB/s por que? no llega del 2000 MB/S, como solucionar. Gracias --------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have new, the Asus...
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    Core i9 10980Xe

    Hola, tengo procesador Core i9 10980Xe, de la placa Asus X299 Ws Pro es lo mismo rapido a Asus Deluxe II Prime o Msi Creator? tengo dudar. por favor ayudarme. Gracias. ------------------------------------- Hello, I have a Core i9 10980Xe processor, from the Asus X299 Ws Pro board is the same...
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    Core i9 10980Xe La placa

    Hola. Tengo comprar nuevo Core i9 10980xe, estaba hace dos años placa Asus Ws Pro x299 es compatible del 10980xe menos rapido o otro cual es mejor placa Asus o otro para mas rapido de trabajo y mas comodo? Gracias ---------------------------- Hi. I have to buy a new Core i9 10980xe, it was two...
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    memoria compatible chipset x299

    Hi. I have new Aorus x299 Gamming 3 pro board and i9 7940x core processor. Besides, I have a memory "G-Skill Ripjaws V F4-3000C15Q-32GVR" and I would like to know if it is compatible with chipset x299? Can I add it, or would it be better another model? Thanks ------------------------ Hola...
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    Problem not boot M.2

    Hi. I've put the M.2 Intel P600 or Patriot SSD does not boot into the Asus G771JW notebook system and I can not fix it. I have doubts if it is compatible with Samsung SM951. Can you help me? . Thank you.
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    I7 5960x o Xeon

    I have asus pro 3.1 X99 plate oc, I have hesitation to buy which is faster I7 5960x or Xeon V3 10Cores 20 Threads? edicción work for video and 3D dmisiones? Thank you.
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    Problem velocidad m.2

    Hi, I have an Asus laptop G771JW 17 " I bought a SSD M.2 Samsung Pro 950. I've installed and everything is well but instead of 2200 MB / s show me it has 1660 MB / s, it is a little strange, what I can do? Thanks
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    CRC Error Count

    Hello, I reviewed HHD 3 TB WD Black and I see this message: C7 Interface CRC Error Count. It’s bad? What I have to do? Thanks.
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    Memoria x79

    Hello, I have a placa Asus rampage extreme IX chipset 79 processor i7 extreme and a memory TridentX F3-2400C10Q-32GTX is it compatible and works right? Thank you
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    G.Skill Trident X

    G.Skill Trident X DDR3 PC3-19200 32GB 2400 asus motherboard support rampahe IV extreme x79 chipset? thanks
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    Lsi mega 9271 raid 0 stripe size

    Hola, tengo una tarjeta LSI Mega 9271-8i instalada en 4x ssd ocz vector 128GB con un total de 512GB del raid 0. Pero no sé cuál es el stripe size más adecuado para el sistema operativo de 16k, 32, 64, 128 , 256k etc.. windows 7. ¿Podéis ayudarme por favor? Muchas gracias...
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    I7 3960X SR0GW

    have new processor i7 S-Spec numbers 3960X SR0GW C1 but has problem? and compatible asus rampage extreme IV. that C1 and C2 is the difference? Thank you.
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    Corsair HX1000w

    I have new asus rampage extreme IV, i7 3960x, GTX 680, DDR3 32 2400mhz to all sources if supported Corsair HX1000w food that was old? thanks
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    controlodora SSD

    me puedes decir si para 2x ocz vertex max 3 raid 0 ,es más rápida y fuerte una tarjeta controladora LSI megaraid 9260I4, o una Adaptec 6405 sata III o otro marca? gracias --------------------------------------------- I can tell whether 2x ocz vertex max 3 raid 0 is faster and stronger LSI...
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    Dos SSD OCZ Vetrex 3 raid 0

    Hola, tengo dos SSD OCZ Vetrex 3 max sata III 240+240GB y 480GB, la tarjeta controladora es una Hightpoint 2720. ¿Cuál es mejor para instalar el Windows 7 la Raid 0 Stripe 64k, 128k o 256k? Gracias...
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    OCZ Vertex 3Max IOPS SATA III Raid 0

    Hola. tengo una placa gigabyte spiner chipsetx58,i7 990x nuevo, dos SSD OCZ Vertex 3Max IOPS SATA III 240 GB en raid 0 64 K de 480 GB , he puesto la placa marvell 6 gb/s de raid0 64k y funciona pero pruebo con ass ssd y crystaldismarkd resultado 620 mb/s en mi opinión es muy poco, dime como...
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    0CZ REVODRIVE X2 220GB Write 125 MB/s

    Hola, he comprado tarjeta nueva 0CZ REVODRIVE X2 220GB, y he puesto slot pci blanco en la placa ASUS P6X58D-PREMIUM versión 1501, Windows 7 x64 driver x64 , funciona bien, pero después he probado CRYSTALDISKMARK READ 625 MB/s y write 125MB/S, creo que es muy bajo, y he probado subiendo write...
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    DDR3 1600 o 2000

    Hello. I doubt about witch is faster: orsair CMP12GX3M3A1600 12G 1600MHz C9 DDR3 DOMINATOR or CMZ12GX3M3A2000C10, Vengeance DDR3 2000 MHz for an ASUS P6X58D PREMIUM, Core I7 990x extreme, or maybe there is another better.
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    Corsair GT Series 3

    Hello I bought a Corsair GT Series 3 Sata 120GB, i plug it into an Asus P6X58 Premium board, with a marvell Sata 6 gb/s driver. He did the HD Tune pro 300mb/s test, but it writes less mb/s. I cant't understand it. Because this model have a reading speed of 555 mb/s - It have to write 515 mb/s...
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    Hola, tengo un Disco Duro de 450 GB VelociRaptor SATA III (WD4500HXHX), la placa ASUS P6X58 premium no Funciona bien Conectada al controladora SATA III Marvell ® PCIe SATA 6Gb / s, Puedo conectarla al Intel ICH10 Sata II. Pero Pierde Velocidad. ¿Tengo Que conectarlo al SATA III obligatoriamente...
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    No hard disk is detected!

    Tengo una placa Asus P6X58D Premium, con controlador Marvell 9123 Controller Sata 6GB/s. Además tengo un disco duro WD4500HLHX VelociRaptor. Cuando arranco el ordenador desaparece PCIe x1 5.0Gbps Mode: PassThru AHCI Disks Information: No hard disk is detected! , al reiniciar, a veces, aparece...
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    Asus P6X58D Premium no pass sata 6 GB/s

    Tengo una placa Asus P6X58D Premium, con controlador Marvell 9123 Controller Sata 6GB/s. Además tengo un disco duro WD4500HLHX VelociRaptor. Cuando arranco el ordenador desaparece el controlador, al reiniciar, a veces, aparece. Qué puedo hacer? -------------------------------- Hello I've got...
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    placa 780i o P45

    what's faster with Core duo E8500? Asus Striker II Formula nforce 780i or Asus P5Q Deluxe P45?
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    Core i5

    que procesador me aconsejas para comprar, el core i5 760 2.8GHZ o core i5 661 3.3 GHZ ? cual es más rápido? gracias ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- traducción del español al inglés advise me which processor to buy, the core i5 760 i5 661...
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    Cool Master V8

    he comprado nuevo cool master V8. ¿Es suficiente con Core i7 980X @4 GHZ? Gracias. ---------------------------------------------------- I bought new Cooler Master V8. Is it sufficient for Core i7 980X @ 4 GHZ? Thank you.
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    SLI GTX 480

    Tengo dos tarjetas gráficas: SLI GTX 480 y Core i7 980x, además de cinco discos duros. ¿Es suficiente con una fuente de almentación corsair de 1000 watios? Gracias. ----------------------------------------------- I've got two grafic cards: SLI GTX 480 and Core 980x, and five hard disc drive...
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    Core i7 980x disipador

    ¿Con un Core i7 980x extreme y disipador intel es suficiente para un overlocking de hasta 4GHZ? ¿O mejor Thermalright Silver Arrow? Gracias --------------------------------------------------- To get a 4GHZ overlocking can I use a Core i7980x extreme with dissipator? or it's better to use...
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    DDR3 2000 problem

    Hola. Tengo un problema con una memoria KHX2000C9D3T1K3/6GX DDR3 2000 mhz y una placa ASUS P6T WS Profesional chipset x58 y Core I7 975, he colocado los 6 módulos de 12 GB profile X.M.P 1 de 2000 mhz volt 1.66 y qpi/dram core volt 1.7 en automático y me da problemas. Me sale la pantalla azul...
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    Problema memoria

    Hola Tengo un problema con la placa Asus P6T Ws BIOS Profesional X58 version 1107, procesador Core I7 975 extreme y la memoria 6GB Kingston HyperX KHX2000C9AD3T1K3/6GX, 6 modulos de 12GB. he hecho bios X.M.P profile 1-DDR3-2000 o profile 2-DDR3 1866 Intel XMP Tall HS 9-9-9- todo correcto en...