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    35" Monoprice Zero-G 31005 Curved 3440x1440 FreeSync2 100hz Thoughts on the above for $500 right now? Either I suck at searching, or it appears no one is talking about this monitor yet. On paper, it seems like a nice fit, although I have no experience with Monoprice's reputation when it comes to monitors...
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    Best pre-built HTPC w/ Nvidia GPU for 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2

    Edit: Going w/ Android based solution + HD Homerun Prime (either Shield or the 900E's built in Android OS). Thanks! -------- So I ordered a Sony XBR-75X900E, and like an idiot completely forgot that the old 2015 Alienware Alpha HTPC I've been using (love that little thing BTW, has been a...
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    Best 4G ~8" Android Tablet?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a simple Galaxy Tab 3 7" low end 4G tablet, which I use as my car's ICE via bluetooth for music playback, navigation, digital gauges with Torque Pro, and smart radar detector. Its a little taxing for such a low end system. Anyone recommend a reasonably high end...
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    Audio for Dummies - Atmos Speaker setup Windows 10?

    - Mods Please Delete, I figured it out - I figured out how to get Atmos ceiling speakers to work in Windows 10. The fact that there's no option for 5.1.2 speaker selection on speaker configuration is irrelevant. I just had to set my Pioneer Elite VSX-90 to mode "Stream Direct", or else it...
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    The Lucrative Computer Case Fan Install Business

    I chose the wrong career path... I have 8 of these babies in my case. I could undercut Amazon and offer to install them for only $700.
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    Mesh (Eero or Luma) vs Mainstream+Range Extender vs Monster Router

    I have CAT6 in every room of my home, with most of my machines hardwired, and two WirelessAC 1900 routers. Works great for me. But my tech-tarded sister just bought a new large two story house, and wants an upgraded wifi network. Wiring the home isn't an option. I stumbled upon consumer...
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    Samsung GearVR MilkVR Streaming from Server/NAS Guide I had nothing to do with this, but just wanted to post this and let you guys know this worked like a champ for me on my Galaxy S6 which has so little onboard storage and no SD card. Only extra...
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    Consolidated "supercomputer" serving weak tiny-PC's for Residential Use

    My sister has just purchase a beautiful new home, and as always I fly out and hook them up with wired CAT6, home theater PCs, audio setup, latest WAP tech, and so forth since they aren't good about that sort of thing. For this new build, since it has been many years and they are due for...
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    2x Venturi HP-14 Push-Pull Duct-Tape modded to 120mm radiator?

    Hi Guys, I have a R9 295x2 120mm radiator sitting in the top back 140mm exhaust slot on my case. I was considering upgrading to two HP-14 140mm fans in push-pull, since they have both 140mm and 120mm replaceable rubber mounting corners, and then using the "duct tape" mod to ensure an air-tight...
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    Largest AIO Cooler for 2016 - 420MM on the horizon?

    Correct me if you disagree, but when it comes to water coolers, I was always told that bigger is always better. And so I always try to fit the biggest possible radiator that my case will take. I have a couple FD Design S cases on the way, which will take even up to a 420mm radiator. Looking...
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    Why are 4K TV's cheap but 4K Projectors expensive?

    I can't seem to find an answer as to why 4K television are for the most part pretty damn cheap now, at least for lower end models, while 4K projectors are so expensive. To me, a 4K projector on a 150" screen makes so much more sense than a 4K image on a 50" screen... but the market isn't...
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    HD3D on 290x Crimson Driver and Cyberlink PowerDVD 14

    I can't for the life of me get Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 to work with a 290x. It works with my NVidia GPU laptop without any setup whatsoever, everything just automatically works. But with my 290x, it just won't recognize my Optoma HD131Xe projector in the sig as a 3D device, and setting it...
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    HTPC/Gaming mITX Case Suggestions

    I'm considering a case upgrade for the following rig, and my goal is to be as small as possible while fitting these components for under $200: 1) Asus Z97I-Plus MITX + 4790K OC'ed 2) Cooler Master Glacer 240L (240mm radiator) 3) Saphire 290X Tri-X OC (12" LONG) 4) SSD 5) Corsair TX850 PSU...
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    WL 6TB 5700RPM 64MB Cache 5700RPM SATA III (6.0Gb/s) 3.5" $150 @ Amazon

    White Label (Rebranded WD Reds) 6TB for $150 @ Amazon: I bought two.
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    Windows 10: Halfway Through January 2016; worth it yet?

    So I have had zero motivation to "upgrade" to Windows 10, considering that if anything I consider the interface a bit of a downgrade from Windows 7. However, there was much hype about Windows 10 improving AMD performance. Now that we're in 2016, have we seen any games where there is a...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront with Toddyhancer

    Well, its official, we have reached David After Dentist levels of "Is this Real Life?" graphics: Star Wars: Battlefront with Toddyhancer You may collectively shit yourselves now.
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    Cheap single purpose tablets

    I was looking at the Amazon Fire 7" tablet, which is a mere $41 per in a six pack, and was considering the utility of single-purpose tablets. For example, in my bathroom I have a mirror mounted flush 6-port AC outlet that has dual USB chargers on top. Why not mount a tablet there that can...
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    Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, Virtual Reality Headset (Note 4 or Galaxy S6) $100

    Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, Virtual Reality Headset (Note 4 or Galaxy S6) $100 + Free Shipping! I just returned the one I ordered for $200 and re-ordered this. My thoughts...
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    Is No One Talking about the Gear VR2?

    Did a search and nothing comes up. Q: Wot m8, da fug is dad booshid? A: A second generation plastic cradle/dock designed for the Galaxy S6/S6-Edge that houses focus-able lenses and a small fan to avoid lens...
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    Microsoft's Universal Foldable Keyboard

    Going for $85 right now, #1 new release, but few reviews. Damn expensive if you ask me. Your thoughts? Review: The appeal is obviously that it folds up small, is durable, is tactile, waterproof, and can...
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    Amazon Announces Prime Day 2

    Due to customer feedback Amazon has decided to have another big sale, Prime Day 2.
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    SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 Tri-X OC Video Card $260 $260 is cheapest I've seen to date for this.
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    GTX 980Ti vs R9 Fury X in Small Form Factor Application

    Linus, generally considered an NVidia fanboi, actually gives props to the Fury X as the better solution for SFF gaming, for those so inclined to go with a mITX build. He usually hates on AMD, so it was almost like pulling teeth where he had to...
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    XFX 290x = $276AR; Asus 290x = $270AR XFX DD R9 290X Black Edition Video Card $276 A/R & A/C @ Newegg & ASUS R9290X-DC2-4GD5 Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 $270 A/R @ Newegg Since we now know that the new gen is really just a...
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    StarVr - 5K display, 210o FOV

    Hopefully not a repost, didn't show up: InfinitEye 210 Degree VR Headset Reborn as ‘StarVR’ with 5K Display
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    Exceeding UPS capacity

    So I added another 290x to my 295x2 rig, with an overclocked i7 and plenty of drives to boot, so obviously I'm thinking globally and acting locally to contribute to global warming since I really enjoy flipflops and hate socks. Unfortunately, in the process I have immeidately upon benchmarking...
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    Recreated Network Shares Under Same Name are #2

    Not #2 as in poop. But I had a network share: \\H\Shared Folder \\H\Bla I had a bad hard drive so deleted and recreated the share, all under identical folder names from backup, but now they all show up as: \\H\Shared Folder2 \\H\Bla2 I am pulling my hair out and can't figure out how to clear...
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    VRAM question about 295x2 on GTA5

    From my understanding, the 295x2, like any crossfire setup, only has as much VRAM as a single GPU. GTA5 though believes it has 8GB of VRAM, which I don't think can be right, at least not until we get DX12, right? And along those lines, I've been trying to find a guide for good settings...
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    XFX Radeon R9 295X2 8GB with Liquid Cooling - $492 AC/AR + shipping

    I don't usually cross-pollinate, but I didn't want anyone to miss this thread: A 295x2 under $500 is pretty insane IMO, and there is no way a R9 390 series is going to beat it in raw performance, at least not until a 395x2 comes out, but I'm willing...
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    XFX Radeon R9 295X2 8GB with Liquid Cooling - $492 AC/AR + shipping

    $579.99 - $58 (10% off coupon) - $30 mail in rebate = $492 + shipping. ^ R295x2 destroys the $1000 NVidia Titan, now at literally half the price...
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    2x 295x2 on a Seasonic X-1250 1250W 80Plus Gold

    Pretty standard system, 4790K overclocked, four sticks of ram, SSD, four hard drives, and currently a 295x2 powered by a Seasonic X-1250. Does anyone know if this can support two 295x2's? Each card IIRC needs 50amps on two up to...
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    AMH A399U - Korean 4K Gaming 39" - HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2 , DVI DL, 4:4:4

    AMH A399U - Korean 4K Gaming 39" - HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2 , DVI DL, 4:4:4 Tek just did a promising review: I see its $599 on Amazon and Ebay right now...
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    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual GPU + Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse = $599 AR

    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual GPU + Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse = $599 AR The also have a couple open box ones even cheaper...
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    Monoprice HDMI Cables w/ RedMere + Extra $5 Off $25 From $2 + Shipping

    If you don't mind the fabulous color, Monoprice has really cheap redmere active HDMI cables: Free shipping if you hit $50 if you need something else non-pink. Two in the pink...
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    The Death of Mods

    The Gaben has grabbed a stick of butter, bent you over a table pushing down with all his weight, and while eating a jelly donut that is dripping on the small of your back, asks you.... "so, what do you think of the new Steam modding paywall, sweetcheeks?" So, how do you reply...
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    Portrait + Landscape + Portrait in AMD drivers; ever fixed?

    Sorry for the quick and stupid question, but I have a buddy willing to give me 2x 19" monitors that in portrait I believe are the right size to pair with a Dell 30" 16:10 U3011 in landscape size wise. Its on an older rig I setup for my parents that has two 6850s in crossfire, and occasionally...
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    Pentium G3258 Dual-Core CPU + MSI Z97 ATX Motherboard $92 shipped after $10 Rebate I have this combo (same deal Microcenter had on this combo), and it runs...
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    CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity - "Da Fug?" Edition

    CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity... this is your case; this is your case on drugs. Any questions? Honestly, that's kinda cool looking IMO!
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    Intel G3258 + 8GB ram + GTX 750 + 1TB HDD + Case + PSU = $325 AR Intel Haswell 3.2Ghz G3258 CPU ASUS Z87-A MOBO Mushkin Enhanced...
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399 Specs Intel Core i3-4130T Dual-Core CPU 4GB DDR3L 500GB HDD Alpha chassis with NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5 (customized GTX 860)...