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    Korean 32" 100Hz (OC) AMVA Panel.

    Hi guys. I'm so close to pull the trigger on this baby: Before doing so I just want to ask if anyone has tried it? Or if I should reconsider? If not, I'll just buy one and...
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    Corsair 1500v2 Noise issues?

    Hi guys! :) So after weeks of surfing, watching and reading reviews on pretty much any headphones out there i took the chance on the 1500 V2. I installed the drivers, figured out the 7.1 and 2.0 settings and all is well. Except of course the audio/mic volume thing everyone ells has and one...
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    Yamakasi DS270 AH-IPS 2560x1440

    Finally. The eagle has landed! 3 days delivery from Korea to Denmark. What an Amazing screen. It's even better than both my iMac and Cinema I use at work. Not a single stuck pixel, and only a tiny bit BLB at the bottom, thats insane! Its alot less than my 2 old HP LP2475W IPS screens...
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    Safest bet - Korean monitors.

    Hi guys, so the past weeks I've been reading up, and spend way to many hours researching what Korean monitor to get. And after getting more confused and unsure about the whole thing - I have boiled the whole thing down to 2 simple questions. What panel / model is the safest bet? (Yamakasi...
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    Asus Maximus IV Gene.Z / Cant Reinstall OS

    Allright, you guys are my last hope. Ive tryed for three days now. The thing is that i want to make a new clean install of windows. But when ever i try to boot from a dvd it seems that the drive dont even bother reading dvd. Now I tryed with a USB stick formated in fat 32 with the .iso file...
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    Two Monitors as "one" screen.

    Hi guys, i have tryed to figure this our for two days now. Is it possible to make 2 1920x1200 monitors to work as one 3840x1200 display, if so - how? :) Ive got two HP LP2475W IPS monitors and a old geforce gtx 560 ti. :D