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    Free Panda Platinum 7

    Mods please delete this if you don’t think it is appropriate. To get your free copy of Panda Platinum 7 go here fill in the information submit it, and you are taken to the download page (to download the software :rolleyes: ) and the authorization code is sent to your email. I have downloaded...
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    CPU Delima

    Right now I have 2 CPU’s. One is a Northwood 3.06GHZ and the other is a Prescott 3.2GHZ. The problems is I am in a small room and it seems to get extremely hot (I don’t think to the point were the chip is in danger, but it is uncomfortable) the bios on the gigabyte motherboard read it at about...
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    Firefox 0.9.1/Thunderbird 0.7.1 is out!

    What the title says and if you dont know were to get firefox you get it here . Have fun and uninstall .9 before installing this one just dont delete your profile ;)
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    Right Click Menu?

    I have installed some programs resently (foobar2000, ATI Multimedia center, 7zip) and they add things to the right click menu. None of them have options to remove it. So were in the registery or other place in windows can I remove them?
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    NTFS (quick) or NTFS format?

    what are the diff between the to choices Format with NTFS (quick) Format with NTFS what is the diff between the the two and which one would you recomend during a reformat?
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    PS2 keyboard and mouse stop working in games!

    Ok I built a new computer and have a clean install of xp but out of no were in games (even in there menus) my ps2 keyboard and mouse just stop responding. After I press the power button to shutdown and windows kills the game I get my keyboard and mouse back. It happens in all games that I...
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    NIS or Zonealarm

    Which one sould I use. I got a free copy NIS with my giga-byte motherboard or I could use the free Zonealarm. EDIT I have windows xp sp2 with the new firewall on.
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    Virtual Drives Dont Work!

    I have tried alcohol and deamon tools and both of them freeze my computer when I try to start a game that is mounted with them. With the original cd I can play fine any ideas? I have a: GA-8KNXP(Rev2.0) 2x80GB Maxtor on the ATA raid chip (striped) 1gb corsair xms pc3200 3.2ghz prescout...
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    Reg Tweaks?

    Any one know of some good sites with reg tweaks or just list your favorite tweaks.
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    Windows has screwed me over for the last time!!!

    I am just getting fed up with windows errors left and right reformats work for a little bit but I don’t have the time to do it every month or so :mad: . So now I am doing one more reformat and if anything screws up this time I am just moving straight to Linux so that is why I am here. I...
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    No north bridge cooler!

    Well I have a via p4pb ultra laying around and I was thinking about using it in a server but then I rembered I removed the north bridge coolor when I put a water block on it and I was wonder if I really need it to run (it was a pos heatsink) or will the motherboard burn up?
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    Good FTP Software?|Is Winamp any good?

    Well I will combine two question insted of starting two threads. Any one know of good ftp software that is free. And would any of you recomend winamp or other media player. thx
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    ATI TV Wonder Pro Help!

    No sure if this is the right fors but anyways I got a ATI TV Wonder Pro Remote Editon as a confermation present. Installation went fine but when I started it up it froze the whole computer. I restarted and tryed it again and it worked fine then I moved it to my secound monitor another frezee...
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    ATI Trad-up Program??

    I was reading up on the Trade up program and from waht I read it says you trade in your old card for a discounted price on another card? Is this true and have any of you ever used the trade up program?
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    What is better Goback or System Restore.

    Well i have Goback from norton and was going to install it then I thought to myselft isnt system restore the same thing. If they are the same thing which one do you think is better.
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    Is norton system works worth the money

    i was at walmart today and saw Norton System Works 2004 for $60 and I was wondering if it is worth the money and are there any cheaper places to buy it?
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    Need advice on monitor?

    Well I have a pretty nice computer and don’t think I will upgrade it tell Christmas so I thought about getting another monitor to run duel monitors. I do a lot of 3ds max work, C++ programming, little video editing, a lot of web page work, and my desktop is always cluttered. Right now I...
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    Any one knows a good regcleaner that can clean up my registry. I would prefer if it was free and have no spyware.
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    What do you use to browse the net??

    Just want to find out what you all browse the net with? I browse with Mozilla Firebird (just switched from IE)
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    Mainboard Which one????

    It has been a year since I have built a computer and my friend wants a new one. Now the only computer part that I decided not to keep tabs on was the motherboards so could some one fill me in on a good motherboard for a 800FSB P4 3.2GHZ. It needs to have built in raid 0, LAN support, and about...
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    3d mark 03 Settings

    What setting should I run 3d mark with? I know no AA or AF but what res. and all the other settings you can change.
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    OverClocking 9800XT

    I am new to the ATI scene and have been using coolbits for the past few years to overclock my geforce 4 and I was wondering what I should use to overclock my ATI 9800XT. One other thing does overclocking an ATI card void your warranty? THANKS