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    Laptop has mini DP and monitor has USB-C, how to connect the two?

    I'm having trouble connecting these two. My laptop has a mini DP port and my external monitor has a USB-C like port. The manual does say it is DP compatible. However, all the adapters out there say they are unidirectional in the wrong direction. An example...
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    15" external display with more pixels is blurrier than my 15" MBP retina

    My 15" portable display has a resolution of 3200x1800, which is more than my 15" MBP 2017 v12.4 Monterey running 2880x1800. So my external display should look just as awesome if not better correct? Nope. It's blurry or very tiny. In my Display system preferences, when selecting the external...
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    My Asus laptop screen broke, what is the cost of repair?

    It is out of warranty and Asus is asking $60 just for a diagnostic. What would the cost of repair likely be and are there other options? Please see this image for the damage:
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    best way to hook up 2x 3007wfp + macbook pro 15"

    I have one of the latest macbook pro 15" with 4x Thunderbolt 3 ports I also have two older 3007WFP 30" Dell LCDs which use Dual link DVI connections. I currently have thunderbolt to display port adapters and then the display port to apple dual link DVI adapters so I can technically hook...
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    Internet tends to slow after a while, requiring a reboot

    So my Xfinity internet max speeds are plenty high, but often it slows to a crawl or is easily interrupted making video calls impossible. I find that a reboot of my router is enough to bring everything back to full speed, but this happens often. For best performance I find a daily reboot is...
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    computer falling asleep randomly

    Hello My laptop often drops into sleep mode randomly. I checked all the power settings and it is not set to turn off anything for multiple hours, yet it sometimes falls asleep randomly. I've noticed it usually happens when I have multiple astronomy USB cameras and peripherals setup. The...
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    finding a video card for 30" Dell at 2560x1600 via dual link DVI

    I've got a Dell 30" LCD which only accepts dual link DVI. How do I find a laptop that supports its sole resolution of 2560x1600? Will a laptop with HDMI work? how about display port? how about USB-C only? how about thunderbolt? How do I know if a laptop supports the dual link DVI standard?
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    Laptop to Dell 3007WFP at 2560x1600

    I've got a Dell 30" LCD which only accepts dual link DVI. How do I find a laptop that supports its sole resolution of 2560x1600? Will a laptop with HDMI work? how about display port? how about USB-C only? how about thunderbolt? How do I know if a laptop supports the dual link DVI standard?
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    Do Lens Gleaners for Game Systems work for HTPCs?

    So I bought one of these Will they work for a LG Blu-Ray drive running PowerDVD 11? I can't seem to get PowerDVD to start it...
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    Problem reading all my blu-ray discs

    So I recently purchased a LG Blu-ray Disc Rewriter model WH10LS30 from eBay (new condition). Whenever I put a Blu-ray disc in, I hear clicking noises separated by a second or two. After a while, PowerDVD 11 trial version comes up and the video starts up fine. When I get to the halfway point, I...
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    iRam $125

    Has anyone tried one of these? What kind of speedup can we execpt from day to day operations such as: copying large files? 10x faster than normal? running applications? .001 sec to load IE? boot up times? under 1 sec...
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    samsung 27" LCD at walmart $649 Does anyone know anything about this display? I've been looking all over the web and can't seem to find anything about it. What is the difference between this one and...
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    A question about display warranties.

    Hello Whenver you guys buy a used display from ebay, how do you claim warranty in it if something breaks? Lets say the manufacturer's policy is 1 year since date of sale, you buy your display used from a guy who doesn't have his receipt anymore. However, the back of the display says...
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    Anyone know if the Samsung 23" LCD overscan

    The LN-S2338W has a perfect 1280x720 display. If I hook up a 720p source i should be a 1 to 1 pixel mapping right? Meaning I don't want to see any overscanning on any of the HD inputs (VGA, HDMI, component) as that would be ludicriously, horrendously bad....
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    Is this card HDCP compliant? Look on that page, it says HDCP compliant
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    Sprint voice and data plan for $30/mo?

    Here's how you get it: 1. Go to 2. Type in in the login box, with your zip code. After you add to cart one of the features it says is: FREE! Unlimited Web, Data and Picture Mail And the phone highlights are: Bluetooth Wireless Technology...
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    2407WFP vs LCD HDTVs

    My understanding that the difference between a LCD monitor and an LCD HDTV is that HDTVs tend to be brighter with better contrast ratios I am looking at the specs on the 2407WFP and it says: Image Brightness 450 cd/m2 Image Contrast Ratio 1000:1 Now lets take a standard HDTV of a...
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    xbox 360 hd-dvd drive $100 shipped It's buy it now so that qualifies to be on this forum right? Does anyone know if this will work properly? Can I just hook a USB and power cable to it...
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    AGP video card with component out

    Hi Everyone Where can I find component out on an AGP video card.... I would like to be able to output HD-DVD video to an HDTV using component out or HDMI. All HDMI solutions are way overpriced so it seems component out would be the solution. Any for around $50-60?
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    What is a good 26" LCD HDTV?

    I am looking for a TV of that size and was wondering what some of the top models are... I looked on cnet and it seems most of the reviews for displays are for much larger sizes 32"+. Anyone know what I should get?
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    Niko 26" LCD HDTV $299AR from Newegg Wow, does anyone know if this LCD is worth jumping for?
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    How are Panasonic 26" LCD HDTVs

    I'm looking for a small LCD for a bedroom. How are the Panasonic lines? There seems to be very few reviews for them out there. How about that one? Fry's has it for $600!
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    What are the top 26" LCD HDTVs?

    I'm looking for a panel of that size. I would like a price around $400. I know that sounds picky but what are my available options? How is Syntax?
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    Moving itunes videos from one PC to another

    I'm about to retire a Win XP PC that has some videos I purchased on iTunes. I don't own an iPod video, rather I have a 1st gen iPod shuffle. I know with the shuffle I can transfer music from one computer to another. Is there a way I can transfer video using the same or an alternate...
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    Samsung's 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

    Samsung has a few HDTVs that feature ultra high contrast ratios. Are these for real? Has anyone who has seen these really feel that they're worth a premium. For example, Samsung's 32" LCD HDTV is around $1000 while Syntax has them for under $500..... Regarding the new 226BW with a 3000:1...
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    22/24" LCD or 26" LCD HDTV

    I was wondering if there was any difference between using a 22" or 24" LCD (such as the 2407WFP) as a home electronics TV versus using say a Panasonic/Samsung 26" LCD HDTV. The Panasonic/Samsung LCD HDTVs also seem to be quite pricey ($700+) and have lower resolution (usually 1366x768)...
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    Westinghouse 27" LCD HDTV only $339! Is this deal hot or what? Unfortunately I looked online and saw quite a few negative reviews for eCost. About 20% of the time they're thumbs down. Anyone know where to get this monitor elsewhere (mabye at B&M store) for about the...
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    Low Super PI 1M scores on C2D

    Hi Everyone I have the ECS P4M800PRO-M and E4300 pin modded from Fry's. The E4300 is running at 2.40 Ghz and I also have 2GB of DDR2 running at 533 Mhz. Therefore I believe that the memory and FSB are in sync... My Super PI 1M score is only 30 seconds. Last generation Athlon 64s run faster...
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    How do I move my hard drive to another computer?

    I have a segate 300GB. I moved it from an old Win XP box to a new Win XP box. When I turned it on and go to disk management under computer management in the control panel, I see that it is a dynamic disk. The status is foreign. Is there a way I can make this data visible on my new box?
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    Desktop Icons have thin black bars going across them

    Hi Everyone I was reinstalling a video driver once and then upon boot up, my entire screen had thin black bars over it in a checkerboard pattern. I restarted, the bars went away except now on a few desktop icons: such as putty and outlook, the black bars remain. If I copy the icon to...
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    fusion hdtv - software changes in new version

    Has anyone noticed that in the most recent versions of fusion hdtv, the menu buttons at the bottom 'EPG, INPUT, LIVE, and open file" are now gone and you have to instead right click the video window and manually select those? Why did dvico remove them? Is there a way to get them back?
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    Need help for memory newb.

    I'm trying to buy memory for a e4300 box at 266 fsb. Ideally if my fsb is 266 then I need 266mhz memory to get the best performance right? That would be ddr2-533? Can I buy ddr2-667 or ddr2-800 and still put it in my box and run the same as if I got ddr2-533? I would like my ram to be more...
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    Unable to get hardware aceleration for Fusion HDTV5

    I have a Fusion HDTV5 Lite. My old system was a P4 2.66, radeon 9700 pro (drivers from maybe 2004). Using this setup I could get hardware acceleration. Now I've ugpraded to a core 2 duo e4300. I am using the same video card but with the latest drivers. I know I have DX9 and hardware...
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    E4300 pin mod and ECS motherboard problems

    Hi Everyone I've been trying the E4300 pin mod with the ECS motheboard that came bundled together at Fry's the other day. I did the mod correctly and I was able to boot up at 266mhz FSB resulting in a CPU speed of 2.4ghz. Next step I went to push the FSB to 300mhz (as allowed by the ECS...
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    Conroe vs Allendale

    I've read reports saying to be careful of the new 6300/6400s chips coming out as allendales instead of conroes. The concern is that allendale isn't able to achive as high of an overclock as a conroe. Is this true? I've seen the e4300 allendale hit 3.8ghz or beyond and it seems like every...
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    Integrated Audio VS Sound Card

    Is it really possible to hear the difference between integrated audio and a sound card? I'm not talking about features such as surround sound or digital audio. I want to compare the vanilla 2-channel analog output. The 1st generation ipod shuffle is a pretty simple device and from what I've...
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    Need help with E4300 pin mod.

    Hi Everyone I would like to try this: Does anyone know how to apply just the right amount of paint on this thing without messing it up? The chip is really really tiny and I don't want to screw things up..
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    Need help with 3dmark 2001

    Three years ago I built an Athlon XP 2500+ and overclocked it to 3200+. The video card is radeon 9700 pro and I have 512MB DDR400. This is the benchmark I got from 3dmark 2001.: The other day I built an E4300 (installed latest ATI drivers...
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    Front Panel Audio Hookups

    Hi I would like to get audio from my front panel audio inputs on my chassis. I have a Sound Blaster Live Value that I pulled from an old Dell desktop. Is there any way to figure out how I can hook up my chassis to get audio from this sound card?
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    What do people do with their fast machines?

    So after everyone's overclocked their machines to the max, what can you do with it to really make good use out of the $ you put into it? I don't play any games and theres got to be more than running Super PI all day...